Committment and Dedication. 04.09.0

A commitment sends the message to the universe “I am ready to do this! Bring it.” The universe says “okay”, and does. The intensity of this response from the universe is in direct proportion to the intensity of your commitment (in my experience).


I am committed to working on myself in relation to my partner, through Journey of Courage. I am committed to spiritual honesty: communicating what is appropriate in a respectful manner. I’m committed to patience and gentleness with myself, my partner, and the relationship. I am committed to feeling, and to transmuting ego into love, compassion, and kindness. To this end, I am committed to contemplating the Guiding Thought for the day for a minimum of 5 minutes and writing for a minimum of five minutes.


I dedicate this journey to Archangel Raphael. It is only God who heals. Mentally, emotionally, physically. God is love. Love heals. God is One. Oneness is the “solution” to separation. Separation is the root of the need for healing.

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