Love’s Assurance. Journey of Gratitude. 04.08.10

Guiding Thought

Love is always with me. I focus my whole Self on being entirely with Love. I tune out distractions and place my entire focus on simply being with the Love that is always with me. This is the return. This is eternal Comfort and Peace: Being with Love, as Love is with me.


Love isn’t just always with me. Love is always me. In other words, Love and I are never separated. And if I feel like I am separated from Love, that’s on me. I’m the one who has not accepted fully myself as Love, or is unable to Know myself as Love.

I love this particular Guiding Thought. It reminds me that Love is always with me. No matter what. And when I Know that…really Know that, This is the return. Return to Love, return to Self.

And then…we begin the next round, which begins with a statement about remembering your Self. How great is that? This Guiding Thought tells me how to remember myself (knowing that Love is always with me, that Love and I are never separate), and the next one directs me more specifically to remember the Truth of who I am—Love.


A new Journey begins every 8th week. The next Journey, Journey of Courage, will begin February 24, 2021. Consider joining me and others, live-in-person (via zoom), on the Journey. This is offered as a class through Evenstar Institute (INSTITUTE – Evenstar’s Chalice). I also provide classes for small pre-formed groups at special rates. Feel free to contact me with questions (about anything!):, or call or text: 908-256-2521.

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