Journey of the Heart, Day 35- 03.01.35

Guiding Thought:

I bring my awareness to my heart and resonate with its love.

Naturally and easily my heart-love radiates through me.

Love is present now—rippling in to the future, releasing the past.

Guiding Thought Audio (plays in a loop) can be found here:
Listen to the Guiding Thought as you paint/draw/create and connect with your heart!


Our beloved apple tree received quite a haircut recently. You can see all of the cut branches at the base of the tree – big release of the past, or should I say huge? And here a surprise in the second picture, a close-up of a new bud, “rippling into the future”. I am caught off guard, how it was my camera caught the light surrounding that bud, love radiating.

















Bent HaloSteve


Love is the most powerful energy in the universe. It crosses time and space, and reaches to the ends of the cosmos. It was love that created our world, and it always abides in my heart.



It’s been raining here for days. It’s the Seattle area in February. Somewhere the sun is shining. If it were here, even for a few moments, there would likely be a rainbow. The sight of a rainbow today would resonate with my heart love and radiate through me. And so I bring my awareness to one of my favorite songs “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”….sigh


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