You are the Truth of You: Journey of Purpose – 03.02.12

Guiding Thought

Your own Loving Presence is your Self. Turn your attention inward and become aware of your own Loving Presence. With focused awareness, your own Loving Presence fills you, grows brighter, and grows warmer. Claim your Self with these words:

I AM my own Loving Presence. My loving Presence is the Self of myself. I love my Self!

You want to give your Self everything It desires–and your Self wants the same for you in return. What do you desire, but total Peace, Freedom, Love, and Harmony? These are the infinite and eternal qualities of your Self! Be now aware of the inner activity of your own Loving Presence and invite It to express Itself through you and externalize in your life as circumstances, people, forms, and events that fulfill all your desires.

The Guiding Thoughts audio for this Journey will be found here.


Bent Halo

Steve (Meet Steve here.)

Look within yourself. You are perfect as you are. How could you be anything but perfect? A child of God, and nowhere else in the universe is there another one just like you. You are so precious, so unique. With all your faults, mistakes, and confusion, inside you are pure. Your Loving Presence is your true self. Do not accept your faults, mistakes and confusion as yourself. They are simply part of your experience in life, let them go. Allow the truth of your Loving Presence to express itself through you in all that you think say and do.  All your desires will be fulfilled.

Go inward and love yourself. Go forward and love yourself, you are pure and worthy of your love. You are your own Loving Presence.

May Peace, Joy and Love be with you.



Back to the calm comfort of my flowers…

Breathe. Just Breathe.

If you are curious here’s my writing from The very first Journey of Purpose, six years ago Day 12.  

Day 12, commitment to write: 30 minutes….

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