Repetition’s Usefulness -Fulfillment (1.6.15)

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Guiding Thought

In Divine Mind, you are filled full! All are equally filled full. All are equal in Love. Fill your mind with thoughts of fulfillment and remember what you already know. Be determined to fulfill your purpose, to know your Self as Divine Love, and to share the fullness you are.


Sometimes this feels so repetitious. I know that’s the point to some degree: hearing the same thing in different ways for various brain-pathways to be activated all around the same topic, increasing the brain capacity and energy allocated to that particular topic.

And I know that another reason to repeat a concept through different words is to encourage the feeling of the words. Anyone can intellectualize an idea over and over and over, but if it does not seep in deeper–to the feeling level, to the level of being an innate, natural response–it is not going to be that person’s lived reality.

That’s the point of the repetition, of approaching a topic (like Fulfillment) from various perspective, through different lenses, with different words. It’s to encourage me/you to live the words.

To live a life of Fulfillment.

Fulfillment lives with us, whether we know it or not. Fulfillment is ours, immediately, every moment. If there is any thought of someone else having more than you, or something being inadequate or insufficient in your life, then there is something in your consciousness that is filtering out your All-sufficiency, your total overflowing fulfillment.

It’s your responsibility to find those blocks in your filters and clean them out, so that all the Fulfillment that is there, waiting for you, will flow into your life.

This also means checking yourself and stop falling into patterns of envy, guilt, blame, or shame. If any of those feelings are in your life–either giving or receiving them, and you don’t have the Fulfillment that you want, those patterns are a good place to begin cleaning out.

There’s never a reason for guilt. You are forgiven, and thereby innocent…right now, and always.
There’s never a reason for blame. Everyone else is forgiven, and thereby innocent…right now, and always.
There’s never a reason for shame. Everyone is perfect…beautifully, divinely perfect.
There’s never a reason for envy. There is enough for everyone, always. Including you. In Divine Order, through Divine Love, for Divine Purpose.


Easier -Fulfillment (1.6.12)

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Guiding Thought

Invite, welcome, and receive the effects of Divine Love now… and be truly grateful. Experience Divine Mind as you experience these effects; allow Divine Presence to confirm itself in your life, activities, and affairs.


Here’s the sequence:

You invite and welcome Divine Love to enter your life, and be willing to let it operate in your life.

The final sentence of a prayer of Saint John Damascene says this, “But on me a sinner, show the wonder of Thy mercy; in this reveal Thy love for mankind, lest my wickedness prevail over Thine ineffable goodness and merciful kindness; and order my life as Thou wilt”. (emphasis mine).

When you sincerely invite Divine Love to enter your life, be prepared for your life to change. Anything that is not of, in, by, and through Love in your life will be turned upside down, emptied, burned away so that Love may enter purely.

I often say, “I have to remember that I asked for this”. If you are asking for Love, it will come. It may not (at first) feel warm and fuzzy. It may feel chaotic, tumultuous, confusing. Hang in there–that’s Love clearing you out. I recommend breathing a lot, and having some affirmation, prayer, or meditation that you can turn to in an instant to remind you to let go of everything. When you consciously participate in letting go in the moment, every moment, that makes Love’s work faster, and you can get through it (to the warm and fuzzy….) faster.

You: be truly grateful.

This is especially important to remember as/if you experience what I mention above. Be grateful for everything.

YouExperience Divine Mind as you experience these effects.

As often as you can, acknowledge Divine Mind working in your life. Especially after you have asked Divine Love to enter.

Look for instances of Love, acts of kindness, grace, beauty. Set your mind to seeing Love operating in your life. If you can, see everything as Love operating in your life.

Do your best. Find your gratitude, even if it’s by wrote, or by repetition, or totally in your head, or rehearsed. Say small “thanks” throughout the day. Do it for everything. Acknowledge. Acknowledge. Acknowledge.

This brings you more to be grateful for.

All of these add up to: allow Divine Presence to confirm itself in your life, activities, and affairs.

You lay the groundwork.

You set the stage.

You keep the channel clear for Divine Love to work in you and through you.

Divine Presence cannot confirm itself in your life, activities, and affairs unless you have done the work so that It wants to express itself in you and through you.

The good news is, once you have some repetition with this:

invite and welcome — be truly grateful — Acknowledge. Acknowledge. Acknowledge — invite and welcome — be truly grateful — Acknowledge. Acknowledge. Acknowledge — invite and welcome — be truly grateful — Acknowledge. Acknowledge. Acknowledge.

You create this pattern in your consciousness, which gives momentum to the energy behind the Presence of Love, which makes it easier (yes, it gets easier) to be in Love, allow Love, and experience Love’s confirmation of your hard work.


Extension of Reality -Fulfillment (1.6.6)

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Guiding Thought

Why would I choose to limit my Self? To limit my reality? All of reality is mine, and mine to give! In giving and sharing, my joy increases, expanding my Love, expanding Life!


The first sentence today is both rhetorical and impossible.

It’s rhetorical because the obvious answer/response is: I wouldn’t choose to limit myself. 

It’s impossible because your Self cannot be limited by you, by anyone.

This goes back to the discussion on day four and difference between “you” and “You”–your lower (personality) self, and your Higher (Divine) Self.

“You” (your lower, personality self), can try to limit your Self. And it can succeed in your experience of It, but not in the reality of It. You experience your Higher Self through the filters your lower self has put into place. Your lower self dictates its own experience of your Higher Self, and since it is both the developer, architect, and construction worker, it also puts into place the idea that it (your lower self) is the reality of you. Then it believes what it has made.

Once you begin to make decisions that recognize the reality of You (i.e. once you begin to wake up to the Truth of your Self), you begin to see where the lower self has made decisions about your experience of the Reality of your Higher Self without you even knowing it. This is “how” you can think that you can limit yourself.

The Truth is: All of reality is yours, and is You. That is…Real reality, not the so-called reality that your lower self has developed and constructed as its own kingdom that it rules.

The way you prove the reality of your Self is by giving and sharing it. You cannot give something you do not have. You have everything in Reality. You can give everything in reality without sacrifice to either your self or your Self (but your self can feel threatened  by lack and limitation, scarcity and not-having enough).

When you give and share from Reality, your joy increases, and expands your Love, expanding Life! This is because you are sharing what is Real, what is Constructive, what is created in Love, with Love, by Love, for Love.


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Doing Without Doing -Fulfillment (1.6.3)

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Guiding Thought

What is fulfillment but knowing my Self as an expression of Divine Love? My Self wills to create! My Self wills to share! My Self wills to extend itself! My fulfillment is creation; my joy is sharing; my peace is extension.


Again…today I feel in perfect alignment with my initial approach to the Journey. This has never happened before: I have never begun a Journey feeling like I’m in sync with mySelf. All other Journeys, it was like mySelf wrote the Why–with very high expectations and standards–and I then had to pedal really fast to catch up to it.

When I said a few days ago in the Why, “I must do nothing. In order for Divine Perfection to work in Its time, I need not interfere: I must do nothing, and in doing nothing All is well”, the subtext of that was that I must not do something with the intention that it has specific results.

Let me give a very simple example. If I read an article that says kale is a superfood, and that in order to rid my body of every possible known toxin, I must eat kale…and then I go out and buy a bunch of kale, and eat it every day in order to rid my body of toxins….  What I have done is given my actions a meaning. All my actions (including my thoughts) which are associated with kale have the intention that I rid my body of toxins. My actions take on a meaning that I have ascribed to them, with results that I have decided I want. This is doing something.

The alternative (doing nothing) is to remove decisions about what something means or does not mean, to remove doing things in order to achieve a result, and to not prejudge how I desire an action to turn out.

This is the actionless action, the doing without doing. I still take actions. I still work, eat, watch TV, play with my cat (who happens to be very unhappy right now, since I gave him a crushed up pill in his food, and he made it very clear how it smelled, when he covered it up, refused to eat it, and has been complaining for the past 10 minutes.) But I do not try to determine what the actions mean, or the result they will bring in advance.

I’ve been “practicing” this for about two weeks. It’s not easy. First I have to notice when I have a motivation. Then I have to either a) get clear to remove the motivation or b) decide not to take the action, that has a specific motivation behind it. So far, usually, it’s been easier to go with b). I am not yet good enough at this to know when I have cleared my motivation enough to take action without having it.

But I’ve also had new awareness and action. There are now more times when I am acting without thinking. I skip the mental option of motivation or intention altogether, and simply do something. What is interesting to me is that many of the actions I have done in this “state” have been things that are “of mySelf”. They have been things that are creative, expressive, and embodying my Divine Presence.

They have also been things that will increase my awareness and expression of my Inner Divine Presence, which will be experienced as peace, love, joy, gratitude.

I am suddenly reminded of these two Guiding Thoughts, from previous Journeys:

Increasing my thoughts of Love and my attitude of service dispels all fear of lack and limitation. As I serve more people with Love, money and wealth flow abundantly to me. I use money and wealth with love and wisdom to create a life I love through my highest vision. (Journey of Abundance days that end in 6)

I awaken to my Inner Divine Mind and invite It to express itself as every person and event that will increase my awareness of It. (Journey of Purpose, days that end in 5)

You see, I have been working on creating, sharing, and expanding (as in today’s Guiding Thought). I find it very fascinating how a Journey of fulfillment is bringing Abundance and Purpose together for me…without me doing anything!

Love to you, dear ones. Walk your path! Love yourSelf. Be your Self.


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I AM, but who am I? -Abundance (1.5.39)

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Guiding Thought

Divine Abundance expresses infinitely through my own Divine Presence. When I identify with my Divine Presence, I open the floodgates and Divine Abundance flows naturally, easily, and effortlessly through me, materializing all good in my life and affairs.


I am my I AM Presence.

I am my Christ Presence.

I am my Divine Presence.

Koham?” is Sanskrit for “Who am I?”

The answer to this question is “Soham“, which means “I am That“. “That” means the Self of the self, the Universal Self, the Christ Self. I am the “That” which is everywhere, and belongs to everyone; the oneness of humanity, Love, the Oneness of All that Is.

My Divine Presence is the abundance of the universe, because I am that universe, and that universe is me.

All I have to do is understand this…and be it. 

It sounds so simple. It feels so right…and at that level of feeling right, it makes so much sense.

All I have to do is be it. Then, effortlessly, the floodgates open.


Because I AM that abundance and that abundance is me.

I think the part that trips me up is a language/concept problem, having to do with I.

When people say “I”, their reference–for most people, most of the time–is the non-Divine I, the non-Christ-Presence-I. It is the I which identifies with a single body, instead of with the Universe, or ALL “bodies”; it is the I which identifies with being time-bound (and associated with that single body, which lives and dies), instead of with Eternity; it is that I which thinks of itself, instead of Its Self.

So that when people say, “I am >fill in the blank<“, their identity is with that lower/smaller/lesser I.

Even when people say: I am my I AM Presence. I am my Christ Presence. I am my Divine Presence, their concept of is with that lower/smaller/lesser I.

The whole point of saying/thinking I am my I AM Presence or I am my Christ Presence or I am my Divine Presence is to shift our concept of “I”.

To think about “I” in these terms– “I” am all that is. “I” am the Presence of Love. “I” am the very Divine Presence– means to identify with that which lives in everyone, and is present here, now, in this body, through this body, as this body, living in time and space, yet not of time and space, living through this body, but not being this body.

Do you see?

You are not that body. You are not those thoughts. You are not those feelings. You are your Divine Presence. You are the presence of Love that fills the universe. The universe is also the presence of Love, which fills you, which fills itself. We are. We are ALL. Always. Now. Forever. Here. Everything. Love.

You are the Love -Abundance (1.5.38)

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Guiding Thought

My mind and heart focus entirely on the Divine Presence I am. I think, I speak, and I act in accordance with Divine Will, releasing Divine Substance into all my activity and ordering all my financial affairs.


Focusing on the Divine Presence I am is another way of saying to focus on the Divine Presence within. Everything God is, you are. Everything God has is yours. God only wants for you to be Truly Happy–and Truly Happy means living in Love and with Love, sustained by Love, and giving Love.

Love is Divine Will. Love is what you are. Love is your Divine Presence.

To align with Divine Will is to align with what you are. Aligning with Divine Will is aligning with your own Divine Presence.

When you live this truth…then you don’t have to think about speaking or acting in accordance with Divine Will. You are already realized in Divine Will, as Love. You are It, It is you. You are Divine Love, as fire is hot.

This is your natural state. This is what you were born to.

You are the substance of Love. When you “release” that substance (or, in other words, when you be your Self), Love is literally what creates all the other substance you experience. because Love can only create as Love, with Love.

You are that Love. Feel It. Know It. Be It.

Fig Tree and Mountain -Abundance (1.5.37)

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Guiding Thought

My consciousness is the gateway through which Divine Love flows, materializing my infinite Supply. I am now conscious of my own Inner Divine Presence—Infinite Love—expressing through me, providing me with the means to be aware, to understand, and to know It as my Self– more and more!


For assuredly, I say to you, whoever says to this mountain, ‘Be removed and be cast into the sea,’ and does not doubt in his heart, but believes that those things he says will be done, he will have whatever he says. Therefore, I say to you, whatever things you ask when you pray, believe that you receive them, and you will have them. (Christian Bible, Mark 11:23, 24)

I was thinking about the fig tree earlier today, (the verse immediately preceding the above, in which Jesus withers the fig tree on command…), and how it relates with abundance.

I am sure I am not the only one to ask, “how does this stuff (Jesus’ miracles) work“? Faith the size of a mustard seed…speaking…believing in one’s heart….believing you have received what you ask for…people puzzle over these, and how they work together (I don’t know of a better phrase), to accomplish such things as Jesus did. What does it take? How did He do it?

As an aside…has anyone ever wondered why Jesus withered the fig tree, instead of asking it to produce figs for him? I mean, if he can feed the thousands on a few loaves and fishes, he can make a fig tree produce figs, right?

One thing I realized, when thinking about the fig tree and the mountain, is that Jesus spoke directly to the fig tree and the mountain. Just like when He raised Lazarus from the dead–he spoke to Lazarus. He did not speak to God; he did not ask God to wither the fig tree; he did not say to his disciples, “ask God to move the mountain for you”; he did not ask God to raise Lazarus. This is a clue that I have never before considered. His directive is to speak, as though commanding, to the person, tree, mountain, or situation.

[Which, BTW, makes me wonder about the loaves and fishes…did he actually command them to multiply, and we just don’t get that side of the story? or was his prayer, and asking for God’s blessing of the loaves and fishes, the vehicle for that miracle?]

Having “no doubt” in the heart comes first–having faith, then the words. I think what actually happens, internally, is that when there is faith, everything else just flows naturally. Faith is the power: it’s the power behind the speaking, it’s the power behind the command; it’s the power to not even have to consider what to say or how to say it. Faith is the knowing confidence that directs words through you, so you don’t even have to think. When you have faith, you don’t need to formulate a command, it just flows out of you, because what you know in your heart (and here’s the kicker) is aligned with the Will of God, and when it flows out of you, it produces the results that you’ve spoken because those results are Divine Will.

And this is how it fits with Journey of Abundance: Aligning the consciousness with Divine Love brings a person closer to the Truth–Divine Will. When that person is aligned with Divine Love and Divine Will, those things materialize easily, naturally, and infinitely.

“I” am the vehicle through which Divine Love and Divine Will flow. This is how I “know” It as my Self–It comes through me, but is not me, but “I” must create the conditions for It to come through me.