Journey of the Heart, Day 13 – 03.01.13

Guiding Thought:

Follow the guidance of your heart and experience life anew!

Express love, and experience love everywhere.

Find new ways to love.

Recognize new depths and nuances of love.

Be patient. Be kind. Be wise and respond to life with love, as love.

Guiding Thought Audio (plays in a loop) can be found here:
Listen to the Guiding Thought as you paint/draw/create and connect with your heart!



Won’t you join me for just a cup of coffee?  But, let’s think about that cup of coffee. Think of the person who brewed it for you. Now think about those who grew and harvested the coffee, those who prepared the soil to grow it, those who drove the truck to ship it to the roaster, those who roasted it – and let’s not forget those who made the parts and built the truck, those who refined the gas for it, those who created the roasting machine, the bags for the beans, the designer of the cup itself, and the water that nourished the plants, and the sun that warmed them……and on and on.  Suddenly, it’s no longer “just” a cup of coffee. Suddenly you and I are drinking in the whole of the universe. This perspective can be applied to everything and everyone we are sharing this planet with. This is a way to experience life anew, a method of recognizing new depths and nuances of love.





I was so excited about something I noticed as I was making the flowers today, I had to make a video to show you! I used “the technique” but discovered something. It’s what I discovered that I share in the video. Below the video is the final picture. Below Steve’s reflection is the link to the technique’s  original video.


Bent HaloSteve




Here is the link to the original video, to see how to make the flowers:

2 thoughts on “Journey of the Heart, Day 13 – 03.01.13

  1. Susan, I love your 3 dots technique. And your discovery to make heart pedals, how very cool!

    Nice video too, did you use your iPhone for that?


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