There’s a Land that I See, Where the Children are Free: Journey of Worth – 03.03.02

Guiding Thought

I love myself for the Truth within me. The Truth within me Knows me for who I am—Pure Love, Only Love, beyond all valuing of the world. In Love all are equal, for we are One. This is how Truth Knows me—Pure, One, and Free. This is my Truth; this is our Truth; this is the Self I love.

The Guiding Thoughts audio for this Journey may be found here.


In my experience with the Journeys, there are three “levels” (so far, that I’ve discovered) that the consciousness can express in learning to Be the Divinity that We Are, that I Am.

  1. The first level is the digging up and rooting out that I mentioned in my Why?At this level, there can be a lot of doubt, uncertainty and resistance because this level involves finding and facing perhaps uncomfortable thought patterns that were possibly associated with “lower”, “fear-shame-guilt-grief-anger-selfish” feelings and behaviors. I mean…who wants to look at that stuff and admit that it is or was part of a personal identity? Who–especially those on a higher path–wants to admit to anything about the existence or pre-existence of a lower-self? At this level, there are three things that are really important:
    1. Let it out. Face it. Bring it to the surface to be healed/transmuted. It doesn’t “just go away”. You need to escort it out, and you need to do that by choosing to, and then doing it.
    2. Practice gentleness and non-judgement. There have been times in my past when I have been very cold, uncaring, and hurtful. I have intuitive memories of previous lives when I have been a downright “bad” person. If you believe that the core of who we are is a unique energy signature/frequency/vibration, and that that unique energy signature continues through what we call lifetimes, then it stands to reason that we have all had hundreds, thousands, maybe millions or billions of these lifetimes. We have tried each end of the “good-bad” spectrum and everywhere in-between. At this level, it’s not about judgement or guilt, it’s about learning and living by choice– do you want to be “good” or “bad”? Make the choice, claim it, live it.
    3. Keep going. The only way out is through.
  2. At this level, there is not so much digging and rooting, but there is still facing, which is making the choice. At this level, there may still feel like there is an option to choose something other than being your Divine Self. You are only ever your Divine Self. That is the Choice. But since we live in a free-will world, YOU must choose it, consciously, willingly, preferably joyfully and gratefully. So at this level, you are practicing choosing, breaking the habits of the lower-self, and experiencing lots of nuanced situations where you need to decide, listening with the guidance of your heart: Do I want to act as my lower self, or do I want to act as my Higher Self? This level can feel like a lot of work; it can also require a lot of faith: that the choice you make today matters to who you are becoming. The more often you choose to act as your Higher Self, though, the easier it gets.
  3. This is the level of pay off from the work done at level two. Once you begin to choose to act as your Higher Self more and more often, and the easier it becomes, this is the level of realizing the Truth of Who You Are–having an experiential understanding that you really are your Divine Self. You really are not the stories you have been told about who you are; you are not your past; you are not the emotions that flow through you; you are Harmony, Love, Justice, Peace, Abundance, and all those qualities that describe the Divine. And you believe it, and Know it, and want to live it more and more.

There will be different reactions to the Guiding Thoughts at all three levels. For example, someone at level one, may not love themselves very much, and so may have a strong (“negative”) response to the words, “I love myself”. But even that can be overcome by acknowledging that there is a Truth within. And even if someone does not currently love themselves, they can accede to loving themselves for the Truth within. Especially if that Truth within Knows them  only with and as Pure Love.

Maybe if Pure Love can love them, they can begin to love themselves. and then make choices to do that more often. Then to actually believe it and live it.

Let’s get to that place together, all of us believing and living our existence as Pure Love, One, and Free.



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