Swaha! Journey of Gratitude. 04.08.06

Guiding Thought

When I look within and see the radiance of Love, I remember my wholeness. I am wholly loving and wholly loveable. In the purity of Love lays peace, which I share with all in gratitude.


I am working on this “whole and wholly” thing. Love is only whole. Love is only pure. Love is only peace.

Anything else is not Love.

Any mental/emotional/psychic feeling or thought that feels disturbing is not love.

Therefore: let those go.

“Swaha” is the Sanskrit word used for releasing thoughts/emotions to God. It is sometimes translated as “Yours, not mine”.

God can only transmute lower energies when we give permission: Swaha.

Anything we give to God, God will transmute into its highest form, its highest expression. Swaha.

Let everything be released to God, for its transmutation into highest form and expression. Swaha!

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