Journey of the Heart, Day 16 – 03.01.16

Guiding Thought:

Listen to your heart and with your heart.

Your heart pays attention to others, listening to their inner voice, their unspoken words.

You care, and attend with love to their deeper, silent needs, asking their heart, “how may I strengthen you and raise your energy?”

Guiding Thought Audio (plays in a loop) can be found here:
Listen to the Guiding Thought as you paint/draw/create and connect with your heart!



The heart sculpture in the heart of Omaha inspired me to do this Zentangle heart. I’m sure the sculpture strengthens and raises the energy of many who walk by it. May my heart do the same.

Zentangle heart



This back portion of my heart is showing me that the heart, my heart hears all, even the unsaid words of myself or others.



Again, I feel low-satisfaction with the flowers. I tried “something new” with the technique and, the flowers just turned out blotchy, so I did some freeform to help myself feel better about the picture. I enjoyed doing all the little dot-flowers; those are dots spiraling outward from the center. It was very meditative to do; I understand the appeal of pointilism from a painting (not necessarily observing) standpoint.

I think some of what I’m doing/feeling has to do with self-healing. I kept thinking, “My heart needs to pay attention to my/itself first, in order to pay attention to others. How can I hear others’ inner voices and unspoken words, if I can’t hear my own… It’s hard to care (about others), when I don’t feel cared-for; how can I attend with love to their deeper, silent needs, when I am feeling my needs unmet? I need to ask my heart, ‘how may I strengthen you and raise your energy?'”

Here is the link to the original video, to see how to make the flowers:


Bent HaloSteve

Love is the jewel in the heart of the lotus. Be present now, and heed the call to love.

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