When I Forget…: Journey of Worth – 03.03.12

Guiding Thought

Love yourself for the Truth within you. The Truth within you Knows you for who you are—Pure Love, Only Love, beyond all valuing of the world. In Love all are equal, for we are One. This is how Truth Knows you—Pure, One, and Free. This is your Truth; this is our Truth; this is the Self you love.

The Guiding Thoughts audio for this Journey may be found here.


Truth Knows me.

Truth Knows the True me.

Even when I don’t Know my Self (or know myself), Truth does.

Truth Knows I am Perfect in Divine Love. This is my Truth. This is your Truth.

This is why I can love myself for the Truth within me.

Even when I don’t know, that does not negate the Truth of me, and there is always part of me (the Truth within me) that does Know me. When I forget, It remembers.

If you are curious here’s my writing from The very first Journey of Worth, seven, years ago Day 12.  

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