Final Reflection, Mary. Journey of the Heart – 03.01.41



Susan (commentary)

After 40 days of drawing/writing/painting and connecting with the Heart, there are two final steps. 1) Relax, celebrate, and let yourself assimilate the (joyful) work of the past 40 days. 2) Reflect on the past 40 days and write a bit about how you feel now. Did you accomplish what you set out to accomplish (re-read your Why)? Did the Journey have unexpected twists and turns? How has your relationship with your heart changed? What about your relationship with other people? What have you learned? To what do you now aspire? These are just some questions to get you started…there are no “rules” to what your Journey means for you, or how you reflect upon it.

Over the next four days, you’ll find the reflections of the four Journeyers. Today is Mary:


Perhaps I “should” be doing a piece of art for today. But that’s not what’s on my mind in reflecting on The Journey of the Heart. We are heading out to the ocean for a few days. What I’ve packed is quite different from all previous trips.   Yes, I’ve got the usual clothing and music.  But I’ve also packed things I haven’t even considered taking in the past: sketch paper and pencils, a book on how to draw, water color pencils and paper. I have learned to think art for an outing such as this. I’m also taking the love and support of my fellow Journeyers along. The oneness of heart I feel for those openly journeying with me, and all those who have been cheering me on and encouraging me is amazing. I have a different level of confidence in “doing” art, or in trying anything at all that’s new to me. I feel loved and supported and lifted in a new and joyful way. While I’ve participated in other Journeys, THIS Journey of the Heart has opened my heart and life in ways I can’t even articulate. I face each day with new levels of joy, openness, love and gratitude. Thank you with all my heart to the Journeyers, the encouragers, the Devine that led me to Susan With Pearls. As I closed Day 40 of this Journey I left a blessing here, a blessing that moves me every time I hear it.  I’d like to repeat my wish/blessing for All in the form of “The Long Time Sun” especially the version sung by Jai Jagdeesh.

“May the Long Time Sun Shine Upon you

All love surround you

And the Pure light within you

Guide your way on.

Sat Nam”


Journey of Purpose begins February 25, 2020

What you can do to prepare: 

Reflect on how you see yourself living your highest purpose.

Think about where you want to be five years from today.

How can you serve Humanity and the Earth with the most benefit?

Call for Guest Journeyers

See the homepage for more information.

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