Journey of the Heart, Day 08– 03.01.08

Guiding Thought:

Love-as-light streams from my heart to your heart!

We are connected by Love; we are One in Love.

I imagine this stream of love-as-light connecting with everyone in time and space.

I imagine receiving this stream of love-as-light as it returns to me from everyone in time and space.

This is enough. We are One.

Guiding Thought Audio (plays in a loop) can be found here:
Listen to the Guiding Thought as you paint/draw/create and connect with your heart!


We are all living within this beautiful web of life, light and love. Everything I do within the web impacts everyone else within the web. Remembering this, I am more mindful in all I think, say and do. It not only affects me, it impacts everyone else, and also reflects back to me. We are one.



This was a combination of “the technique”, plus me adding a “technique” that I have not used before (but I presume it’s a “technique”), plus me doing a bit of freeform. And I even broke some basic water color rules (like “always start with the lightest color”). I am reasonably pleased with how this turned out, and not once did I think, “OH, now you’ve ruined it”. However, I did feel myself get impatient. My mind wanted to be DONE before the painting was done (you know how you know when a painting is done or not?). I kind of hurried through the final bits. Still, It’s not too bad, if I do say so myself.

2 thoughts on “Journey of the Heart, Day 08– 03.01.08

  1. Susan, I really like these flower/blossoms. A nice balance of technique and free form. Finding the middle way?

    Reminds me of a poem by Zen Master Ryokan:

    Falling blossoms.
    Blossoms in bloom are also
    Falling blossoms


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