Fig Tree and Mountain -Abundance (1.5.37)

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Guiding Thought

My consciousness is the gateway through which Divine Love flows, materializing my infinite Supply. I am now conscious of my own Inner Divine Presence—Infinite Love—expressing through me, providing me with the means to be aware, to understand, and to know It as my Self– more and more!


For assuredly, I say to you, whoever says to this mountain, ‘Be removed and be cast into the sea,’ and does not doubt in his heart, but believes that those things he says will be done, he will have whatever he says. Therefore, I say to you, whatever things you ask when you pray, believe that you receive them, and you will have them. (Christian Bible, Mark 11:23, 24)

I was thinking about the fig tree earlier today, (the verse immediately preceding the above, in which Jesus withers the fig tree on command…), and how it relates with abundance.

I am sure I am not the only one to ask, “how does this stuff (Jesus’ miracles) work“? Faith the size of a mustard seed…speaking…believing in one’s heart….believing you have received what you ask for…people puzzle over these, and how they work together (I don’t know of a better phrase), to accomplish such things as Jesus did. What does it take? How did He do it?

As an aside…has anyone ever wondered why Jesus withered the fig tree, instead of asking it to produce figs for him? I mean, if he can feed the thousands on a few loaves and fishes, he can make a fig tree produce figs, right?

One thing I realized, when thinking about the fig tree and the mountain, is that Jesus spoke directly to the fig tree and the mountain. Just like when He raised Lazarus from the dead–he spoke to Lazarus. He did not speak to God; he did not ask God to wither the fig tree; he did not say to his disciples, “ask God to move the mountain for you”; he did not ask God to raise Lazarus. This is a clue that I have never before considered. His directive is to speak, as though commanding, to the person, tree, mountain, or situation.

[Which, BTW, makes me wonder about the loaves and fishes…did he actually command them to multiply, and we just don’t get that side of the story? or was his prayer, and asking for God’s blessing of the loaves and fishes, the vehicle for that miracle?]

Having “no doubt” in the heart comes first–having faith, then the words. I think what actually happens, internally, is that when there is faith, everything else just flows naturally. Faith is the power: it’s the power behind the speaking, it’s the power behind the command; it’s the power to not even have to consider what to say or how to say it. Faith is the knowing confidence that directs words through you, so you don’t even have to think. When you have faith, you don’t need to formulate a command, it just flows out of you, because what you know in your heart (and here’s the kicker) is aligned with the Will of God, and when it flows out of you, it produces the results that you’ve spoken because those results are Divine Will.

And this is how it fits with Journey of Abundance: Aligning the consciousness with Divine Love brings a person closer to the Truth–Divine Will. When that person is aligned with Divine Love and Divine Will, those things materialize easily, naturally, and infinitely.

“I” am the vehicle through which Divine Love and Divine Will flow. This is how I “know” It as my Self–It comes through me, but is not me, but “I” must create the conditions for It to come through me.


Giving Beauty to God -Abundance (1.5.34)

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Guiding Thought

Divine Love is infinite. Therefore, my Source and Supply are infinite. As I increase my consciousness of my Inner Divine-Love Presence as my Source and my Supply, money, wealth, and prosperity increase in my life experience—and I use that money, wealth, and prosperity to fully express my Inner Divine-Love Presence.


Every morning during this Journey, I have been doing a fire ceremony in the Haidakhan Baba tradition to begin my day. The overall tone of the fire ceremony is praise, devotion, and giving up ego. To this end, there are prayers with accompanying offerings to the fire.

With most of the prayers, the offering is ghee, or butter from which the dairy solids have been removed. But there is one point in which flowers are offered.

Image result for zinniaAt the beginning of the summer, I planted zinnias in my garden. I’ve never really had a flower garden (I’m more of a vegetable person), and I’ve never planted zinnias. But for some reason, this year, I decided I needed zinnias. This was before I began doing these fire ceremonies.

Before the ceremony, there is preparation. One thing to prepare is the flower offering. Each morning, I go out to pick one or two zinnias, one or two marigolds, and maybe a wildflower, blanket flower, or purple cone flower. But always at least one zinnia.

Image result for zinnia beeEvery morning when I pick the zinnia, I am thinking how beautiful these flowers are. I marvel at their form, their petals, the little yellow inner flowers, ringed by the larger pink petals. I watch the butterflies and bees enjoying them, and I am fully consumed by their beauty and the life they sustain.

One of these flowers is always offered to Haidakhan Baba, as part of the fire ceremony. I make sure to choose the “most” beautiful one to give to him–but since they are all beautiful, it’s an easy decision.

So, for 5 weeks now, I have been doing this: marveling at the beauty of the flowers, and offering that beauty to Babaji.

This morning, I realized the connection between this ritual and abundance: I want the abundance to give beauty to God. I want a beautiful home that I give/dedicate to God. I want a beautiful yard that I give/dedicate to God. I want my work to be beautiful and to give/dedicate it to God. I want everything I do to be beautiful, and I want to give this beauty to God.

This hearkens back (BTW) to Journey of Worth, in which one of the reasons for the Journey was to cultivate a life worthy of the Holy Spirit. Beauty is worthy of God, in the same way that the Holy Spirit deserves a life worthy of Him.

I have abundance issues, to be sure. I’ve been working on and through them for many years; this Journey is peeling another layer, so to say.

Beauty offered to God feels like a way for me to reconcile worldly things, “Not mine, yours”, with spiritual pursuits.

Nothing I have or own or do is mine. It is all given to God. If I think of it this way, that everything is God’s, then I don’t “have” anything. Nothing is “mine”, there is no “mine”. Everything that is already God’s can come through me, without me holding onto it, or wanting it. All of my “wanting” can be solely for the purpose of giving to God–releasing everything, and being the open door.

How this fits with today’s Guiding Thought:

Divine Love is infinite. Therefore, my Source and Supply are infinite. God is infinite. God is All-giving. It’s up to me to align my consciousness with that infinite Source and Supply. One way to do this is to remove all barriers to It, as it comes through me, and to do something with the wealth (in whatever form), as it comes through me that It would want done with that wealth. This is how money, wealth, and prosperity increase in my life experience, because I use that money, wealth, and prosperity to fully express my Inner Divine-Love Presence; I embody Love in the world, increasing True Wealth in the world and in my life experience.

Now I walk in beauty – beauty is before me – beauty is behind me, above and below me.

Swaha! -Abundance (1.5.32)

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Guiding Thought

I choose to expand my consciousness and open my heart to Divine Love’s flow within me. Realizing my own Divine Presence, I know God as the Source and Fulfillment of all my good.


Image result for superman christopher reeve



This is the (approximate) image that I have had lately about opening my heart.

It’s a bit corny for a spiritual journey, I know.

I see myself ripping open my chest, to expose my (energy) heart, as though it is growing too large for my chest to contain.

On the one hand, I have been feeling bombarded by emotion–some of which is “mine”, but a lot of it feels like it’s coming through me from the past, from my relatives, from other people, from the very air.

The emotion that is “mine” generally has to do with my relationship with God, and doing what S/He wants me to do: being assured that I am on the right path. These emotions generally are connected with letting go of ego/the lower self. It doesn’t matter what the specific emotion is (doubt, anger, confusion, etc), the overarching feeling is a ripping away. Imagine a child not wanting to go >wherever< and being dragged by the parent. That child is my lower self, the parent is God.

Despite all my asking for spiritual evolution, there are still parts of me (the child…) which cannot seem to let go, that want to stay stuck.


It’s only because of my persistent, consistent, heartfelt, sincere, intention and determination to evolve spiritually, that I am being blessed with this dragging-away of my lower self.

It does not always feel like a blessing, but it is.

The emotions that are not mine, sometimes take me a while to identify as not mine. I’ll be feeling an emotion intensely (most recently: lost, alone, unloved, confused about why I am not loved, not taken care of…), and at the same time thinking, “what is this?” because these emotions are not familiar to me–you know what I’m talking about? There are emotions that you are used to, patterns, if you will, that when you have them, you know what they are, and you know why you have them, so….no surprise. These emotions were a surprise. When I looked at them more closely, I realized they did not originate within me (i.e. this physical body, this personality as it has grown up as “me”), but I could see a family pattern of these emotions. So I did some ancestral healing.

The main thing I’ve been focusing on, to continue to open my heart, despite the intensity and tumultuous emotions is saying/thinking, “Swaha” or “Not mine, Yours”… in other words, giving everything to God. Continuously. Keeping my heart open to allow the flow, giving everything up, opening to more flow.

It really is a blessing….

Infinite Steps to Peel the Onion -Abundance (1.5.31)

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You’ve made it to Round 4, congratulations!

We are back to using “I” as the subject of the Guiding Thoughts. If you are new to the Journeys, please see this page for information about how and why the rounds change.

Guiding Thought

Divine Love-Light is the Source of All. It is all good, all God. This Source is always seeking expression through me. My awareness of my personal identity as this Source provides me with infinite fulfillment and prosperity.


Layers. You’ve heard about this right? …Spiritual growth is like peeling back the layers of an onion: once you get through one layer, it reveals the next layer, then the next layer, then the next, deeper and deeper. Or, maybe…

Spiritual growth is like peeling back the layers of an onion: because you may cry a lot.

Just a bit of humor there. I cry a lot…you gotta have some sense of humor about this stuff.

This is a direction that is inward…which is how I’ve always thought about the onion-analogy. You need “peel” and get through the surface-layers, before you can “peel” the layers underneath and dig deeply into core “issues” (or layers)… Here’s an example from my own life:

When I was a young adult, testing and trying relationships, I was not at all able to communicate my feelings. When someone asked me “how do you feel?”, I froze. I totally shut down. I remember in those youthful relationship experiments, this came up consistently. I would be asked “how do you feel”–and I am sure it came from a loving, caring place, but it felt like I was being asked a question which bombarded me with so much confusion and turmoil that I had no choice but to turn off.  It wasn’t like I meant to; it wasn’t like I was saying to myself, “time to cut this person off now!” My body/mind literally could not move or get past that question.

That was the very surface layer: having virtually no awareness why this was happening, not being able to do anything about it, and not understanding why it was happening.

The next layer was a small bit of self-awareness that if instead  of being asked “how do you feel?”, someone asked, “do you feel…>fill in the blank<?” I was able to acknowledge with “yes” or “no”. I still could not speak (still shut down), but at least I could identify that  I was feeling something, and what it was. This was tedious, but it was better than the previous scenario.

The third layer was, when I was in my mid-twenties, I began doing hard-core emotional work. It was the behavioral barometer that finally moved me into being able to a) self-identify a feeling and b) say the words.

Image result for behavioral barometer

Very briefly: on the right hand side of the barometer are words that correspond with emotional states. There is a process by which to link an emotional state with certain neurological patterns, which “lock” a person in that state, then release those patterns, freeing the mind/body/emotions from being locked.

The fourth layer was, after much Barometer work, I identified a specific situation when I was about 8 years old, in which I felt “unheard”, and in that moment, the pattern that got locked was, “if I’m not heard anyway, I’m just not going to talk”.  After releasing that pattern, I was able to learn to communicate my feelings–and that began peeling even further layers and releasing more emotional “stuckness”.

But that final release of that pattern, in recognizing its source, also did something else: it opened me up to positive growth. Now, I was not only continuing to peel back layers of deeper emotional stuckness, but I was also learning to express myself (the first positive layer), which opened the door to feeling heard and loved (the second positive layer), which opened the door to having more intimacy in relationships (the third positive layer), which opened up the door to even more love and intimacy.

This is how I see it:

If you would know infinity, take a step in every direction. ~ Goethe

There are infinite layers to infinite steps, all of which bring us one step closer to knowing the Source of All. The more steps we take, the more stuckness we can peel back, the more positive steps we can take forward, until we indeed are expressing Infinity through us, as our experience of fulfillment and prosperity.

The Simplest Wealth -Abundance (1.5.30)

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Guiding Thought

The Divine Presence of Love is the most natural energy in the world and beyond. Through the wisdom of Love, we understand Love as True wealth and an expression of our Divine nature, to be cultivated in consciousness, expressed, and shared. Our Love is infinite. Our wealth is infinite. We realize this as our reality and circulate wealth with joy and gratitude.


So much of this Journey–this time around–hones-in on beyond material abundance. It’s not about money. It’s not about stuff. It’s not about getting.

It’s about intangible, ethereal feelings, energies, and vibrations: Love.

It’s about what is already within: Love.

It’s about solutions to needs, wants, desires: Love.

It’s about fulfillment: the realization of Love. 

The answers are right here to be found by looking right here, in your heart. Open to It. Want It. Allow It. Give It.

Love is that simple.

How It’s Done -Abundance (1.5.29)

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Guiding Thought

Divine abundance expresses infinitely through our own Divine Presence. When we identify with our Divine Presence, we open the floodgates and Divine Abundance flows naturally, easily, and effortlessly through us, materializing all good in our lives and affairs.


This is an article written by Patricia Cota-Robles. I can’t stop reading it, and it has everything to do with abundance. She explains  what abundance is, what is needed, and why. The Journeys and the Guiding Thoughts are steps in the process she outlines below; they are ways to saturate your consciousness–all your thoughts–with powerful abundance ideas to replace old, worn-out poverty ideas. I hope you enjoy this article as much as I do:

I first became aware of how critically important it is to be fully present in the moment when I began to remember my purpose and reason for being on Earth. There was a moment in time when I knew through every fiber of my Being, that I AM a Child of God. In that same instant of Enlightenment, I also knew that was the Truth for every other Human Being. With that realization came the Inner Knowing that as a Child of God, there is a reason for my existence in this physical plane of Earth. As I focused on that Truth I asked my Father-Mother God for guidance, and the answer became abundantly clear.

As Children of God we have all been gifted with the creative faculties of thought and feeling. We have also been given the gift of Free Will. The original Divine Intent of those gifts, as well as our presence in the time and space constraints of a physical reality, is for us to learn how to use our Free Will and our creative faculties of thought and feeling to co-create with our Father-Mother God. The purpose and reason for our being is for us to learn to explore all of the patterns of perfection in the all-encompassing Causal Body of God. Then we are to use our Free Will to experiment with various aspects and combinations of those perfection patterns and create new, previously unknown, expressions of Divinity. That knowledge and skill of co-creation will allow us to expand the Body of God and the borders of Divinity for all Eternity.

Even though we lost our way for a while and fell into the abyss of separation and ignorance, our purpose and reason for being remains the same. Practically and tangibly in our everyday lives we are creating our own realities with every single thought, word, action or feeling we express. Being in the Eternal Moment of NOW, means that we perpetually monitor what we are energizing with the power of our attention. There is an expression that states, “The price for freedom is Eternal Vigilance.”

Daily and hourly, moment by moment, we must ask ourselves “What am I empowering with my thoughts, words, actions and feelings now? …and how about now?…and how about now?”

If what we are putting our power and attention into is not what we want to be creating in our lives, we need to ask ourselves, “What do I want instead?” Then, we need to put our attention on the vision of what we want, instead of what we do not want.

Everything is energy, vibration and consciousness. Whatever we put our attention on and whatever it is that we focus our thoughts, words, actions and feelings on, we bring into form. With this knowledge it is obvious that in order for us to change the things we do not like about our lives, we must change the way we are thinking, speaking, feeling and acting about those very things. In order to do that, we must be present in the moment.

At any given moment our lives are reflecting the sum total of every experience we have ever had since we were first breathed forth from the Heart of our Father-Mother God. For a particular situation to exist in our lives, such as poverty, disease, dysfunctional relationships or an unfulfilling job, it simply means that the Critical Mass (51% or more) of our energy, vibration and consciousness is sustaining that particular distorted pattern. In order to change the situation, we have to change the Critical Mass from poverty to abundance, from disease to vibrant health, from dysfunctional to loving relationships, and from unfulfilling to creatively rewarding jobs.

The first step to shift the Critical Mass is that we must create the vision of what we want in the way of abundance, health, love and fulfillment. Then we must energize that vision daily and hourly with our thoughts, words, actions and feelings.

Next we must Invoke the Divine Law of God’s Forgiveness and Transmutation, the Violet Transmuting Flame. As that Sacred Fire flows through the Divinity in our Hearts we must project It into every thought, word, action or feeling we have ever expressed in any time frame or dimension that conflicts with our vision. This process dissipates the distorted patterns and reduces the percentage of negativity as it increases the percentage of the positive energy patterns in our vision. The instant the vision is being empowered with the Critical Mass (51% or more) of our energy, vibration and consciousness, it will become a physical, tangible reality.

For all we know, that could take place with our very next breath!

Freedom -Abundance (1.5.23)

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Guiding Thought

We fill our minds and hearts with Love, aligning with the Light of Truth. Steadfast and focused on our own Loving Presence, we live in the peace of fulfillment of our own Divine Identity.


Divine Identity wants for nothing,

needs for nothing.

Divine Identity is its own fulfillment,

being All.

Being All, It has All

to give.

With All to give,

it holds nothing.

All flows through It

freely, unfettered, unbound.

What is freedom?


My own loving Presence as my Divine Identity

Being All

Having All

Giving All.

To All.