Journey of the Heart, Day 26- 03.01.26

Guiding Thought:

We listen to our hearts and with our hearts.

Our hearts pay attention to each other; we listen to each other’s inner voice, the unspoken words.

We care, and we attend with love to each other’s deeper, silent needs, asking each other’s heart, “how may I strengthen you and raise your energy?”


Guiding Thought Audio (plays in a loop) can be found here:
Listen to the Guiding Thought as you paint/draw/create and connect with your heart!


There is something about the play of light as water rushes and folds over rocks on its way down stream. My landscape is turning into a waterscape as well as a lightscape. This is the place where there is enough pause for heart listening. In our world of time and space, this movement of water and light happens so very quickly. When we allow our imagination to hold this image of light dancing on rocks in a river of water, time is suspended and we can truly listen and support each other.





Perhaps you’ve heard the idea that the mind cannot distinguish between an imagined event and an event that actually happened. This is why visualization is so powerful; this is how it’s possible to “reprogram” memories. I heard this idea the first time in about 1994.

Just this week, I realized that my mind understood it, but also took it a direction that (I now think) is incorrect.

What my mind (incorrectly) did was decide that if “real” and “unreal” are experienced in the mind in the same way, then the experience of physical reality does not matter, if it’s “experienced” in the mind.

Do you see my logical fallacy? The original thought is only about the experience of the mind. I took it to imply that the mind’s experience and the physical experience are “the same”.

Not so!

Herein lies my practice for this Journey: creating physically what I see in my mind’s eye; bringing the mind to the physical–something that I have not done, because of my gross misinterpretation of that original thought.

And you can see by the results of my painting that I am not very experienced in this.

However, I am gleeful that I was able to reproduce, even at such an elementary level, these simple fruit!


Bent HaloSteve


God so raised the mountains with the strength of her love. So too can we strengthen each other, by listening, and looking deeper beyond the words, to know each other’s needs. We are here to uplift one another, with the strength of a mountain, with the unshakable faith in the original goodness of each heart and soul. We are mountains of love.



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