The Self-referential ALL. Journey of Gratitude 04.08.02

Guiding Thought

I lift my mind and heart to the Truth of Being, to all that Is, to All I Am. I accept my Self in Truth and offer my Self to All in gratitude for Its Being.


There’s a phrase from A Course in Miracles that says, “Only Truth is True”. This phrase is what I am thinking when I think about lifting my mind and heart to the Truth of Being. There is only One Truth of Being that is True, and that is THE Truth of Being. It sounds so repetitive and tautological (self-referential), doesn’t it? Yet, I find comfort in the idea that only Truth is True, and that the Truth to which I lift my mind and heart is True. And I AM that Truth; the Truth is ALL I AM.

Truth does not need to be defended. Truth IS. This, too, is a comforting thought. If I am defending something, anything, then what I am defending is not the Truth. Likewise, I do not need to defend who I AM; if I defend who I AM, I am defending something that is not the Truth, for the Truth of who I AM is True.

I Love the Truth of who I AM. I refuse to listen to those who would define me as other than the Truth of who I AM. It is this Self of Truth that I Accept and Love so deeply. It is All I AM. How can I not Love the Truth of My Self? How can I give other than the Truth of My Self? My Self is All there is, in Truth…

…Which is why when I give My Self to ALL in Truth, there can be only gratitude, for I am giving my Self (the microcosm of All) to My Self (the ALL, the Macrocosm of Being).


A new Journey begins every 8th week. The next Journey, Journey of Courage, will begin February 24, 2021. Consider joining me and others, live-in-person (via zoom), on the Journey. This is offered as a class through Evenstar Institute (INSTITUTE – Evenstar’s Chalice). I also provide classes for small pre-formed groups at special rates. Feel free to contact me with questions (about anything!):, or call or text: 908-256-2521.

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