Relax -n- Love: Journey of Purpose – 03.02.29

Guiding Thought

We are. We are Love. We are kindness. We are filled full. We have all we seek, for all we seek is within us. Now we can be who we know we are. We share our Self with all and hold nothing back. We give All Love. The Fullness of our Self returns to us as every form, person, situation, circumstance, and event that renews our fullness. We need not worry or think about what may be…our Self Knows and orders our lifes for perfect fulfillment. All we need do is remember our Self… and smile, breathe, and live.

The Guiding Thoughts audio for this Journey may be found here.


Steve (Meet Steve here.)

Bent Halo


All we need is Love. Love is fulfilling, Love is kind.

It is one of the most popular topics in the world.

Some say love is blind.

We are finding new ways to love – today, staying home is love.

Some say:

Love – by the Plastic Ono Band, John Lennon:

“Love is real, real is love

Love is feeling, feeling love

Love is wanting to be loved

Love is touch, touch is love

Love is reaching, reaching love

Love is asking to be loved

Love is you

you and me

Love is knowing

We can be

Love is free, free is love

Love is living, living love

Love is needing to be loved.” With lyrics

I Corinthians 13:

“Love is patient and kind;

Love is not jealous or boastful; it is not arrogant or rude.

Love does not insist on its own way;

It is not irritable or resentful,

It does not rejoice at wrong, but rejoices in the right.

Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things.”

Hafiz – “I Heard God Laughing”


Keeping Watch

In the morning

When I began to awake,

It happened again-

That feeling

That You, Beloved,

Had stood over me all night

Keeping watch,


That feeling

That as I began to stir


You put Your lips on my forehead

And lit a Holy Lamp

Inside my heart.



It was SO relaxing to paint these today…

If you are curious here’s my writing from The very first Journey of Purpose, six years ago Day 29.  

Public Service Message regarding CoVid 19:

How to triage your symptoms. Please use the flow chart below to determine whether or not you should go to the hospital.

Remember: One of the big concerns right now is the potential for overwhelming hospitals and emergency personnel. There is no treatment for mild cases. Severe cases require hospitalization, with respirators. You can determine for yourself what your symptoms are, and reduce the potential overwhelm in hospitals and at doctors’ offices. Please share; in working together, we can help the people with most severe cases get the necessary treatment.

!Influenza _ Coronavirus Flow Chart BPC

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