Rooting (not the cheerleading kind) Out. 04.09.04

Guiding Thought

I am safe and divine loves assurance. I have the courage to face the ignorance and delusions within me and root them out. I allow the light of love to enter my mind and heart Divine love shines within me, destroying anything false, transforming me from within.


What is divine Love’s assurance? See day three: unconditional love, unconditionally devoted. This is encouraging, to face my ignorance and illusions. I’ll be loved in my imperfections, loved through my imperfections.

What are some of my current ignorances and illusions?

  • That I am a victim of my own life
  • That I am not good enough to be loved- wanted-cared for.
  • that unless I behave in a way that “others” love they will not love me. In other words, I need to do/be certain ways/things in order to be lovable

There. Those have been rooted out… at least this layer of them.

And now, I allow the light of Love (assured in unconditional love) to enter my mind and heart (…visualizing…) seeing that light shine within me, entering all atoms particles waves within me. Watching it transform ignorance and illusion of anything unlike itself into itself

Ignorance means darkness, literally. Neural pathways literally light up with information. When light shines it destroys or transforms that darkness.

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