Gratitude and Blessing: Journey of Purpose – 03.02.27

Guiding Thought

Of ourselves we are nothing, yet in union with Inner Divine Mind, through our own Loving Presence, we are everything and have everything. As we infuse our consciousness with Knowledge of our Inner Divine Mind, our activity expresses this Union and we experience life. We breathe in this life. We smile with Joy and Gratitude, and we affirm:  WE LIVE.

The Guiding Thoughts audio for this Journey may be found here.


Steve (Meet Steve here.)

Bent Halo

As we shelter-in-place, I am struck with gratitude for all our blessings, like a warm house, food in the pantry, fresh fruits and veggies in the fridge, money in our pocket, and someone to share with.  We have everything.

We have so much to be thankful for. It is hard not to worry about those that have lost their jobs, can’t pay the rent, or have no medical coverage.

So let us be thankful, express our gratitude, and affirm with Joy that WE LIVE. And let us pray for the wellbeing of all those who are suffering.

Every Movement

I rarely let the word “NO”

Escape from my mouth

Because it is so plain to my soul

That God has shouted “Yes! Yes! Yes!”

To every luminous movement in Existence

Hafiz “I Heard God Laughing”


This is life. Everything that we experience is life. All life is God, and of God, and in God. Every Breath is God. Every glance is God. Every moment of every thing is God.

When we experience Life as it is: God, of God, and in God, what can possibly bother us? The “trick” is to be in union with God, being everything, having everything.

And as we know ourselves in union with God, we can help and share with those who do not know, those in suffering and distress. They, too, are in God, the Life of God. Help them know it. Peace.


If you are curious here’s my writing from The very first Journey of Purpose, six years ago Day 26.  

Public Service Message regarding CoVid 19:

How to triage your symptoms. Please use the flow chart below to determine whether or not you should go to the hospital.

Remember: One of the big concerns right now is the potential for overwhelming hospitals and emergency personnel. There is no treatment for mild cases. Severe cases require hospitalization, with respirators. You can determine for yourself what your symptoms are, and reduce the potential overwhelm in hospitals and at doctors’ offices. Please share; in working together, we can help the people with most severe cases get the necessary treatment.

!Influenza _ Coronavirus Flow Chart BPC

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