Clear Conscience. Journey of Gratitude. 04.08.03

Guiding Thought

I fill my mind with the Light of the Truth of Love. What more is there? In the Light of the Truth, I am Free. What more is there? My consciousness expands in the Truth of Love: forever One, forever Joyful, forever in Peace.


“In the Light of the Truth, I am Free”…forever Joyful, forever in Peace.

This Guiding Thought relates Love with Truth with Freedom with Joy with Peace.

It reminds me of the Sanskrit Om Satchitananda, which translates as Essence of Ultimate Reality: Truth-Pure Consciousness-Bliss. The essence of Ultimate Reality is the Truth of Love. Just Love. Love is all there is. Truly. and so, really: what more is there? there is only Love.

I’ve been coming back to this a lot lately, using the Jewel song, “Hands”. In that song, there is a lyric that says, “only kindness matters”. I’ve been using that lyric, thinking, “only Love matters”.

There have been so many times in the past two weeks that I have felt at a loss, not knowing what to do, feeling lost as to what the “right” thing to do would be, and I think, “Only Love matters. If there is nothing more I can do, I can Love.” And then I consciously call forth Love using this phrase, “I pour forth the full, pure, Divine Love of my being to >name of person, or situation< to Bless, Heal, Protect, and Prosper (or other such qualities)”.

Love anchors me; it gives me a focus; it gives me a purpose; it gives me a way to focus and direct my thoughts when my actions or emotions feel uncertain.

I cannot say that I have felt bliss or joy or peace as I have moved through my awkwardness using Love. But I can say that I have no regrets, and that “my conscience is clear”, as I have made the best choice I can in every moment to live a life in which only Love matters. And in this, I am Free.


A new Journey begins every 8th week. The next Journey, Journey of Courage, will begin February 24, 2021. Consider joining me and others, live-in-person (via zoom), on the Journey. This is offered as a class through Evenstar Institute (INSTITUTE – Evenstar’s Chalice). I also provide classes for small pre-formed groups at special rates. Feel free to contact me with questions (about anything!):, or call or text: 908-256-2521.

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