Journey of the Heart, Day 21 – 03.01.21

In the third round, the subject of the Guiding Thought is “we”.  This is the “unifying round”. I am not just I, you are not just you. We are we, together, all One. Think of this as “society” or a social complex, if that fits for you; “we” are a collective of people. I cannot be in this by myself or for myself; I can only be with you and for you, equal to myself. This round serves to expand your notion of “I” and “you” into this unity of “we”.

Steve, Mary, and Lita are introducing this round as we, in a very special way. See their combined Journey for today below. Om Namo Namah.

Guiding Thought:

All hearts know how to love.

Everything is energy.

The most potent energy is love.

As we learn love, we invite the most powerful energy to express through us, to live as us, to be us!

The heart is Love’s abode.

The heart teaches only love.

We are willing and joyful students!


Guiding Thought Audio (plays in a loop) can be found here:
Listen to the Guiding Thought as you paint/draw/create and connect with your heart!

Bent HaloMary-Steve-Lita

We are willing and joyful students.

We lovingly and with humility offer this bouquet to Susan Billmaier, founder of and our fellow Journey companion. We so much appreciate your commitment to these flowers and the technique used to create them. So, we each gave it a try and wish to acknowledge the patience and determination you have demonstrated to each of us. Clearly we have much to learn from your example and we ARE willing and joyful students! Namaste,  Lita, Steve and Mary





I’m honestly not sure what I had in mind in advance of painting this. I found a “technique” (wet-on-wet), and thought, “I’ll try that”. On the right is the model I found on the internet; my rendition is on the left; the article for the technique is here.

I think I just wanted to be open today (I did not remember that today is “willing and joyful student” day.) I wanted to be open to the energy, to something new, to maybe screwing things up, to being ok with whatever came out.

I don’t particularly like the results; but I didn’t particularly like the model. I didn’t choose the model because I thought it was aesthetically pleasing; I chose it to try the technique. and the technique was fun. I tried new things! I added old to new! I discovered something I think I am going to try that is my own rendition of new and old!











One thought on “Journey of the Heart, Day 21 – 03.01.21

  1. Lita, Steve, and Mary. I feel a bit forklempt at your offering. Thank you. Not the day you painted these, but today– Jan 26– is my birthday, and I feel like I could not have asked for a nicer present! …Aren’t the flowers FUN to do!? ❤


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