Journey of the Heart, Day 34- 03.01.34

Guiding Thought:

Oh, my beautiful blissful heart!

How can I deepen and expand my relationship with you?

How can I give your love, your wisdom, your compassion more openly and freely?

How can I know you, my heart of love, as myself?

Guiding Thought Audio (plays in a loop) can be found here:
Listen to the Guiding Thought as you paint/draw/create and connect with your heart!


In the midst of interminable rain and gray skies, I give homage to the apple tree which lives outside of my studio.  I love to sit underneath its branches in the springtime, especially as the blossoms burst forth. Not only is it a home to roots, branches, leaves, blossoms, and fruit, this apple tree offers a perch to many a variety of birds. This tree, welcomes all of the elements and gives back so freely and deeply.




Om again

Om again

Jiggity jig.



Bent HaloSteve


For some cosmic reason, when I look at this painting, by Richard Kirsten Daiensai (Seattle artist), I see myself, Not my little self. I see my happy self, my compassionate self, in love with all.



I’ve been so busy “doing” art for this journey that I feel, today,
like I’ve missed something.
While focusing on drawing, sketching, painting,
and experimenting with technique,
I’ve neglected a form of art that I’m fairly comfortable with, and so:


On this Journey of the Heart
Even words can be art,
If you take some time
To help the words rhyme.

I’ve been playing with pencils and paints
As if they were the new saints
Of my creativity.

But as we’re near the Journey’s end
I want to bring out my old trusted friends
To help in expressing my heart.

Love, wisdom, compassion,
These features are not in high fashion
In much of our culture right now.

And sometimes words are the best
In looking for ways to express
These wonderful character traits.

So I stashed the paints for today
To take a moment to say,
I know my heart of love as myself.
And my heart says … I love you.

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