Final Reflection (Steve), Journey of Purpose 03.02.41

Bent HaloReflections on the 40 day Journey of Purpose 2/26/20 – 4/4/20

I certainly enjoyed this Journey of Purpose. It’s been 5 days since completing day 40 reflections. I have rested, and not thought a lot about the journey. I have felt complete. I believe I kept my commitments to the best of my abilities.

Looking back over the 40 days, there was a recurring thread of concern over the coronavirus pandemic, and its huge impact on our daily lives. Some days it seemed to get the better of me. Other days I was able to face it directly. I realized that I was committed to the journey, regardless of extenuating circumstances.

I had fun on this journey. I enjoyed the process, even when it was sometimes difficult to focus on the guiding thoughts. Regarding purpose, perhaps my journey held purposes above and beyond my understanding. My participation perhaps gave Susan some freedom to work on her writing project. I was glad to see Susan having fun with her flowers and other paintings. Perhaps one of my goals to have fun on this journey rubbed off on her a bit. These were not goals of my journey, but were perhaps unintended impacts.

I am satisfied with my participation. I wanted to explore the concept of Purpose. Not “what is my purpose.”  I realize now that all my actions may serve many purposes, many of them unknown to me. It is a call to always do my best, and not worry or be attached to outcomes. My Purpose is bigger than I know.  It may seem to be doing little by “Staying home”, that surely I could be doing more to relieve other’s suffering (self-critic). But that “staying home” is an act of love, saving perhaps thousands of lives (self-acceptance).

There is no one answer to the question “what is my Purpose?”

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