Golden Rule Specifics -Fulfillment (1.6.19)

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Guiding Thought

May those who seek, help others find;

May those who sorrow, be compassionate;

May those who are lost, light a path for another;

May those who question or doubt, give guidance;

May those who worry, lift the burden of another;

May those who hide, see their own light in the eyes of a stranger;

May you give peace, no matter what.


What do you want when you are seeking?

What do you want when you are sad (or lonely)?

What do you want when you are lost?

What do you want when you question or doubt?

What do you want when you worry?

What do you want when you are afraid of revealing yourself?

What do you want always, and forever?

I am not asking these questions rhetorically. Think about your feelings, and what you want in order to relieve that feeling. The examples in the Guiding Thought are meant to be both specific ways that you can act when you are feeling those emotions, and also springboards for you to come up with other ways to give when you are feeling certain emotions.

These are specific examples of the Golden Rule, “do unto others as you would have them do unto you”.

In order to fulfill the Golden Rule, you need to know for yourself what you would want someone to do unto you, so that you can then do that.

Go as deeply as you can into your feeling. Think about where it came from, and when you first started feeling that feeling. What does it relate to? Who was involved? Can you remember feeling that feeling at other points in your life? With other people? What did you want when that emotion was triggered, that you did not get? How did you then respond? Did your response soothe the situation or escalate it?

Most people today do not live by the Golden Rule. Instead, they live by the rule, “Do unto others as you think they have done unto you”. This means: if someone thinks they have been betrayed, they betray; if someone feels put-down, put-upon, or burdened, they treat someone with disdain, cruelty, or disrespect. The overarching theme is, “When I make you feel bad, I feel better”.

But the “feeling better” in this case is not a true feeling better. It’s a band-aid for deeper emotional hurt, a momentary salve to forget how deeply one is wounded.

The true healing comes when you give what you would want to receive. Remember, when you give something you are a) confirming that you already have it b) extending it, growing it, expanding it.

The good news is you can begin small, with people you don’t even know, just to try it out. If you are feeling lonely, and you wish for a true connection, go to the grocery store and give the checkout person a genuine smile; feel it from your heart, and make eye contact. You don’t even need to say anything… or if you say, “have a nice day” (again) feel the words genuinely in your heart, that is enough.

You and other people are not separate–if you are feeling something, then at some level everyone else is, too. You don’t need to know what to say to someone else. You only need to know what you would want to hear and say that.

You heal yourself, when you give to others what you would want to receive. When you heal yourself, you heal the world.


Where do you stand? -Fulfillment (1.6.16)

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Guiding Thought

Why would you choose to limit yourself? To limit your reality? All reality is yours, and yours to give. In giving and sharing, your Joy increases, expanding Love, expanding your experience of Life!


I have moments of being in love with some of the people I work with. Now is one of those moments. Every year at this time, I initiate a project and connect via email with about 75 people…we work on the project for about 7 months via email,  then go our separate ways until this time again next year. I’ve just sent that initiating email, and begun the re-connections. Each and every one of these people is so dear to me–so gracious, kind, and caring. I just love them ALL.

This is just one area of my work-life. Not all my work-related relationships are like this. I still work in an office-atmosphere full of ego and lower-minded pettiness–most of which I do well to avoid (keep my head down…do my job). The contrast is clear to me, though–what is possible, vs. what lower-minded-ego-assertion creates.

The first (loving my colleagues) is full of mutual respect, good/positive communication, caring about the work, cooperation, and a sense of personal responsibility. The second is full of undercutting, backstabbing, non-or-false-communication, competition, and blame.

What is ironic to me is that these are not two separate workplaces. It’s all the same place, just different personalities that create the two atmospheres and experiences.

It only takes a few lower-minded-ego personalities to depress the morale of a place…but it also only takes a few higher-minded, loving, positive personalities to raise it.

Most people are not one or the other. Most people are neutral, and just go with the dominant energy-force, swayed by whatever is in front of them Most people are asleep. Zombies. Unaware that they have a choice.

But everyone has a choice–and more and more people are waking up to that every day. The balance is shifting. More and more people are tired of the Debbie-downers, the competitive personalities that want to win, which means smashing anyone in their path.

I heard a great phrase today: be committed to the process, not to the result.

People who are committed to a result are usually committed to it because they see that result as something that is good for themselves, not for a group, not for another. The result they seek is selfish and self-serving.

People who are committed to a process encourage each other, share with each other, learn from each other–and use those dynamics to unfold a result, rather than impose a result.

So much more is possible with an unfolding–anything can happen, the possibilities are endless.

Do you see, in this extended example how love opens up interaction, communication, and relationships, and how ego-mindedness shuts it down? Do you see how people limit themselves when they don’t choose love? Do you see the possibilities that open up when people bring cooperation, good will, and helpfulness to work, and to relationships? Do you see how joy increases with love, how your experience of Life can increase with Love?

More and more people are waking up. More and more people are noticing the difference in a workplace when there is cooperation, or when there is competition. More and more people are choosing to be positive, to be uplifting, to not just go with the flow of the de-moralizers.

Where are you?

Easier -Fulfillment (1.6.12)

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Guiding Thought

Invite, welcome, and receive the effects of Divine Love now… and be truly grateful. Experience Divine Mind as you experience these effects; allow Divine Presence to confirm itself in your life, activities, and affairs.


Here’s the sequence:

You invite and welcome Divine Love to enter your life, and be willing to let it operate in your life.

The final sentence of a prayer of Saint John Damascene says this, “But on me a sinner, show the wonder of Thy mercy; in this reveal Thy love for mankind, lest my wickedness prevail over Thine ineffable goodness and merciful kindness; and order my life as Thou wilt”. (emphasis mine).

When you sincerely invite Divine Love to enter your life, be prepared for your life to change. Anything that is not of, in, by, and through Love in your life will be turned upside down, emptied, burned away so that Love may enter purely.

I often say, “I have to remember that I asked for this”. If you are asking for Love, it will come. It may not (at first) feel warm and fuzzy. It may feel chaotic, tumultuous, confusing. Hang in there–that’s Love clearing you out. I recommend breathing a lot, and having some affirmation, prayer, or meditation that you can turn to in an instant to remind you to let go of everything. When you consciously participate in letting go in the moment, every moment, that makes Love’s work faster, and you can get through it (to the warm and fuzzy….) faster.

You: be truly grateful.

This is especially important to remember as/if you experience what I mention above. Be grateful for everything.

YouExperience Divine Mind as you experience these effects.

As often as you can, acknowledge Divine Mind working in your life. Especially after you have asked Divine Love to enter.

Look for instances of Love, acts of kindness, grace, beauty. Set your mind to seeing Love operating in your life. If you can, see everything as Love operating in your life.

Do your best. Find your gratitude, even if it’s by wrote, or by repetition, or totally in your head, or rehearsed. Say small “thanks” throughout the day. Do it for everything. Acknowledge. Acknowledge. Acknowledge.

This brings you more to be grateful for.

All of these add up to: allow Divine Presence to confirm itself in your life, activities, and affairs.

You lay the groundwork.

You set the stage.

You keep the channel clear for Divine Love to work in you and through you.

Divine Presence cannot confirm itself in your life, activities, and affairs unless you have done the work so that It wants to express itself in you and through you.

The good news is, once you have some repetition with this:

invite and welcome — be truly grateful — Acknowledge. Acknowledge. Acknowledge — invite and welcome — be truly grateful — Acknowledge. Acknowledge. Acknowledge — invite and welcome — be truly grateful — Acknowledge. Acknowledge. Acknowledge.

You create this pattern in your consciousness, which gives momentum to the energy behind the Presence of Love, which makes it easier (yes, it gets easier) to be in Love, allow Love, and experience Love’s confirmation of your hard work.


Happy -Fulfillment (1.6.7)

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Guiding Thought

My joy unifies! Accepting my own joy—acknowledging it, sharing it, and expressing it—heals myself and others. To be wholly joyful means to be wholly love…means to be wholly my Self.



“Be a dynamo of irrepressible Joy!” ~Haidakhan Babaji

I’ve been pretty dang close to living in the reality of this Guiding Thought! I have been oddly happy lately. Oddly both in the quality of the happiness, and in how uncharacteristic it feels (I’m a very serious person, dontcha know).

The quality of the happiness has been what feels like a combination of energy, peace, and good will. Energy: have you ever watched a horse playing in a meadow on a cool morning, after eating breakfast?

Or watched a cat tearing it up, running and jumping all over the house?

Yeah, the energy feels like that, but totally infused with Peace, which adds a subdued, low-key overtone to the Energy. With all the messes in the world (hurricane and its aftermath, political mess, people so hateful and cruel…you know what I’m talking about), I’ve wondered how I can be so peaceful and happy. I should be covered up in worry, and uncertainty, and distrust, and doubt…but I’m not. I see it. I see the destruction. I feel for the people and the animals who were so affected by Florence, by the West Coast fires, by the Volcano…but I am also somehow peaceful about it…the kind of feeling like “all is well; all is as it should be”. If/when you really live from that space and believe that all is well and all is as it should be, there’s no reason to be disturbed or affected by what is going on around you.

Good Will I am loving people lately. Love as in just enjoying every person’s uniqueness; I see so much value in difference, and in everyone…because everyone is different. And because I have this feeling of loving a person just for being who they are, I also feel like I want that love to support and encourage them, just for being.

What I have been finding is that expressing and sharing this Joy, this happiness comes naturally when I really live in that space authentically. I don’t have to do anything to “make it happen”. I just have to continue doing what I am doing to keep the path clear for it to come out.

It is also seems to be naturally healing. People seem drawn to me more lately (I’ve had more lunch “dates” in the past couple months than I have in the previous year!), and I can tell that people gain something unspokenly positive, or uplifting when we interact. Again, it’s not like I am trying to do something, but people seem naturally more at ease (or peace), they smile quickly and easily, we talk, and really connect (not that superficial conversation stuff)… and I feel like all of this has become possible simply because I have been happy.


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Swaha! -Abundance (1.5.32)

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Guiding Thought

I choose to expand my consciousness and open my heart to Divine Love’s flow within me. Realizing my own Divine Presence, I know God as the Source and Fulfillment of all my good.


Image result for superman christopher reeve



This is the (approximate) image that I have had lately about opening my heart.

It’s a bit corny for a spiritual journey, I know.

I see myself ripping open my chest, to expose my (energy) heart, as though it is growing too large for my chest to contain.

On the one hand, I have been feeling bombarded by emotion–some of which is “mine”, but a lot of it feels like it’s coming through me from the past, from my relatives, from other people, from the very air.

The emotion that is “mine” generally has to do with my relationship with God, and doing what S/He wants me to do: being assured that I am on the right path. These emotions generally are connected with letting go of ego/the lower self. It doesn’t matter what the specific emotion is (doubt, anger, confusion, etc), the overarching feeling is a ripping away. Imagine a child not wanting to go >wherever< and being dragged by the parent. That child is my lower self, the parent is God.

Despite all my asking for spiritual evolution, there are still parts of me (the child…) which cannot seem to let go, that want to stay stuck.


It’s only because of my persistent, consistent, heartfelt, sincere, intention and determination to evolve spiritually, that I am being blessed with this dragging-away of my lower self.

It does not always feel like a blessing, but it is.

The emotions that are not mine, sometimes take me a while to identify as not mine. I’ll be feeling an emotion intensely (most recently: lost, alone, unloved, confused about why I am not loved, not taken care of…), and at the same time thinking, “what is this?” because these emotions are not familiar to me–you know what I’m talking about? There are emotions that you are used to, patterns, if you will, that when you have them, you know what they are, and you know why you have them, so….no surprise. These emotions were a surprise. When I looked at them more closely, I realized they did not originate within me (i.e. this physical body, this personality as it has grown up as “me”), but I could see a family pattern of these emotions. So I did some ancestral healing.

The main thing I’ve been focusing on, to continue to open my heart, despite the intensity and tumultuous emotions is saying/thinking, “Swaha” or “Not mine, Yours”… in other words, giving everything to God. Continuously. Keeping my heart open to allow the flow, giving everything up, opening to more flow.

It really is a blessing….

Enriching Life -Abundance (1.5.28)

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Guiding Thought

We focus our minds and hearts entirely on the Divine Presence within. We think, we speak, and we act in accordance with Divine Will, releasing Divine Substance into all our activity, ordering all our financial affairs.


I ran into an old boss today at the supermarket. She was my supervisor from 2003-2008, and the best boss I have ever had. She valued people; she understood how to bring out the best in people; she believed in encouraging people to become better colleagues to each, and better human beings in the world.

Right around 2008, leadership in the organization changed, and her boss (who valued her and supported her vision) was replaced by someone who did not have the same values and principles, someone who valued money and personal advancement over people and cooperative effort. Needless to say, work became very stressful for my former boss, and since then she has been up and down, and down and up,  trying to find a place where her strength and leadership style could be valued again.

As we were taking leave of each other today in the supermarket, she said, in her resilient and tenacious spirit, “We just rise…again and again…”

I have known several people–myself included–who have been bullied and beaten down by bosses who cannot seem to fathom the value of employees, the value of people, the value of relationships. I feel sad for this state of the world (but I feel like it is beginning to sigh its final breath); I feel angry that people don’t know how to treat other people; I feel sad for all of the really good people I know who have experienced this.

But I cannot, I refuse to, believe that this is our future.

There are way too many people out there making changes, doing the work, being kind, building relationships. Just today, I found these folks, who look absolutely amazing:

I know that over the past week or so, I’ve diverged from the topic of abundance in my writings. At first, I thought I was totally off base, and that I should try harder to stay on topic.

But that’s not how the Journeys work. The writing (this) is about what is inspired within, what wants to come out and be expressed, regardless of whether it is on topic or not.

Because it’s always on topic. These things come out for a reason. You may not know it when you’re writing, you may not understand today, but everything is connected, and there’s a reason that your mind/brain prompts you in certain directions.

Here’s what I currently think about my so-called off-topic musings: The world is changing…big time. There are a lot of beliefs, behavior patterns, systems, structures, etc., that are passing; they are dying, and they are fighting against their inevitable death knell. What we are experiencing is this final fight before their end.

This has to do with abundance because so many of those dying patterns have to do with greed, corruption, selfishness, pettiness, domination, and abuse…and it’s those patterns that are dying, to be replaced with new patterns of cooperation and community, appreciation for diversity, love of life and all that entails, sharing, helping, caring, and building sustainable systems that support and encourage these values.

Abundance is so much more than money or wealth, and I think that is what I’ve been getting at over the past few days. Everything that enriches life is abundance. And that’s where we are headed.


I Am Becoming -Abundance (1.5.13)

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Guiding Thought

Fill your mind and heart with Love, and align with the Light of Truth. Be Steadfast and focused on your own Loving Presence; live in the peace of fulfillment of your own Divine Identity.


I wonder what’s next for me?

I wonder this on many levels.

  • What’s next for my personal growth? I’ve been going through some personal growth (inter-relational stuff) for the past 6 years, that all has been very difficult; but I think I am through it, finally–and so much the better for it! What’s next!?
  • What’s next for my spiritual progress? My spiritual advancement has grown it seems by leaps and bounds in the past two years–first my mundan, then my 40-days of fire ceremony to the Divine Mother, now another 40-days of fire ceremony to Haidakhan Babaji and the Divine Mother; I recognize myself as spiritually fulfilled–which only began after the mundan. And I am now recognizing that fulfillment in others more and more.
  • What’s next for my service projects?  What’s next for my abundance growth?  My service projects are bringing me a different kind of fulfillment–and I think they are leading me toward my next abundance growth-spurt. So much of my wondering, doubting, thinking about “when will this happen” has just dropped away–it’s no longer in my mind.
  • What’s next for my healing? I am on a really good track with my healing; I’ve been eating kitchari almost daily, and my body has been very appreciative.
  • What’s next for my learning?  I’ve come to a bit of a lull with my learning (learning fire ceremonies took a lot!), but I am anxious to see what captures my fancy next.
  • What’s next for my Love? One of my most beloved pets died about 18 months ago; then another died about a year after that. There was a void that I was not ready to fill. Then, over the summer, the Universe decided to fill it for me: a kitten was abandoned in my garage. It took about 5 weeks for him to trust me enough for me to pet him, but now (8 weeks after he first showed up), he is in the house as family. What new Love will this little guy teach me?

I am wondering these things, because I’ve already come so far. Part of the wondering is “what could be better than this”? “If I’ve gotten here, how much more amazing can I have in my life”?

I now live, most of the time, in the space of always having my mind and heart filled with Love, aligned with the Light of Truth. I falter now and again–like earlier today, when I was tired and hungry, and felt cranky…but it rarely lasts very long.

I feel like I can see through the mud of material reality. I can see (or sense) the spiritual reality that enlivens everything, that exists as everything, that calls to everyone and lifts us up to Itself.

Be steadfast and focused on your own Loving Presence; live in the peace of fulfillment of your own Divine Identity. It happens. I’m here to tell you. Stay steady, seek ye first the Kingdom, and all will be added unto you.

I’ve not arrived; I am becoming. And it’s getting really fun to watch.