Journey of the Heart, Day 10– 03.01.10

Guiding Thought:

My heart-love establishes my inner-peace.

Solidly grounded in my own inner-peace, I approach all of life with love, compassion, and wisdom.

I live as my Self, shining with the beauty of the Love I AM.

Guiding Thought Audio (plays in a loop) can be found here:
Listen to the Guiding Thought as you paint/draw/create and connect with your heart!




As a child, my mother would wake me in the morning saying “Good morning Glory”.
As I opened my eyes she would add “rise and shine”! For all of my life, it’s been my
daily goal to “rise and shine”. As a result, some people have chosen to nickname me
“Mary Sunshine”. I strive to live up to that image. The picture today was painted by
Steve some time ago. In winter it resides on a window ledge in my laundry
room/arts and crafts studio. We live in the Seattle area where some days you just
have to make your own sunshine. The painting serves as a reminder to me that we
must each strive to BE the sunshine, the bright light of peace, love and compassion
that we wish to see in our world. Try shining a little – hold a door, give a smile, say
“hello” to a passing stranger. It will add peace and brightness to their day and yours.
Love one another!


It’s all about the boots today, my feet, how I walk upon this Earth. Heart embodiment is not limited to the space in the center of my chest, let alone my touch, my voice, my eyes, and my ears. How I embrace this earth and the whole of my body-being is but a reflection of love…with each and every step.


Today’s picture is pure freeform. It feels celebratory, somehow.

I had an “AH-HA”, while painting. The single thought was: “replication”. Techniques assure consistency in production. Freeform creates beautiful pictures, which may or may not be replicable.

Creation with the heart is somehow the same. There is a technique to creating life with Life, co-creating life with the heart, manifesting through love.

Master is a term used both in art (as in mastering a technique), as well as in esoteric traditions (as in someone being a spiritual master). We begin with “the simple” and continue learning until we have mastered a technique, whether the technique is painting, or creation.

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