Journey of Courage, Why? 04.09.00

Of course everything changes! …In relative reality.

In relative reality there is dualism: subject-object, within-without. If the within isn’t changing, the without is and vice versa.

But relative reality is a distorted expression of Truth! It has no inherent existence. And Ultimate Reality is Oneness. Love. Equality, beyond dualism…inclusive of the relative reality.

I Am that Truth. I am Love. I am One.

The more Truth of I Am that I BE the more I experience the unchanging Oneness and Equality of Love.

Consistency is a quality of Ultimate Reality , Oneness. Inconsistency is the experience of relative reality, the ever-changing movement of the mind and its perceptions and grasping (within) and consequent experiences (without).

In the face of relative reality’s accusations and threats of so-called inconsistencies I must have the courage to face those accusations and threats… And see them for what they are … Fears of a little, lower mind of relative reality… Fears from a little, lower mind that cannot find footing in an ever-changing world of its own creation. So that in the face of relative reality I stand in Truth, the Oneness of Love, my Self, I Am.

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