Journey of Peace, Final Reflection, Steve — 02.13.41

Recap of Why, Preliminary Day 02.13.00

Why? Why embark on a journey of Peace? What can be gained? Can it make a difference? What is peace? How does it manifest in the world, how does it manifest in me?

Why? In my heart, I know it is a journey worth taking. I do not know where it will lead, I am not sure of the destination. The journey is the path. It is a path of discovery.

Peace for all. It certainly does not belong to me, and yet, I sense I must have some measure of internal peace in order to help others on the journey. Or, perhaps I must help others in order to find my own peace.

Peace is universal.  Ultimately we all want the same things, peace, harmony, happiness. And yet, it seems so elusive in the world around us.

I don’t know if this journey will provide answers, but I am sure the questions are worth asking. My sense is that peace comes deeply from within, from an inner source of faith, in experiencing the connectedness of all life.

My intention is to be open to, and explore, the question of what is peace.


Did I keep my commitments? Yes, I did. To the letter, and largely I believe to the spirit. Certainly there were days where I did not feel inspired, yet I stuck to it, and found a way to engage with each day’s guiding thought. Some days were easier than others.

The commitment was important. Without it, I am reasonably sure I would have sloughed off some days, if left to my own devices.

I enjoyed the creative process quite a bit. The reflection, the composing, the writing, the posting of my thoughts. I discovered I had something to say, and it was worthwhile to ponder, and put these thoughts down on paper.

What did I learn about peace? About peace and myself? About peace and others? One of the things that stands out to me after having completed the journey, is that I have choice. That I can Choose peace. I can Choose Love. We can choose peace. Together.

Was it worthwhile? Absolutely. Will it make a difference? I think it does and will continue to make a difference in my life. I felt a sense of purpose during the journey. Exploring what it means to be a Peace Steward, and the many ways that can manifest in our lives. From being kind, to helping others, to being more environmentally aware of how our actions impact Mother Earth. Kindness and compassion lead to peace in our hearts.

I found Peace in my heart, connecting with nature on walks on the beach. I learned that Peace is not so much a state of mind, as it is a state of the heart.

Doing the journey together with Susan, Mary and Lita was very meaningful to me. Although we each wrote our own responses, knowing we were doing this journey together was a good feeling to me.

And I was very impressed with the quality of the process and the website itself, and how well it all worked.  You’ve done a great job Susan.

My reflections here, today, are simply what it is in my heart to share for now.

Peace be with us.


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