Journey of Gratitude. Commitment and Dedication. 04.08.0

Today, I commit to being grateful for all life, all of who I am, in my mental, emotional, physical, spiritual bodies, in all time frames and dimensions, at all levels of consciousness.

I commit to releasing any pattern that does not embody Divine Perfection and to replacing it with the Divine Light of Truth, with Love, with Peace, Divine Perfection, and with Harmony.

I commit to embody my new level of consciousness–of Divine Light, Love, Peace, and Harmony–by taking actions which demonstrate Gratitude, Compassion, Love, Caring-For all life, Acceptance, and Understanding.

May this Journey serve all beings. May this Journey be a vehicle through which the Divine enters and uplifts the world and all who reside here.

In order to maintain and expand my consciousness in a vibration of gratitude, I commit to forty consecutive days of this Journey. I commit to contemplating the Guiding Thought for a minimum of 5 minutes each day, and to write ( or use other means of expression) and share any thoughts that come up about or around it.

This Journey is dedicated to All Beings: May All attain enlightened actions in the world through Knowing Peace. May we Know compassion for each other, may we demonstrate our kindness, may we see others as ourselves, and know our Oneness with All.

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