…A Blank Slate Can Also Be Filled: Journey of Purpose – 03.02.08

Guiding Thought

I erase all I think I know of my Inner Divine Mind. I am changing. I am changed. All is new. With a blank slate of pure luminescence, I simply wait, feeling my inner glow. Transformation! I want this. I invite this. I welcome this!

I allow myself to change, to become more attuned to my Self, more aligned with my Self, and more congruent with my Highest Purpose. As I wait and watch my Highest Purpose appear in my activities as people and circumstances, I breathe, I smile, and I live.

The Guiding Thoughts audio for this Journey will be found here.


Bent Halo

Steve (Meet Steve here.)

Polishing the Mirror. This affirmation reminds me of Ram Dass who says that all I have to do is polish the mirror, to find my own divine luminescence reflecting back at me. It is always there, always has been, for each of us.  But it gets dusty, with my self-limiting thoughts and beliefs. It is like the sun behind the clouds. It is always shining, but the clouds get in the way.

Sometimes knowledge gets in the way. I get set in my beliefs, thinking I have found the answers, but they are setting up like concrete. So perhaps the less I know, the easier it is be open to change, to let my Divinity shine through. Erase what I think I know, and be guided by my Higher Self.  There are times when I study, that all the sayings seem to be different, but are all saying the same things. Details differ, and my mind gets caught up in a morass of distinctions. Who is right, who is wrong?

I am beginning to trust my inner guidance, erasing what I think I know, and watching my purpose appear in all the people and circumstances around me.

Perhaps asking the question “what is my purpose” does not serve any purpose. The answers are all around me.

Smile a mile!




There is something comforting about these flowers. I may stray, try new things (see the past three days). Then I come back to the flowers, and I feel at peace, restful, relaxed. I can just listen to the Guiding Thought, and absorb it (as though I am a blank slate!). With the flowers, there is no trying, no figuring out, no decision; there is just being and doing. “Ahhhhhhh”

If you are curious here’s my writing from The very first Journey of Purpose, six years ago Day 08

Day seven, commitment to write: About to do it now. 


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