Journey of Peace, Final Reflection, Susan– 02.13.41


The final task for each Journey is to take some time and space after the daily writing has ended and reflect on the Journey, on your process, and on yourself. The Guest Journeyers reflections have been posted over the past few days.

Also: Thank you. To all of you who are here, thank you. To all of you who are on your own journey, thank you. For all of you discovering, uncovering, and getting at a deeper part of yourself, thank you. For all of you finding and expressing your authenticity, thank you. For all of you who care about others, thank you. For all of you who care about the animals and the earth, thank you. For all of you who care about your soul and connecting with your Inner/Higher Self, thank you. For all of you who care about justice, healing, equality, and/or peace, thank you. When you are lifted, I am lifted; when you are lifted, all are lifted;  we ascend together, each alone, yet all one.



Reflections on the Journey of Peace

My Journey of Peace took a different form than Lita’s, Mary’s, and Steve’s. It began the same, but then it evolved into something different.

Each Journey of 2019 evolved into something different for me.
I learned a big lesson this year…one that I am still learning.

 Because of the evolution of this Journey, I did not keep my original commitment. And I am at peace with not keeping that commitment. And…I owe Lita, Mary, and Steve a debt of gratitude for being themselves–which corresponded naturally with helping me, and with maintaining the Journeys here on this site.

Here is the lesson I have been learning all year:

Resting is Restorative. There is something concrete and real about keeping the seventh year for rest.

There is a Jewish tradition known as Shmita, or “the year of release”. It is probably most widely known as the year that fields lie fallow, giving the soil a year to regain its nutrients and rest. “When we refrain from planting, pruning, plowing, harvesting, or any other form of working the land, the land is allowed to rest and move towards the return all of creation to proper relationship with God.”  In the tradition, however, there is more to it than that. It’s a year to forgive debts (giving people a fresh start), a year to open storehouses to feed people, and a year to open private lands to the public. (see:

But just take a moment and think about how this can and does apply to activity more broadly:

  • Waking (action) – sleeping (rest)
  • Spring (growth) – winter (rest) – bears (hibernating)
  • Sport Seasons and off season
  • Academic calendar

There are natural periods of rest both in nature and in human calendars.

Imagine doing an activity without a break. It’s hard on the body, hard on the psyche. And yet, so much of modern Western society advocates a “go-go-go” mindset. There’s an idea that you’ll “fall behind” or that you’re “not good enough” if you can’t keep up. But really: Everyone needs a break sometimes. Everyone needs a reset. Animals need a break. Our eco-system needs a reset. The planet needs a reset sometime.

This is the core of my 2019 lesson.

Taking a break and resetting actually rejuvenates, regenerates, and re-invigorates.

This applies to mind, body, and soul.

I stumbled upon this over the past year. I would begin projects with the best of intentions and commitments, but then not be able to fulfill them. Literally: by body shut down, my brain froze. I was not able to finish things I had started (including Journeys), despite my whole-hearted willingness.

When I finally stopped fighting and trying to accomplish things (including the Journeys), everything opened up and evolved. I experienced a relaxation, a peace, which I can only describe as rejuvenating, regenerating, and invigorating!

It was Journey of Peace that I finally gave up the struggle. I finally thought, “I am going to experience Peace, even if that means I am not going to write every day. I am going to be At Peace, even if I don’t fulfill my original commitment. I am on this Journey. Period. I allow Peace to lead.”

And lo! Peace prevailed.

2019 was the seventh year for me doing these Journeys (I began in 2013). Shmita happened, without me consciously intending for it to happen. I now think that–since these Journeys are all about aligning one’s heart-mind-activity with the Divine, that maybe, just maybe, there is hope for the complete return all of creation to proper relationship with God. It happens naturally, when we align with the Divine.

And I must say. I am all set now for 2020, and really digging in to the Journeys, starting with Journey of the Heart in January. YAY!



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