On the Verge. 04.09.03

Guiding Thought

Love is unconditional. I choose to be unconditionally devoted to the Love which is unconditionally devoted to me I embrace life in Love as my True Nature. Connected with all in Love I stand boldly in my heart center, unwavering in my dedication to Unity of Life in Love.


I feel like I’m on the verge of really getting this. Not quite there, but close! I can see where it’s leading me, still up ahead. The point?

  • When I identify with love
    • only love and
    • when I dedicate/devote my life (actions, thoughts) to that identity of love as love
  • I am being/living not only my highest truth
    • but the Truth of Love
    • The Truth of Connection
    • The Truth of Unity

This however takes boldness and courage.

Impassible. 04.09.02

Guiding thought

when I attuned my mind to the Oneness that is all of life, I understand my place and wholeness. I am the very presence of life, and this presence of life is me. I am blessed through this understanding. In return, I bless all I encounter.


How do I attune my mind to the Oneness that is All of Life? Everything else is contingent on this, and if I don’t know or understand how to do this, the rest of the Guiding Thought feels nonsensical, irrelevant. Without attunement to Oneness:

  • I don’t understand my place in Wholeness.
  • I can’t comprehend that I am the very presence of life, and vice versa.
  • I don’t feel blessed, since there is no understanding.
  • I can’t bless all I encounter because I am not first-blessed.

How do I get past the very first sentence in a productive way?