Living a Full Life: Journey of Worth – 03.03.09

Guiding Thought

I extend the Love that I am, for that is all I truly am. As I learn to be aware, to understand, and to Know my own will as Love, and make choices according to that will, my life experiences become worthy of me. Expressing my Self that is wholly Love and United with All is the only choice that is worthwhile. It is the only thing that brings me satisfaction, the only choice that allows me to experience my Self—the Love that I am. My-your-our- freedom depends on my right choices, depends on my choosing what is worthy and what is not; it depends on me, depends on you, depends on us.


Extending Love is learning Love. Sharing is learning. “For it is in the giving that we receive…” I can only Know Love, and Know myself as love, when I am being Love. Love does not exist in a vacuum. Being Love implies being Love in relation to something. Since Love is One, the only thing that Love can be in relation to is Itself.

I am Love. Love is all there is. When I give/be Love, I am experiencing Love as It is: everywhere, everything. My experience becomes Love, the fullness, wholeness Perfection of Love.

Since I am Love, anything less than Love feels unsatisfying, feels incomplete, feels unworthy of me

In order to live a satisfying, full, complete life, I must live as who I Am: Love. And that means choosing to extend Love, always.

If you are curious here’s my writing from The very first Journey of Worth, seven, years ago Day 09.  


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