Owning Up: Journey of Purpose – 03.02.31

You’ve made it to Round 4, congratulations!

We are back to using “I” as the subject of the Guiding Thoughts. If you are new to the Journeys, please see this page for information about how the rounds change.

Guiding Thought

There is a Perfect Spiritual Idea of Perfect Fulfillment. My Inner Divine Presence Knows every form, experience, situation, event, circumstance, condition, relationship, and sequence that fulfills my desires. When I am diligent about maintaining my focus of desire on the loving benefit and fulfillment of all sentient beings, Divine Substance – which is the source of Spiritual Idea’s manifestation-flows through me and externalizes in my experience. Divine Presence appears as the perfect fulfillment of every single form, experience, situation, event, circumstance, condition, relationship, and sequence that I could possibly desire.

The Guiding Thoughts audio for this Journey may be found here.


Steve (Meet Steve here.)

Bent Halo


The key here is wishing happiness for others. When my desires are focused on others, the Divine Spirit flows through me, and all desires are fulfilled. When I focus only on my selfish desires, nothing is satisfied. My desires are endless, and satisfaction is fleeting.

It is easy to put this in 3rd person perspective, more challenging when I own the statements, when I say what “I” want. I started to say “when our desires are focused on others”.  It’s harder to say “when my desires are focused on others. It’s about owning up to the truth of this for me.

It’s easier for me to preach with “you” statements. It’s easier for me to hide out in “We” statements.  There’s nowhere to hide when I claim this as “I”. This is some of what I’ve learned from going through the 4 rounds of guiding thoughts. I noticed I have a tendency to use “our” statements. I think at some level that is me not taking ownership of my statements.

I recognize the importance of the “You” and “We” rounds. It takes a shift of consciousness to reflect on the guiding thoughts from those perspectives. It is just as important for me to take ownership of my statements in the “I” rounds.  This is not about being selfish. It’s about being responsible for my reflections, to state the truth as it is for me. Sometimes, for me, this is easier said than done.



Inspired by yesterday…and a friend who said, “It looks like a brain”. I see something other than a brain, even though that is what I was intending to paint. I won’t tell you what I see, so you can have your own experience…


If you are curious here’s my writing from The very first Journey of Purpose, six years ago Day 31.  

Public Service Message regarding CoVid 19:

How to triage your symptoms. Please use the flow chart below to determine whether or not you should go to the hospital.

Remember: One of the big concerns right now is the potential for overwhelming hospitals and emergency personnel. There is no treatment for mild cases. Severe cases require hospitalization, with respirators. You can determine for yourself what your symptoms are, and reduce the potential overwhelm in hospitals and at doctors’ offices. Please share; in working together, we can help the people with most severe cases get the necessary treatment.

!Influenza _ Coronavirus Flow Chart BPC

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