Journey of the Heart, Day 03– 03.01.03

Guiding Thought: 

Following the guidance of my heart, I experience life anew!

As I express love, I experience love everywhere.

I find new ways to love.

I recognize new depths and nuances of love.

I am patient. I am kind. I am wise.

I respond to life with love, as love.

Guiding Thought Audio (plays in a loop) can be found here:
Listen to the Guiding Thought as you paint/draw/create and connect with your heart!



Emerging Love…





The image of a compass is strong with me today as I sit with the guiding thoughts, an apt metaphor for the journey, especially when one travels in new territory…as I travel in this new territory of my heart.
What I find interesting is the placement of the compass in my drawing. It rests in the center of my palm and is surrounded by my heart. Our palms are the most likely place where a compass would rest for reading, for finding true north. I have a heart compass.
What is even more interesting is that there is a physical and energetic correspondence of the center of our palms to our heart and diaphragm. The center of the palm is an acupressure point I often use with my palliative/hospice patients and their families. It is not uncommon to witness a body soften, the breath deepen with ease with a gentle application of my fingertips in the center of the palm – kindness and compassion with such a light touch/presence.
I am reminded with today’s guiding thoughts that I have easy access to my own heart’s compass right in the center of my own palm.



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For me, the Journey always reflects, or represents my life, a microcosm of my personal macrocosm. Similar to a type of oracle, if I look closely, I will see answers to my questions, whether spoken or unspoken. No, I don’t always understand, nor do I often have clarity about what my Journey expressions are telling me. It’s really more of a practice, a paying-attention-to, a wondering-musing-asking that pushes my rational brain into crevices and depths it would not otherwise be inclined to explore.

I began (day 1!) my painting with watercolors using a technique I had seen on the internet. On day 1, I was quite pleased with the painting that I made. It was really quite nice.

On day 2, I used the same technique, but I took some liberties. I did not do the technique precisely as taught. I did not like my painting as much as I did on day 1.

Now, day 3, I took even more liberties. I used a different brush; I made swirls where there “should not” be swirls; I overlapped colors.  I like this painting least of the three. (Although I do think the little “star flowers” are quite adorable)

My current mind frame is feeling conflict.

Do I paint “freely” even if I dislike what comes out?

Do I restrict myself and follow a technique, so that what I create is pleasing to me?

The “conflict” has to do with intention. I am able to create beautiful artwork (at least in my eyes), when I have not followed any “rules”. But this has meant that I am unable to decide in advance what I want to create, and then do it. In this scenario, if I try to decide in advance what I want to create, it turns out “all wrong” anyway.

I want to be able to create what I want to create. I want to “see a picture” in my head, and be able to translate that to my outer expression.

This is the bigger lesson in my life: deciding to create, while being aligned/attuned to my heart, and having the expression turn out “as planned”. It’s a big lesson.



2 thoughts on “Journey of the Heart, Day 03– 03.01.03

  1. Susan, I love your quandaries. I too am often frustrated when I try to paint “the picture “ that is in my mind’s eye.

    I find more satisfaction when I approach my painting as a practice, and find parts that I like, and other parts I don’t like. It requires a letting go of the desired results, and accepting what actually happens.

    I often want a “great “ picture, and rarely am satisfied with the results. Surely there are lessons here, on letting go of results, letting go of judgements.

    Thanks for sharing your inner wisdoms on your practices!


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