You are the Love -Abundance (1.5.38)

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Guiding Thought

My mind and heart focus entirely on the Divine Presence I am. I think, I speak, and I act in accordance with Divine Will, releasing Divine Substance into all my activity and ordering all my financial affairs.


Focusing on the Divine Presence I am is another way of saying to focus on the Divine Presence within. Everything God is, you are. Everything God has is yours. God only wants for you to be Truly Happy–and Truly Happy means living in Love and with Love, sustained by Love, and giving Love.

Love is Divine Will. Love is what you are. Love is your Divine Presence.

To align with Divine Will is to align with what you are. Aligning with Divine Will is aligning with your own Divine Presence.

When you live this truth…then you don’t have to think about speaking or acting in accordance with Divine Will. You are already realized in Divine Will, as Love. You are It, It is you. You are Divine Love, as fire is hot.

This is your natural state. This is what you were born to.

You are the substance of Love. When you “release” that substance (or, in other words, when you be your Self), Love is literally what creates all the other substance you experience. because Love can only create as Love, with Love.

You are that Love. Feel It. Know It. Be It.

Fig Tree and Mountain -Abundance (1.5.37)

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Guiding Thought

My consciousness is the gateway through which Divine Love flows, materializing my infinite Supply. I am now conscious of my own Inner Divine Presence—Infinite Love—expressing through me, providing me with the means to be aware, to understand, and to know It as my Self– more and more!


For assuredly, I say to you, whoever says to this mountain, ‘Be removed and be cast into the sea,’ and does not doubt in his heart, but believes that those things he says will be done, he will have whatever he says. Therefore, I say to you, whatever things you ask when you pray, believe that you receive them, and you will have them. (Christian Bible, Mark 11:23, 24)

I was thinking about the fig tree earlier today, (the verse immediately preceding the above, in which Jesus withers the fig tree on command…), and how it relates with abundance.

I am sure I am not the only one to ask, “how does this stuff (Jesus’ miracles) work“? Faith the size of a mustard seed…speaking…believing in one’s heart….believing you have received what you ask for…people puzzle over these, and how they work together (I don’t know of a better phrase), to accomplish such things as Jesus did. What does it take? How did He do it?

As an aside…has anyone ever wondered why Jesus withered the fig tree, instead of asking it to produce figs for him? I mean, if he can feed the thousands on a few loaves and fishes, he can make a fig tree produce figs, right?

One thing I realized, when thinking about the fig tree and the mountain, is that Jesus spoke directly to the fig tree and the mountain. Just like when He raised Lazarus from the dead–he spoke to Lazarus. He did not speak to God; he did not ask God to wither the fig tree; he did not say to his disciples, “ask God to move the mountain for you”; he did not ask God to raise Lazarus. This is a clue that I have never before considered. His directive is to speak, as though commanding, to the person, tree, mountain, or situation.

[Which, BTW, makes me wonder about the loaves and fishes…did he actually command them to multiply, and we just don’t get that side of the story? or was his prayer, and asking for God’s blessing of the loaves and fishes, the vehicle for that miracle?]

Having “no doubt” in the heart comes first–having faith, then the words. I think what actually happens, internally, is that when there is faith, everything else just flows naturally. Faith is the power: it’s the power behind the speaking, it’s the power behind the command; it’s the power to not even have to consider what to say or how to say it. Faith is the knowing confidence that directs words through you, so you don’t even have to think. When you have faith, you don’t need to formulate a command, it just flows out of you, because what you know in your heart (and here’s the kicker) is aligned with the Will of God, and when it flows out of you, it produces the results that you’ve spoken because those results are Divine Will.

And this is how it fits with Journey of Abundance: Aligning the consciousness with Divine Love brings a person closer to the Truth–Divine Will. When that person is aligned with Divine Love and Divine Will, those things materialize easily, naturally, and infinitely.

“I” am the vehicle through which Divine Love and Divine Will flow. This is how I “know” It as my Self–It comes through me, but is not me, but “I” must create the conditions for It to come through me.


Freedom -Abundance (1.5.23)

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Guiding Thought

We fill our minds and hearts with Love, aligning with the Light of Truth. Steadfast and focused on our own Loving Presence, we live in the peace of fulfillment of our own Divine Identity.


Divine Identity wants for nothing,

needs for nothing.

Divine Identity is its own fulfillment,

being All.

Being All, It has All

to give.

With All to give,

it holds nothing.

All flows through It

freely, unfettered, unbound.

What is freedom?


My own loving Presence as my Divine Identity

Being All

Having All

Giving All.

To All.



Absolute Consciousness, Infinite Fulfillment-Abundance (1.5.21)

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Welcome to Round 3!

If you’re new to this process, this is where “I” and “you” become “WE”! (See this page, under the heading “Four Rounds”, for more information about how the Guiding Thoughts change this round).

Guiding Thought

Divine Love-Light is the Source of All. It is all good, all God. This Source is always seeking expression through us. Our awareness of our personal identity as this Source provides us with infinite fulfillment and prosperity.


How have you been doing? We are half way done! Whoo hoo! Congratulations. Have you been intent and intense? Barely scraping out each day?  A little bit of both? Doing the best you can, regardless? That’s all you need do; the doing is the practice, the doing is the being, the doing is the becoming.

Do you find that odd, that I just said, “the doing is the being”?  Are you wondering how I can equate doing and being? Isn’t doing what people are trying to get away from? –getting more toward a human being, rather than a human doing?

Being does not mean “doing nothing”. Being means doing with pure consciousness.

And there are two meanings there: 1) doing in conjunction with Pure Consciousness (the chit in Satchitananda), 2) doing while maintaining a state of Pure Consciousness. The first is awareness in cooperating with All that is. The second is embodying the Knowledge of yourself, while holding the Knowledge that All is One.

Sat Chit AnandaSat is that never changes, Truth, Absolute Being. Chit is consciousness. Ananda is bliss. Absolute Bliss Consciousness.

One point of remarkable interest to us, Absolute is a direct experience to us. Absolute is a living reality to us.

Now, how could Absolute be experienced? The word “Chit”, consciousness, rescues the experience of Absolute. If absolute were not Chit or Consciousness, it could not become a living reality. ~Maharishi Mahesh Yogi (emphasis mine)

Applying this to the Guiding Thought:

Divine Love-Light is the Source of All. It is all good, all God. 

The Absolute. 

This Source is always seeking expression through us.

How do we express? Thoughts. Actions. Words. Feelings.

Thus, the Absolute expresses itself in our thoughts, words, feelings, actions. 

Our awareness of our personal identity as this Source provides us with infinite fulfillment and prosperity.

This culminates in the essence of Satchitananda: Awareness (chit) of our union with the Absolute (sat) expresses through us as infinite fulfillment (ananda).



Imagine the Possibilities -Abundance (1.5.18)

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Guiding Thought

Focus your mind and heart entirely on the Divine Presence you are.  You think, you speak, and you act in accordance with Divine Will, which releases Divine Substance into all your activity and orders all your financial affairs.


Just the other day I learned from a friend that all she’s ever wanted to be is a wife and mother. She’s 26, and had her share of ups and downs with men, and the questioning, doubting, self-effacing scenarios that go with any break-up, but are compounded with “bad” break-ups. Needless to say, she was a bit down about her prospects for a time.

About a year ago (she was single at the time), she made a decision. She was going to act, everyday, as though she is the woman she will be on her wedding day. (What a clear and relate-able way to talk about being-becoming! Thank you!)

The qualities that she decided to embody were things like integrity, care, love, support, deep fulfillment.

So for the past year, she has been being those qualities: waking up in the morning reminding herself to be those qualities; approaching every situation as the person who loves and is loved, is caring and cared-for, is supported and supportive, who lives a life of integrity and fulfillment; going to bed, reflecting on where she excelled, and where she fell short and committing to do better the next day.

This story is the perfect parallel to the Guiding Thought. Though, instead of acting everyday as the woman or man you would want to be on your wedding day, think of acting everyday as though you already are your own Divine Presence. Embody it! Be it! Become It.

What would those qualities be? How would you act? How would you respond to people? How would your voice sound? What ideas would you have? How would your posture be? How would you be?

I wish I could tell you that the end of my friend’s story is that her boyfriend proposed to her, and she has a wedding date….that would be a perfect ending to this, but no. She has not had a steady boyfriend over the past year.

Until now. Yes. They have been good friends for several years, and now he’s moving here from more than 1500 miles away, for unrelated reasons. But those unrelated reasons brought him here!!! OH the possibilities.

And imagine the possibilities that will open up when you decide to embody your Divine Presence.



I Am Becoming -Abundance (1.5.13)

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Guiding Thought

Fill your mind and heart with Love, and align with the Light of Truth. Be Steadfast and focused on your own Loving Presence; live in the peace of fulfillment of your own Divine Identity.


I wonder what’s next for me?

I wonder this on many levels.

  • What’s next for my personal growth? I’ve been going through some personal growth (inter-relational stuff) for the past 6 years, that all has been very difficult; but I think I am through it, finally–and so much the better for it! What’s next!?
  • What’s next for my spiritual progress? My spiritual advancement has grown it seems by leaps and bounds in the past two years–first my mundan, then my 40-days of fire ceremony to the Divine Mother, now another 40-days of fire ceremony to Haidakhan Babaji and the Divine Mother; I recognize myself as spiritually fulfilled–which only began after the mundan. And I am now recognizing that fulfillment in others more and more.
  • What’s next for my service projects?  What’s next for my abundance growth?  My service projects are bringing me a different kind of fulfillment–and I think they are leading me toward my next abundance growth-spurt. So much of my wondering, doubting, thinking about “when will this happen” has just dropped away–it’s no longer in my mind.
  • What’s next for my healing? I am on a really good track with my healing; I’ve been eating kitchari almost daily, and my body has been very appreciative.
  • What’s next for my learning?  I’ve come to a bit of a lull with my learning (learning fire ceremonies took a lot!), but I am anxious to see what captures my fancy next.
  • What’s next for my Love? One of my most beloved pets died about 18 months ago; then another died about a year after that. There was a void that I was not ready to fill. Then, over the summer, the Universe decided to fill it for me: a kitten was abandoned in my garage. It took about 5 weeks for him to trust me enough for me to pet him, but now (8 weeks after he first showed up), he is in the house as family. What new Love will this little guy teach me?

I am wondering these things, because I’ve already come so far. Part of the wondering is “what could be better than this”? “If I’ve gotten here, how much more amazing can I have in my life”?

I now live, most of the time, in the space of always having my mind and heart filled with Love, aligned with the Light of Truth. I falter now and again–like earlier today, when I was tired and hungry, and felt cranky…but it rarely lasts very long.

I feel like I can see through the mud of material reality. I can see (or sense) the spiritual reality that enlivens everything, that exists as everything, that calls to everyone and lifts us up to Itself.

Be steadfast and focused on your own Loving Presence; live in the peace of fulfillment of your own Divine Identity. It happens. I’m here to tell you. Stay steady, seek ye first the Kingdom, and all will be added unto you.

I’ve not arrived; I am becoming. And it’s getting really fun to watch.


Namaste -Abundance (1.5.12)

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Guiding Thought

Choose now to expand your consciousness and open your heart to Divine Love’s flow within you. Realize your own Divine Presence. Know God as the Source and Fulfillment of all your good.


“Namaste” (pronounced Nah-mah-stay) is a Sanskrit word that means “I honor you” or “the Divine Presence in me honors the Divine Presence in you”.

Namaste was imported to the United States with other traditional Hindu practices like yoga, chanting, and meditation.

As a white person, born and raised in the United States, I am going to make the claim we don’t get it. White people–or any person–socialized in the superficial, consumer-driven, materialistic United States do not get it.

Namaste, like yoga, chanting, or meditation in India, is part of a multifaceted philosophy, medicine system, culture, spirituality, and way of life. Like so many things appropriated by (predominantly white) people in the United States, the (very deep and traditional) meaning of Namaste (which is accompanied by a feeling deep in the heart) has been sterilized, made into a superficial trend, and been completely disconnected from its essence, its heart, its dynamic-presence lived every day in a culture that is thousands of years old.

We (people born and raised in the United States…) don’t know any better. This is our culture, borne out of centuries of white-European patriarchal imperialism and colonization: seizing and appropriating other cultures is kind of the white-European thing.

And, we can stop. (Yes, we can). The problem with appropriation is not (IMHO) the fact of the appropriation–cultures and societies have integrated, meshed, and blended for as long as there have been people in societies. The problem is with the mind-set of dominance and the accompanying dilution of the culture and the traditions being dominated.

Namaste is the case in point. Americans think Namaste is just a word. But it’s not just a word. It is a feeling of deep respect offered to another. This feeling comes out having self-respect, so that when one says, Namaste (“The Divine in me honors the Divine in you”), the feeling accompanying the word is the sharing of this knowing and understanding of the Divine within. If you can’t feel it, you’re not using the word with its intrinsic depth and meaning.

Cultivate that sense of feeling in your heart, in your mind. Expand your awareness of the Divine within. Connect to your Inner Divine. Then, and only then, say “Namaste”.