Everything is New (almost) 04.08.08

Guiding Thought

I seek only to Love in Unity. Love is Pure in Oneness. Let me Love All including myself in Oneness, that I may Know gratitude as the result of Being Whole in Love.


I really have forgotten how these Journeys go. You would think that after doing them for 6 years I would have this down.

Everything is new.

And this is a lesson that I have repeated over and over and over. New moment. New river. New self. New interactions. New thoughts. New relational aspects between inner and out.

Everything is new.

This is the basis for “the only constant is change”.

I am never the same person as I was even a moment ago. None of what I am seeing or experiencing is the same as a moment ago.

Except Love.

Love is the unifying constant. It is the undertone of all activity. The source and supply that weaves together the substance. When my outer experiences are chaos or disharmonious, I focus on Love. It carries me from one moment to the next.

# A new Journey begins every 8th week. The next Journey, Journey of Courage, will begin February 24, 2021. Consider joining me and others, live-in-person (via zoom), on the Journey. This is offered as a class through Evenstar Institute (INSTITUTE – Evenstar’s Chalice). I also provide classes for small pre-formed groups at special rates. Feel free to contact me with questions (about anything!): susan@withpearls.com, or call or text: 908-256-2521.

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