Commitment and Dedication: Journey of Worth – 03.03.00

Today, for the first time, I am including a Statement of Freedom, in addition to the Commitment and Dedication. This statement is a declaration of Absolute choice that I will no longer accept any limiting beliefs that have hindered, distorted, or obstructed the full embrace of Worth in/of my Divine Self. If it feels right to you, copy what I have below, then modify/edit it to suit your voice.

Statement of Freedom

On This day, April 25, 2020, I cease believing in my value and worth defined as anything that is limiting, distorted, or less than the Perfection of the Divine Being I AM, including, but not limited to:

  1. Feeling unsatisfied and impatient; that something is missing, and that I do not feel like I am whole, or enough.
  2. Young-Catholic-student images and memories of being treated “less than” and “not worthy”.
  3. Mother-issues about how “worthy” I was(n’t).
  4. Material comfort, taking care of others, and/or providing financial support to others, and feelings of “this is (the only time) when I am worthy (in other words, if I were not needed for my money, or my care-giving, I would not have any value).

I now choose to view the world of effect as it truly is: simply an out-picturing of my former beliefs. I believed in value or worth as something other than my Divine Self, therefore I surrendered my god-given power and authority to an objectified belief. I believed in the possibility of being less than or not good enough, thus causing a separation in my consciousness from the Truth of my Being. I believed in the human mind and material conditions and through the energy and attention of those thoughts, I gave humans and material conditions power over me. I believed in the collective-conscious-created illusion of error thoughts which express  value and worth in ways less than the Divine, and in doing so I have limited the unlimited. No more! On this day, I renounce my so-called humanhood and claim my Divine inheritance as my Divine Self, the I AM that I am. This day, I acknowledge God and only God as True Value, True Worth, and the only “thing” worthy of my thought, energy, attention, gratitude, and service.

Commitment Statement

Today I commit to being aware, to understanding, and to knowing my Divine Nature, my Self of Infinite Love and Oneness, as the Source and Substance that animates my mind and body, and governs all of my Life and affairs. Today, and for this Journey, I commit to focusing my mind and heart on my own Divine Self, my True Nature. I deny the prodding of my lower mind which would have me believe I am less than I am, that I am separate and alone. I place my faith in Infinite Love and claim my authority over financial and material situations, interactions, and affairs in all areas of my experience.

I commit to contemplating the Guiding Thoughts for a minimum of five minutes each day, then writing an response for a minimum of five minutes each day.

Statement of Dedication

I dedicate any and all good that may result from this Journey of Worth to the benefit and enlightenment of all sentient beings. May we all Know our Selves together in Love.


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