Final Reflection, Susan. Journey of the Heart – 03.01.41


When I began Journey of the Heart, I intended to open my heart in order to heal humanity. This stemmed from a mourning for humanity, and how far we have fallen into violence (that even Disney Movies now have violence as core plots).

Then, the Journey began, and I felt like my heart literally split open, broke open. It was a physical feeling, like someone punched me in the chest. The feeling did not go away for the entire Journey, and in the breaking open, there was release and renewal. It’s hard to explain, but it was like I was able to feel and experience new levels/layers of suffering in order to heal them. This was not just “for me” but for all of humanity, so I see this as a correspondence with my intention. (“you get what you ask for”)

With all of this going on energetically in my chest, I think that my head and my emotions were not up to thinking and feeling on a conscious level. Too much was going on energetically that I was unable to process much of anything mentally or emotionally.

The way I addressed this while drawing/painting was to find a way to paint so that I did not have to think or feel. I repeated a water color technique which produced very sweet little flowers. All I had to do was follow the technique, while listening to the Guiding Thought for the day. I found it relaxing and stimulating.

With this technique, I also gained confidence in my ability to produce or create something specific, intentionally. This is an unusual approach for me. I usually let my art come spontaneously, and just “see what comes out”. So, to intend to paint for a specific result was new. During the Journey, I likened this to the microcosm of learning to Create (capitial C) in the macro. That is: intentionally co-creating with my Divine Self.

This was an intense Journey for me, on many levels–especially that whole energetic thing with my heart breaking open. And, by the end, I was eager and excited to move forward with Journey of Purpose. Journey of the Heart helped me to really clarify how I want to approach Journey of Purpose.

And you’ll read about that a little later today!

Love to all. I am thankful for you being here, doing the work of becoming aware of and living from and through your Higher, Divine Self. See you again soon…

Journey of Purpose begins later today.

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