Journey of the Heart BEGINS!

Begin 2020 with the heart –because it’s through the heart that we are able to connect with a deeper part of ourselves. Through the heart we connect with our deepest wishes-wants-desires, those things that are intangible and abstract, yet give us the most fulfillment, the most filled-fullness.

It is in the heart where dualities are unified and limits are expanded. It is through the heart that we solve puzzles with disparate pieces. Being aware of the heart helps us make better choices. Opening the heart brings us more love and harmony.

The cycle begins with the heart to establish these qualities: unity, connection, heart-felt intuition, love, and harmony.

Why do you want to connect with your heart?

Do you hear it calling you?

Begin a conscious relationship with yourself, through the heart.
Take the step. Begin.

I and 3 Guest Journeyers will be Journeying together, and posting our experiences (beginning January 4). We are here to support your Journey, wherever you are; join any time, go at your own pace. Begin. The Journey never ends.

Each day, connect with your heart, invite your heart-energy to inform your choices.
Open to its direction.

Allow it to be simple; allow the opening to be at a pace that is comfortable for you. Too much, and fear may step in, too little and you may not notice. There are many who need to heal their relationship with their heart; it takes time to open, listen, and trust. Be gentle with yourself.

There is so much Joy within you waiting to come forth!
Can you feel your heart almost giddy with delight and anticipation—it knows what joy it wants to bring you!

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