Journey of the Heart, Day 37- 03.01.37

Guiding Thought:

I focus my heart-love in the service of others.

As I serve others through my deepest heart-love, my own love expands and becomes amplified.

There is always more love to share, to give, to experience!

Such joy and gratitude fill me, when I open to my heart’s love!

Guiding Thought Audio (plays in a loop) can be found here:
Listen to the Guiding Thought as you paint/draw/create and connect with your heart!


I can’t tell you how many shots and deletions of this piece I took with my camera. What angle to best reflect today’s guiding thoughts?  Each shot accentuated a new perspective of light, differing prisms, so to speak. Angles of my heart…prisms of light…new offerings…love amplified.




Back to flowers. I wanted simplicity. I wanted just to listen to the Guiding Thought and paint without thinking.

I’ve been thinking a lot about the energy of things. There is energy everywhere, and we can feel it, sense it—whether or not we are aware of it is another question. I once read that “a yogi writes with energy, not with words”. I’ve been listening to a healing-recording, in which the narrator emphasizes “it’s the energy, not the words” that is healing. Recently, friends and I went to the 50th anniversary travelling Broadway show of Jesus Christ Superstar: from the moment Judas opened his mouth for the first song, I thought, “there’s no energy here “. The performance was flat because it did not express the energy (among other things). The people I was with (much less metaphysical than I am) described the same feeling about the show, though using less metaphysical language, “it just fell short”…”It didn’t have it“…”[the cast] didn’t understand the story they were telling”.

I feel like this Heart Journey is helping me to be aware of the energy of things. My intention, the thoughts, the energy of the Guiding Thoughts all become part of the picture. Energy without words.


Bent HaloSteve




Today was the last work day for a wonderful woman who was manager of a local store. She recently bought a new home and is transferring to a shop closer to where she lives now. Hannah is an amazing example of serving others through her heart’s love. She is exemplary in terms of customer service and did an outstanding job of building a caring, joyful and compassionate staff. She motivated me to strive harder to serve others more compassionately. In the paint pouring I did this afternoon, I attempted to illustrate this Guiding Thought by expanding and amplifying the paint colors compared to the pastels in my first pouring yesterday.  I celebrate the results with joy.



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