Every One of Us –Journey of Courage 02.09.15

Guiding Thought

Be ready and willing, here and now, to be courageous. Release your mind’s idea of security, of “right” and of “wrong”. Allow your personality to dissolve and to become One with the Love that Is, everywhere. All false boundaries evaporate like mist in the sun as you devote yourself to the Oneness of Love.

Contemplation / Reflection

Be ready and willing, here and now, to be courageous – sometimes it feels like just getting out of bed each morning is courageous!  Despite making plans and having “to do” lists, one never really knows what opportunities for courage will present themselves on any given day. If I think about the potential threats in each day, I can be overwhelmed. It takes courage and trust to get on an airplane and travel in a silver bullet hurtling 500 miles an hour a mile or more above the Earth. It takes courage to cross the street, trusting in each driver to heed the speed limits and stop lights. It takes courage to eat a meal, given all we hear about what’s “good” to eat and what’s hazardous. Face it, being alive is a courageous act! Then I think about the fact that EVERY ONE OF US living on this planet today, or who has ever, or ever will live, is indeed, a courageous warrior. What is “security”? Thinking that we are fearful, timid, weak individuals, that is a big pile of “false boundaries”. We are courageous daughters and sons of an incomprehensible and beautiful creative source. How can we, how can I, not want to dance in the rain and sing in the sunshine that showers Lovingkindness on us all. How can I not bow in love and awe to every one of my sisters and brothers who, just like me, has the courage simply to BE here, to be alive, to laugh, to cry and to love on this precious blue planet?

Guest Contributor Mary Wallace






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Again and Again –Journey of Courage 02.09.11

Guiding Thought

Life is a process of Self-discovery. Embrace All of Life, for All of Life is who you are! As you embrace Life as your Self, you come to understand Life as yourself. Life embraces you gently and joyfully in return.

Contemplation / Reflection

Several years ago I participated in a number of “personal growth” trainings and workshops. At the time, after years involved in these activities, I sincerely thought, “I got it”. After all, I’d walked on fire, broken a board with one stroke of my hand, spent days in silent retreat, laughed, cried, shouted out any anger within and learned to love the least attractive (to me) person in the group, and to love myself.  What more was there?  I’d done it! Ah, the ego speaks! It wasn’t long before I learned the lesson of this Guiding Thought, Life is a PROCESS of Self-discovery. You don’t get to do it just once and be done with it.  Because the only thing permanent is change, that means I also change, day-to-day or minute-by-minute. And that change is what All of Life is, everything around me, and me. To me, it’s like the idea of “enlightenment”. Maybe I’m not really “there” at all, but it seems to me that even an enlightened state is a process. Does it happen just once and last a life-time? Or does it happen again and again, what it means to be enlightened changing from moment to moment just like everything else in life? Now there’s another question I don’t truly have an answer to. So I continue to embrace Life’s process of Self-discovery, like taking this Journey of Courage. Today, it truly is a joyful journey, Life embracing me joyfully and lovingly. If I continue to rejoice in the ups and downs, the struggles and frustrations, I learn (again and again) to love the Journey itself.


Guest Contributor Mary Wallace






Journey of Courage is now available as a free book.
You no longer need to wait for the Guiding Thoughts to be posted here daily–you may move at your own pace. This link will take you to the document in Dropbox; you may download it from there.

Become a Guest Contributor
If you think you might possibly like to be a guest contributor at some point for a future Journey (taking your next courageous step!), as Mary is doing now, please email me: susan@withpearls.com. We can talk. Smooth. Easy. No pressure. Just take that step and we’ll see how it goes from there.

“Just” a cup of coffee –Journey of Courage 02.09.05

Guiding Thought

I am ready and willing, here and now, to be courageous. I release my mind’s idea of security, of “right” and of “wrong”. I allow my personality to dissolve and to become One with the Love that Is, everywhere. All false boundaries evaporate like mist in the sun as I devote myself to the Oneness of Love.

Contemplation / Reflection

Wait, what?  Allow my personality to dissolve?!  But then I won’t be ME! Now that DOES take courage! When I look at a tree, I ask, “what part of that tree is the tree? Is it the branch? Is it the trunk? Is it the roots, or the soil, or the sun, or the water that nourishes it? Is a cup of coffee “just a cup of coffee”, or is it the beans, the water, the barista that brewed it, the machine it was brewed in, the workers at the plantation that grew it, the workers that lovingly nurtured it, the trucker that transported it?

From this perspective, the entire universe dwells within “just” a cup of coffee. Or “just” a tree.  Similarly, I MUST have the entire universe dwelling in “me”.  I am the result of every person I encounter, every experience I have, every certainty and doubt I hold.  When I allow myself this broader perspective, I can see that allowing my personality to dissolve invites the universe of Love to express through me.  It’s like engaging with these daily Guiding Thoughts.  I can “force” myself to do this “homework”, grudgingly.  I prefer to read the Guiding Thought the day before providing a response to it.  Then, I just let the Guiding Thought percolate throughout the day. As a result, as much as possible, I can allow my personality to dissolve, and present a response that is neither “right” nor “wrong”, but simply the response that wells up from a place of Oneness with Love that is within me.


Guest Contributor Mary Wallace





Journey of Courage is now available as a free book.
You no longer need to wait for the Guiding Thoughts to be posted here daily–you may move at your own pace. This link will take you to the document in Dropbox; you may download it from there.

Become a Guest Contributor
If you think you might possibly like to be a guest contributor at some point for a future Journey (taking your next courageous step!), as Mary is doing now, please email me: susan@withpearls.com. We can talk. Smooth. Easy. No pressure. Just take that step and we’ll see how it goes from there.

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Every thought, word, action or feeling we express affects the whole of Creation –Gratitude 2.8.34

Guiding Thought

Through gratitude, my consciousness of Love expands, connecting me with All. Gratitude increases my awareness of unity; gratitude shows me our Wholeness. Gratitude is the bridge to knowing others as my Self. What a gift you are!

Reflection / Contemplation

I mentioned recently that I’ve been reading the Saint Germain I AM Discourses. Through this reading, I’ve been reminded repeatedly of the work done by the man who inspired these Journeys, John Randolph Price.

Though there is much in the Discourses that I find inspiring, the thought about decreeing something through the I AM Presence is the one I am currently associating with Mr. Price.

In The Abundance Book, Mr. Price is very clear that at the beginning of the 40 days, one should make a forceful declaration to end poverty consciousness, and to establish a consciousness of abundance:

On this day, I cease believing in visible money as my supply and my support, and
I view my current world of effect, as it truly is simply an out picturing of my former beliefs. I
believed in the power of money, therefore I surrendered my God-given power and authority
to an objectified belief. I believed in the possibility of lack, thus causing a separation in
consciousness from the source of my supply. I believed in mortal man and carnal conditions,
and through this faith gave man and conditions power over me. I believed in the mortal
illusion created by the collective consciousness of error thoughts, and in doing so, I have
limited the Unlimited. No More! This day I renounce my so-called humanhood and claim my
divine inheritance as a Being of God. This day I acknowledge God as my supply and my

No more! No more.

I feel like this is where I’m at. No more. Let us be done with nonsense of cruelty, of pettiness, of greed, of vanity, of power over others. Let us empower each other. Let us be kind to each other. Let us meditate together on the highest possible ideas and ideals that we can in every possible moment. Let us share; let us take care of each other, the earth and all her creatures and flora.

From this day forward, let us decree that our own, individual consciousness (and thus the consciousness of Humanity), which used to be focused continually on conflict, fear, and antagonism, will flow in a new direction—toward peace, harmony, divinity and spirituality.

If you do not feel like your consciousness has these impressions, then decree this for the world consciousness, because I hope you can’t deny that you see it “out there”.

Let us decree this transformation in consciousness is manifest. Energy accumulates where we direct our attention, and the energy of consciousness causes everything to take shape.

As we meditate together today for a world free from conflict and discrimination, free from injustice and oppression,  a world filled with love, respect, and gratitude toward one another and toward all life on Earth, we join in consciousness with millions and millions of people around the world doing this work in their own way.

Let us be the wave of concentrated energy working for the transformation of Humanity’s consciousness. Let us awaken peace, harmony, and gratitude within all Human Beings.

You are probably already doing this work. Thank you for that. Thank you for being here. Thank you for being the Love Presence you are. I cannot express how grateful I am for you.



Implement THIS. –Gratitude 2.8.28

The last time I did this Journey was 2 years ago. On this day (day 28), the very first thing on the page–even before the graphic–is this:

“You don’t make progress standing on the sidelines, whimpering and complaining. You make progress by implementing ideas”.  Shirley Chisholm

Amen, Shirley Chisolm! Just yesterday I made the same call to all y’all–and to myself! I guess I am glad I have a consistent message 😉

Guiding Thought

We seek only to Love in Unity. Love is Pure in Oneness. We Love All, including ourselves, in Oneness, that we may Know gratitude as the result of Being Whole in Love.

Reflection / Contemplation

Remember: You. Are. Love. Implement that .

Anything less than Love is a betrayal of yourself, your Self. Diminish not your Self, by being less than You ARE.

This >less than< is not just your natural identity.

It is your responsibility, honor, and obligation, to be the Love you Are.

“But that sounds so boring, so >ugh< tedious, so responsible. I don’t waaaant to be so bogged down, tethered to obligation. The next thing is you’re going to say it’s my duty >bleck<“.

I hear you. Really I do.

But your definitions are upside down if you think that living as your Divine Self could ever, in any way be tedious, boring, or could bog you down. And, I get that you’re not there yet–well…I’m not there yet. So, yes, sometimes I feel how tedious it is, how hard it is to be spiritually responsible–especially in a world where so many people are spiritually-ethically-humanly irresponsible. I mean, just yesterday I was all in the “how hard this is” and “how we have to push through” mode. I get it.

But I also know: Being your Self is your Joy. Fulfilling your Divine Purpose is a gift. Following the Higher Will Within leads you on a care-free path.

How do we implement Being the Love we Are, when we are not there yet, when it still feels tedious, with only moments of glimmering joy, beautiful harmony, and peaceful flow?

I can only answer for myself, but I hope that this might resonate with you.

First, I keep the faith. There is a higher purpose. Love and Light is my/your/our reality. We are fulfilling something Divine and Beautiful right here, right now, together.

Second, I work at acceptance and forgiveness. That is: acceptance of my True, God reality, and forgiveness of myself when as I experience/create anything that is not up to the standard of my True, God reality. In other words: I keep my sight on the highest, divine ideal, and forgive myself when I have mis-created. This is not about accepting miscreations. You deserve All Good, All God–all Love, all Health, all Prosperity, All Harmony…If you are not experiencing those things, then you are miscreating. The more you accept your miscreations, the more strength they have. Deny your miscreations. Accept only your True God reality. But forgive yourself along the way 😉

Third, I take time to meditate, and focus on that True God reality. More than these Journeys, I spend time in meditation and prayer. Stay focused. Keep feeding yourself the Truth. Loosen the knots in your mind that bind your thoughts to the lower self, on the lower aspects of existence. Keep your mind on the highest thought you can, as often as you can, every moment. What is that thought for you? For me, it varies. Most often, it is “Om Namah Shivaya”, but sometimes it is, “I love you, God” and sometimes it is, “I trust you, God”, and sometimes it is “Thy will be done”. Keep several High thoughts in your arsenal. Pull them out regularly. Implement them. That means: just think those thoughts. You control your mind. Choose your thoughts. Keep those thoughts running through your mind, over and over and over. (discipline. yes.)

Peace and love to you. With all my heart.


Journey of Gratitude– Why? (2.8.0)

Greetings in Love and Light! Welcome to a new year.

Today begins Journey of Gratitude. Let’s go! I’m glad you’re here. I’m glad I’m here. I am already so thankful to be here, with you now, doing this work.

Think and write about why you would like to spend 40 days thinking about, contemplating, and practicing gratitute. Feel free to share with me privately by email, or publicly below.


Back in December, during Journey of Rest, I was having intense waves of gratitude almost daily. I would think about my life, about the support and love that I have, about my relationship with the Great Mystery; I thought about Jesus and what He brought into the world; I thought about being a drop in an infinite ocean, aware of itself, of the ocean, and of its relationship with all the other drops; I would think about how beautiful this life is, the inter-connectivity of everything, and how amazing and wondrous it all is,  and I would (sometimes) just weep with love and joy at how thankful I felt.

At that time, I recognized how gratitude was a doorway for Love. If I didn’t feel Love, I could focus on feeling thankful, and then Love was a breath away.

I thought, “I got this. Journey of Gratitude is going to be so easy. Do I even need a Journey of Gratitude? I just need to stay in this space forever!”

But you know, “this too shall pass”. I usually say that when something is a struggle, but really, it’s true otherwise, as all things are impermanent and changing (until we realize and live our True, eternal selves, anyway).

For the life of me, I have not been able to re-capture that intense feeling of gratitude since around December 23 (right before Christmas). I’m not saying that I haven’t felt thankful. But there’s a difference in mental-practices of gratitude and recognizing things to be thankful for, and the kind of gratitude that overwhelms with emotions of love and joy so much that tears flow.

I think my experiences in December (pre-December 23) were the teaser. “You see? This is what is possible. Are you there yet? No? Keep going.”

So here I am, an ideal in mind as a carrot on a stick, slogging toward it.

I knew I was going to have to write Why today, and I’ve been thinking and thinking about where I’m at with this, juxtaposing my recent loving/joyful gratitude experiences with how I actually feel right here right now.

It would be a cop out to say simply, “I want to work toward that (the ideal, mindlessly following a carrot on a stick). Yeah. It is that, but it’s also more than that.

I want to open my heart to expand in giving and receiving more love.
And gratitude does that.

I want to be of True Service–recognizing and living in the space of knowing what an honor (and responsibility!) it is to serve All in Love.
And gratitude does that.

I want to serve joyfully, inexhaustibly, according to my True, Highest Purpose.
And gratitude does that.

I want to remember my commitment–remember what I really want–which is to continue reaching every day, every hour, every minute with 100% of my being toward Infinite Love and Light.
And…I’m not sure if gratitude does that, but I’m going to treat this like an experiment to find out.


Tomorrow is the commitment and dedication! Then we start the 40-days of contemplation. Remember with this Journey  to get out your crayons, markers, pencils, and get ready to draw/create. Gratitude is especially pre-disposed toward the right/creative/aesthetic brain.




Working Toward Embodying Light -Fulfillment (1.6.40)


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Guiding Thought

I am light. My body is light. I am free. I know my fulfillment: I feel it rise within me, expand out from me.


Welcome to day 40! How did you do? Were you consistent daily? Did you contemplate your ideal (or the Guiding Thought) for at least 5 minutes per day? Did you dig deep, expand your self-knowledge, and learn about how you approach life? Whew. That’s a lot to do and expect of yourself. If you did anything at all toward self-awareness, and learning about how you choose to live life…give yourself a hug, or at least a pat on the back. You’ve done some good work. Now it’s time to take a break. Breathe for a few days, normalize a bit, then take some time to read back over what you have written over the past 40 days, and reflect on where you were, where you are, and what you think you learned over the course of this Journey. I’ll do the same. But now…day 40!

Just in the past two weeks, I’ve been trying some new things to increase my inner-light-awareness.

I have always wanted to be light. I used to–and I suppose I still do–draw myself with so much inner light that it radiates outward everywhere. I used to feel the light bubble up within me, and flow out my eyes and hands. I’ve always believed somewhere deep down, that I am light. Of course, I’ve had to reconcile this with my experience of being a dense, 3rd-dimensional, material body/person…which is what I live with day after day after day… yet for some reason, I still think I am light. I think some how, some way, I can be light, not this heavy, dense, material body. So today’s Guiding Thought has special significance for me–I’ve been working at this since I was a teenager!

I am not daunted that I haven’t figured it out yet. I will. We all will, sooner or later. I just keep working at it and trying stuff.

So in the past two weeks, I’ve started taking a fish oil that is high in anti-oxidants, which is supposed to cleanse (de-calcify) the pineal gland. There are those who believe the pineal gland is the seat of the third-eye, the spiritual eye. It is the seat of true vision, manifestation, and higher communication. Apparently, things like chlorine, fluoride, and bromine calicify the pineal gland and inhibit its proper function. So I’m trying it out. It’s only been a few days, and I have nothing to report, but if all goes well, my third eye will open and I will be that much closer to giving/receiving light!

Secondly, I’ve been carrying around crystals. I have this beautiful quartz crystal that fits across the palm of my hand (about 4″ x 1.5-2″)–and I can wrap my fingers around it…So I’ve been carrying it, sleeping with it. This behavior is not completely new; I’ve had this crystal for over two decades, and it accompanies me during certain times in my life.

Finally, I’ve been sleeping with music which entrains the mind with delta brainwaves. That’s “just” a sleep entrainment, nothing fancy–no binaural beats or subliminal affirmations, but since cleaning the pineal gland is supposed to open the vision/dreaming faculty, I figure better sleep won’t hurt.

All of this is to continue progressing upward. Call it frequency, call it sound, call it light, call it vibration, call it consciousness, call it what you will. It’s about embodying more and more energy, love, and light. Being able to handle it and then radiate it.




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