Journey of Abundance: WHY? 03.05.00

Setting up the intention: Why do you want to do a Journey of Abundance? What are your expectations? What is your intention? What do you hope to get out of it?

Take a moment to reflect, and write…

Here are some preliminary questions to ask about Abundance to help you determine what this Journey may be about for you:

  • What is Abundance? What causes Abundance? What does Abundance mean to me?
  • What does it mean to be Abundant?
  • Where do I find Abundance?
  • When do I feel lack? When do I feel poor? When Do I feel limitation? Am I willing to release these things?
  • What is worthiness to me? If I “have” something, but it is “worthless” is it part of my prosperity?
  • How does Abundance serve my Purpose?
  • How do I express Abundance?
  • How do I bring Abundance to others and to the world?
  • What is the relationship of Abundance to love, peace, purpose, service to all, etc.?
  • What concepts branch out from Abundance? What hinges on it? What does it hinge on?


Here is my reflection:

I’ve done this Journey many times. Despite this, there is always more I learn about myself and about Abundance.

Of course, why not? Divine Source is Infinite. My consciousness can expand infinitely. The more I expand my consciousness, the greater my personal flow of abundance. Since I love experiencing tangible situations and things that directly correspond to how much my consciousness expands, this is a very fun Journey!

What’s new for me this Journey is: I really want to focus on is the correlation between Eternal Peace and Infinite Abundance.  What I am hoping to accomplish is becoming more centered and grounded in Divine Peace. And from there, from that deep, abiding, security of God’s Assurance, I want to experience Abundance.

There is too much external uncertainty going on right now about the economy, finances, income. I hope that, if I focus on Peace, I can help others find Peace in these outwardly uncertain economic times.

Peace (and Abundance!) be with you!


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