Journey of the Heart, Day 29- 03.01.29

Guiding Thought:

Gratitude strikes our hearts like a bell, resounding love through our being.

Gratitude opens our hearts to Love’s purity, our very own essence!

We experience such deep gratitude for our hearts, our essence, our ALL of Life!


Guiding Thought Audio (plays in a loop) can be found here:
Listen to the Guiding Thought as you paint/draw/create and connect with your heart!


I have been listening to one of my favorite sound healers (Tom Kenyon) on the nature of our true sound. We have our true sound as do our organs and cells. Even atoms and neutrinos sing.




The symbol that “we” (Western Humans) use for the heart is an energetic pattern which reminds us that energy flows from within, outward (in never-ending resonance), returning to itself to repeat the process. It’s the constant in-breath-out-breath of our energy with the Energy of Life. It’s happening all the time, everywhere.


Bent HaloSteve

Gratitude. I’m having a tough time coming up with an appropriate drawing or painting. I’m trying to drum up some inspiration. It’s not that I don’t have gratitude, it’s just that I don’t know what or how to express it today. So I started rummaging through photos, looking for inspiration. There is so much to be grateful for. A picture of Mary, with no hair, after being diagnosed with breast cancer. An aching picture of her hugging a tree, with no hair, but grateful to be alive. Pictures after her recovery, of her sporting purple hair, and playing in the pool. These pictures evoke my deep gratitude that Mary is here in my life, having survived breast cancer in 2016. I lost my vision in one eye in 2016 due to a detached retina that multiple surgeries did not correct. We are so grateful to be here today, how could we not be dancing?

Life is complex, pictures can evoke many emotional reactions, not just a one to one, one picture to one feeling. Life is a collage of feelings and experiences, so are these pictures a collage of gratitudes for All of life.

“Mary” By Brad Vanlandingham






Yesterday our community held its annual “Empty Bowls” fundraiser in support of two local food banks. Many restaurants and a school system culinary arts class donated a variety of soups, bread and cookies. Pottery artisans donated hundreds of handcrafted bowls. A large number of volunteers were deployed to set up, collect donations, serve and clean up for the event. Hundreds of neighbors came to make a donation, select one of the beautifully made bowls, eat a serving of delicious soup and connect with friends and neighbors. We all have a great deal of gratitude from the heart that we live in a community that can organize and support such an event to share the bounty with those who are currently less fortunate. My art from the heart today is an image of the bowl I brought home. The bowl may be empty, but my heart is filled to overflowing. Empty Bowls events occur across the nation. Why not see if there’s one for you to support in your community. If not, perhaps you’ll consider organizing one yourself.

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