Why? (Susan) Journey of Purpose – 03.02.00

Welcome to Journey of Purpose! As always, I will be here for the next 41 days, sharing my Journey. Also for this Journey, Steve will be Guest Journeying–he will be sharing his thoughts and reflections daily, also. Meet Steve here. If you are so inclined to be a Guest Journeyer, it’s not too late! Just email me susan@withpearls.com. It’s helpful to others to see how you may approach and process the Journey, to see the variety of reflections. By sharing here, you are helping others.

Today, we begin with Why? The first day is always a reflection about what this Journey is about for you. Why do you care about purpose? What does it mean to you? What do you hope to learn? What would you like to gain? What would you like to release? Below are my reflections on Why; Steve’s will follow shortly:



Journey of Purpose was the very first Journey I ever created. I was at a good place in my life; there was nothing “wrong”, yet I didn’t feel like I understood my higher purpose. “How do I figure that out?” I asked myself. “How do I always figure such things out?” “I ask!” I responded to myself. “I seek (and find) my answers”. That’s how Journey of Purpose was born. Every day for 40 days, I asked the question of my Higher Self: what is my highest purpose? What I discovered on that first Journey was that doing the Journeys was my higher purpose. Since then, I’ve completed a total of three Journeys of Purpose; this is my fourth one since 2013.

The point of this scenario is that this is a really good example of why these Journeys are called Journeys. Even though I “found” one answer to my question, “what is my Purpose?”, I kept asking the question over the next 7 years, and I keep getting new answers. There is never one answer. Each time the question is asked, I am new and different, never the same person. Therefore, the answer I get is never the same. The more you ask, the more closely you hone the answer…but on this Journey of connecting with your Higher Self, there is no destination…or if there is, it’s way too far ahead for you to even imagine it!

Since I have done this several times, and have honed my Purpose more than someone just beginning, my Why is very clear and very specific:

I am doing Journey of Purpose to be my Highest Purpose, which is…doing the Journey.

I know…this sounds like I’m talking in circles, so let me explain. My purpose is the Journeys. I have been working on getting the Journeys out as books for several years. But, it has not yet happened and that is the next step for the Journeys. It now must happen.

Each day, my Journey is going to be working on the Journey books.

Yes, I will listen to/contemplate the Guiding Thoughts (more on this tomorrow in my commitment), but the writing that will happen will be (mostly) private, as it will be writing the books.

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