Life of Unity: Journey of Worth – 03.03.07

Guiding Thought

I claim who I am, the essence of my Self, established in and by Love. My Self shines with the strength, beauty, and power of its essence, Love. As I open to my Self, accept my Self, and Love my Self, the Life of Unity infuses all my activity and transforms my consciousness. Life as my Self renews my Joy and restores my trust in Life itself.


I am my Self. My Self and I are One. My Self is my Self, but not myself.

My Self’s essence is Love. Love established my Self as Itself.

My Self is Love. I am Love.

Opening to my Self is Opening to Love. Accepting my Self is accepting Love. Loving my Self is Love Loving Itself.

We are ALL One. (from yesterday’s Guiding Thought)

I am Love, you are Love. We are One. This is the Life of Unity. All One, equal in Love.

What kind of life is this?  Each and all of us knowing our Selves as Love, Knowing each other as Love, Knowing our Unity?

Joyful. Trusting. Yeah, let’s claim this, and get to that place. Let’s live in that Life, each, ALL of us, together.


If you are curious here’s my writing from The very first Journey of Worth, seven, years ago Day 07.  


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