Courage, now. Please? 04.09.05

Guiding Thought

I am ready and willing, here and now, to be courageous. I release my minds idea of security, of “right” and “wrong”. I allow my personality to dissolve and to become One with the Love that it IS, everywhere. All false boundaries evaporate like mist in the sun as I devote myself to the Oneness of Love.


This guiding thought feels like it’s all about letting go of ego

I sure feel at the moment the need for courage to release ego security which revels in the right wrong dichotomy.

Releasing into oneness, allowing Love does/must dissolve dichotomies. Love and Oneness dissolve the ego. This takes courage because the ego wants to hold on. Wants to be right. Wants to make the other wrong. Wants to assert. Wants to win. Wants to dominate. Wants to survive.

I have this internal struggle going on right now about a specific situation. I can feel how it takes courage to let the struggle go. Let go the need of right or wrong. Staying in the struggle, buying into an argument around right and wrong feels so (dare I say) natural. Wanting to correct. Wanting to set the record straight. Wanting to defend, through attack.

But no! Courage!

Have the courage to deny these false boundaries that set up one opposed to other. Have the courage to embrace just the One, Love.

I devote myself to the Oneness of Love. This is a very powerful statement at the moment. And I ask Love to support me.

Rooting (not the cheerleading kind) Out. 04.09.04

Guiding Thought

I am safe and divine loves assurance. I have the courage to face the ignorance and delusions within me and root them out. I allow the light of love to enter my mind and heart Divine love shines within me, destroying anything false, transforming me from within.


What is divine Love’s assurance? See day three: unconditional love, unconditionally devoted. This is encouraging, to face my ignorance and illusions. I’ll be loved in my imperfections, loved through my imperfections.

What are some of my current ignorances and illusions?

  • That I am a victim of my own life
  • That I am not good enough to be loved- wanted-cared for.
  • that unless I behave in a way that “others” love they will not love me. In other words, I need to do/be certain ways/things in order to be lovable

There. Those have been rooted out… at least this layer of them.

And now, I allow the light of Love (assured in unconditional love) to enter my mind and heart (…visualizing…) seeing that light shine within me, entering all atoms particles waves within me. Watching it transform ignorance and illusion of anything unlike itself into itself

Ignorance means darkness, literally. Neural pathways literally light up with information. When light shines it destroys or transforms that darkness.

On the Verge. 04.09.03

Guiding Thought

Love is unconditional. I choose to be unconditionally devoted to the Love which is unconditionally devoted to me I embrace life in Love as my True Nature. Connected with all in Love I stand boldly in my heart center, unwavering in my dedication to Unity of Life in Love.


I feel like I’m on the verge of really getting this. Not quite there, but close! I can see where it’s leading me, still up ahead. The point?

  • When I identify with love
    • only love and
    • when I dedicate/devote my life (actions, thoughts) to that identity of love as love
  • I am being/living not only my highest truth
    • but the Truth of Love
    • The Truth of Connection
    • The Truth of Unity

This however takes boldness and courage.

Impassible. 04.09.02

Guiding thought

when I attuned my mind to the Oneness that is all of life, I understand my place and wholeness. I am the very presence of life, and this presence of life is me. I am blessed through this understanding. In return, I bless all I encounter.


How do I attune my mind to the Oneness that is All of Life? Everything else is contingent on this, and if I don’t know or understand how to do this, the rest of the Guiding Thought feels nonsensical, irrelevant. Without attunement to Oneness:

  • I don’t understand my place in Wholeness.
  • I can’t comprehend that I am the very presence of life, and vice versa.
  • I don’t feel blessed, since there is no understanding.
  • I can’t bless all I encounter because I am not first-blessed.

How do I get past the very first sentence in a productive way?

Love is Never Painful. 04.09.01

Guiding thought

Life is a process of self-discovery. I embrace All of Life, for All of Life is who I AM. As I embrace life as myself, I come to understand life as me. Life embraces me gently and joyfully in return.


Life is definitely a process of self-discovery. It’s not, however, feeling very gentle or joyful. It’s hard to think about embracing all of life when there are parts that feel so painful. Two thoughts come to mind. First there is Big Life and little life, just as there is Higher Mind and lower mind. These correspond respectively with Ultimate Reality and relative reality. Big Life contains little life and little life contains Big Life. It’s all One, just depends on where you’re sitting, what perspective you have.

Each contains the other; All is contained in One.

The second thought is that Love is never painful. The absence of Love is what is painful. Or, rather, the perception of the absence of Love is what is painful. But (behold the underlying truth!) Love is all there is. If love is not perceived, it produces a state that does not exist (to paraphrase ACIM).

Note on healing: healing is the release, transmutation, of the ego– the little self– that thinks it can usurp the power and presence of Love.

“Not mine, yours.” I offer my ego for transformation, Swaha!