Journey of the Heart, Day 04– 03.01.04

Guiding Thought: 

Oh, my beautiful blissful heart!

How can I deepen and expand my relationship with you?

How can I give your love, your wisdom, your compassion more openly and freely?

How can I know you, my heart of love, as myself?

Guiding Thought Audio (plays in a loop) can be found here:
Listen to the Guiding Thought as you paint/draw/create and connect with your heart!



Blissful Heart… 

I often see love as an explosion of energies and colors. It’s fun to find the unintended, and watercolors lend themselves to such freedom of expression.

What color is love?













My back pack – the back of my heart-

open, shimmering, and inviting me to access the contents.

Nutrients and resources for the journey.

How can I not partake?






SusanWithPearls Copyright Tam Black 2012 for


After my questioning yesterday, I decided to go back to a more technical style. I find it fun/interesting that Steve is using watercolors in the way that was “the other” method I was considering using (i.e. freeform).

What thought shifted me this direction? “I know how to freeform; I don’t know how to be technical”. This is something new to learn, another type of discipline, and certainly practicing patience.

My heart is ok with me using more of a technical style, too. There is something new/different going on for it with this as well. I am just not sure what. I am listening!


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