The Gift of Life -Abundance (1.5.9)

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Guiding Thought

Divine Abundance expresses infinitely through my own Divine Presence. When I identify with my Divine Presence, I open the floodgates and Divine Abundance flows naturally, easily, and effortlessly through me, materializing all good in my life and affairs.


After my reflection yesterday, I had a further insight. Yesterday, I wrote about how service and gratitude make the most sense.

Today, I realized that those two things are my priority right now. All I want is to serve and to be grateful.

What do service and gratitude have to do with abundance? On the surface, not a whole lot.

It’s what I have gratitude for and what (or how) I want to serve that have implications with abundance.

  • I have gratitude for my very existence.
  • I have gratitude for life, and all my experiences.
  • I have gratitude for the Love and Grace that gives me this existence, this life, and all of my experiences.
    • In order to show my gratitude, I want to give back to (aka serve) that Love and Grace

This thought/feeling goes beyond identifying with my own Divine Presence, and allowing Divine Abundance.

This thought/feeling acknowledges that without my Source–Love and Grace, which gives me existence–I do not exist.

What would or could I do if I did not exist?

Nothing that I do matters if it does not first acknowledge and appreciate the Source of Existence.

Once I acknowledge that Source…really acknowledge it, and understand that my very existence is due to Its Grace and Love…then I want to do everything acknowledging with gratitude the gift of life.

Every meager gift of gratitude is received by Source with celebration and rejoicing, because every gift of gratitude to Grace and Love is a gift in the world of Grace and Love.

And that’s what abundance really is: Extending and expanding Grace and Love.




Be the Light, Despite… -Abundance (1.5.7)

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Guiding Thought

My consciousness is the gateway through which Divine Love flows, materializing my infinite Supply. I am now conscious of my own Inner Divine Presence—Infinite Love—expressing through me, providing me with the means to be aware, to understand, and to know It as my Self– more and more!


I’ve been experiencing a low point lately! But as all things do, it’s lifting and passing. Keeping on!

I am assured that in spite of the chaos and low point I have been experiencing in my material reality (but not in my faith or spiritual confidence), that everything is unfolding in Divine Order.

This is a wondrous, though often tumultuous, time! It is critical that I stay centered in my own Inner Divine Presence—Infinite Love, and remain focused on the Light.

I am here for the Light. It is imperative that I not succumb to slivers of darkness and bouts of doubt or uncertainty.

I have been preparing for too long to give up on myself or on God. Besides, who wants to?  We all have within us the skill and courage to BE the Light in the face of any adversity we may be confronted with or that we are witnessing or experiencing at this time.



Every Day a Better Day -Healing (1.4.25)

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Guiding Thought

Our own Loving Presence is our personal connection with Divine Mind. Attuned to our own Loving Presence, we Know ourselves as Whole and Holy. As we feel our Inner Unity, we know: this is all we want; we have found all we seek.


Between 2005 and 2013 I studied A Course in Miracles pretty intensely. I don’t mean that I stopped at doing the daily lessons. I did those, then I read the text, took notes and wrote…and wrote…and wrote. That was before I was doing the Journeys. In a way, at least a portion of these Journeys grew out of that study. Part of what I wanted (and still want) to do with the Journeys is to do a cross-reference research project for a bunch of the themes in ACIM, to answer questions like, “How does purpose relate to atonement“? or “How does atonement relate to forgiveness“? or “How does forgiveness relate to healing“? or “How does healing relate to purpose“? You see how nicely that would fit within the framework of the Journeys? Everything is interconnected; each “theme” gives insight into other “themes” and those links bring greater understanding to both those themes and all others.

I had the good fortune at that time of having a flexible job schedule, and often did not have to be out of the house until 10 or 11 am. I would read-study-write from 5 or 6 am until 9 or 10. I would be completely absorbed, completely focused, never getting tired, but rather getting energized. I remember often thinking, “This is all I want; this is all I want to do”.

That feeling, “this is all I want; this is all I want to do” has recurred in my life more broadly with spiritual practices, and spiritual writing and studying.

As with a lot of spiritual practices, like meditation, the practices connect a person to their Loving Presence, their link to Divine Mine, their link to their own Inner Divine.

It’s a great place to hang out, there, with your own Loving Presence. It’s a high, really. I was thinking earlier today that it’s sort of like the runners high: you have to push through certain mental (chemical-hormonal-energetic) barriers, but once you get into “the zone” it feels amazing and you can just coast for hours, and the high carries you through other parts of your day and life.

Another similarity with running is that, like an endorphin high, the spiritual high eventually wears off. We go out into the world, where there is drama, among people who do not connect with their Loving Presence, who don’t and can’t understand wholeness, unity, compassion…so we end up not only losing the high, but expending more energy to protect ourselves from an onslaught of other people’s emotional energy. It’s a good day when I don’t get sucked down; it’s a better day when I can not only maintain my own Inner Harmony, but can also share it with others–where I can actually perceive that their energy is lifted and lightened through our interaction.

believe that we–all people– are headed to a time when the high does not wear off and every day is a better day. I think that the intense emotional energy in the world right now is a mass purging. All the crap is coming to the surface, so that it can go away for good.

More people are meditating. More people are doing spiritual practices. More people are realizing that it’s a great place to be, connected with Love, connected with others through Love.

What takes you to your zone? What are the practices that you do that take you to the place where you say, “This is all I want”? If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking. It’s there, waiting for you.

Dicrysahe -Healing (1.4.22)

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Guiding Thought

We go deep within our inner stillness, and feel Divine Mind’s presence within. We hold out our empty hands, symbolic of leaving preconceptions behind; symbolic of seeking True answers, and ask, “What is the essence of healing?” These words resonate within us, as though in a vast cavern.  The word essence reverberates with these thoughts, “For what do we care most deeply?”; “What is our  essence?”; “What is our Truth?”; “Where is our deepest hurt, pain, and sorrow, that all may be healed?”


Mantras are most powerful when energetically spoken silently within your Diamond Crystal Sacred Heart. ~Joseph Barry Martin

Meditation teachers generally say there are three ways to repeat mantras:

  1. Out loud (known as Vaikhari Japa). This way accustoms a person to the pronunciation and tones, and serves to calm the mind. In this method, the sound becomes externalized. For many people, especially beginners, this makes it easier to focus on the sound and its energy.
  2. Whispered inaudibly, with the breath merely passing over the lips (known as Upamsu Japa). The sound remains internal, yet the brain and body are engaged in the motion of making words. This requires a bit more concentration and focus, since there is no actual sound to bring the brain back when it starts to wander. The mind must be responsible for the brain, and keep it focused.
  3. Silently (known as Manasika Japa). This is generally understood as a mental practice; the mantra is simply repeated silently, which is said to require much focus, attention, and concentration.

Please note that this summary is not advocating that one way is “more powerful” than another way. You will find writings that say the first is most powerful, and the third the least powerful (as in the Chaitanya Bhagavata story, which says Vaikhari is 100 times superior to Manasika), and you will find writings that say Manasika is more powerful than Vaikhari (as in the Hari-bhakti-vilasa). I suggest you try them for yourself, and see what works for you, depending on your own goals and intentions. (Also, another form of japa that is not relevant here, but worth mentioning is Likhita Japa. This is when a person writes a mantra repeatedly.)

I have tried all three.  Personally, I like Manasika Japa the best. When I am doing japa, I focus my attention between my eyebrows, where I hold a picture of the energetic representation of the mantra. So, for example, if I am doing Om Namah Shivaya japa, I hold a picture of either Shiva or Babaji at my forehead; if I am doing Om hang Hanumate Rudratmakaye hung phat mantra, I have a picture of Hanuman in my imagination between my eyebrows.

This morning, I was reading a book by Joseph Barry Martin and came across the quote at the top. Today, while doing my japa, I changed my style. Instead of using my mind/brain to imagine an energetic representation while focusing on the words, I moved my focus to my heart area and concentrated on “hearing” the energy through my heart.

It was intense. I would like to officially add a fourth method of doing japa. I call it Dicrysahe- Diamond Crystal Sacred Heart 😉  -and it means feeling the energy of the words through the heart.

Why does this matter for the Journey today?

  1. Because when doing japa via Dicrysahe, I found there to be this resonance (as though in a vast cavern). It felt literally like a magnified pulse emanating from my chest.
  2. It felt like it was a very direct experience of the sound, without the sound. After all, sound is simply vibration; if I can feel the vibration in my body instead of hearing it, it’s the same energy but a different experience of it–visceral and without a brain-interpretation.
  3. I felt like I had a new grasp of my inner stillness, and could feel Divine Mind’s presence within. I admit, I have a hard time with stillness (until now…). Stillness, traditionally means something like “calming the monkey mind”. In order to get to stillness, one must pass through the mind, which is always in chaos–that’s why there’s meditation–to calm the mind and get to stillness. But Dicrysahe completely bypasses the mind. Instead of having a battle in the brain between what to focus on (the chaotic thoughts, or the calming ones), Dicrysahe changes fields, where no battle exists, because there is no mind, because everything happens in the heart.
  4. When I did the Guiding Thought with Dicrysahethere was a similar more direct experience of the Guiding Thought. It was more difficult than with a mantra, because with a mantra there is repetition of sound and syllables, and with the Guiding Thought I really had to focus on the energy, rather than the words. But it felt solid and pervading.

This is all new. Pretty cool, huh? Try it. Let me know what you think.



Satchitananda, Divine Mind -Healing (1.4.6)

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Guiding Thought

As I unite in consciousness with my own Loving Presence, I unite with Divine Mind. Divine Mind is Infinite Being—it is now, here, always. I exist in Divine Mind, as It does in me, united forever—One. It leads me to Itself through my consciousness of my Self: my consciousness of my Self, as Infinite Being, is Oneness with Divine Mind, is my Peace, is my Wholeness, is my Unity with All.


I must unite in consciousness with my own Loving Presence. This is my responsibility. My Loving Presence resides in Divine Mind, which exists eternally, everywhere–waiting for me to unite with It in consciousness. 

In Sanskrit, there is a word for consciousness. That word is chit. Most often, it is used in conjunction with the word sat, which means Truth, or absolute existence, and with the word ananda, which means absolute bliss. Together, these three words form the word satchitananda, which is a description of God: Absolute Truth and existence, Pure consciousness, and total bliss–joy beyond words.

Why does this matter?

One aspect of God, from the Vedic (Hindu) tradition is the quality of pure consciousness, and since this Guiding Thought has a lot to do with consciousness, it seems important today.

Why is it important today?

Because we, as individual “drops” in the Ocean of the Divine are naturally, inherently One with pure consciousness. “I exist in Divine Mind, as It does in me, united forever—One.” We are not separate from Divine Mind, not separate from that Ocean of Pure Consciousness.

We only think we are separate from It. Or, in other words, our consciousness is too limited to think of ourselves as Infinite and Eternal.

This is what it means to unite in consciousness with Divine Mind–it means to begin to expand our awareness of who we are to coincide with how that Infinite and Eternal mind already Knows us–as Infinite and Eternal.

This is why it’s our responsibility, and why Divine Mind is waiting patiently. It already Knows us as who and what we really are–Infinite drops in an Infinite Ocean (yes, take a moment to wrap your head around that one). We are the ones who cannot see ourselves as our True Reality; we are the ones who are limited by our minds, perceptions, senses, thoughts, and beliefs.

We are One with Divine Mind. We are the satchitananda of Satchitanda.


Afterword- Worth (1.3.41)

This is the day I provide a bit of an assessment about the “results” (if you will) of the most recent Journey– Worth. First, a recap:

  • I began the Journey with the intention of having a closer/better relationship with the Holy Spirit/Shakti Energy/Divine Mother, to develop a life worthy of the Holy Spirit
  • There was a lot of emotional turmoil (panic, anxiety) during the Journey
  • Some themes throughout the Journey were:
    • Transformation
      • Holding on/release: when there is change and transformation, there is an inherent letting go of something in order for it to transform into something else. Regarding the panic episodes–I became aware of what I was holding onto, and not wanting to give up.
    • Connection, having to do with Unity and Oneness.

How did I do, and where am I now?

The more Journeys I do, the more I see that the Journeys are both linear…and not. Like a “real” journey, they are full of unplanned places to explore, unexpected stops, meanderings, surprises, and adventures that lead to places previously unknown.

For example, on a “real” journey—let’s say—to visit my friend in Clonmel, Ireland—the linear part of the trip would be getting from point A (Newark) to point B (Dublin, then Clonmel), and visiting with my friend. This would be like working through the 40 days of a Journey, from beginning to end. But once in Clonmel…there’s so much to see and explore!

The Rock of Cashel, seat of the Kings of Munster Photo Credit: Open Source

Those things constitute adventures, which may have their own unexpected stops and meanderings. In the same way, while on a Journey of Worth, I detour for a day or two to explore something like faith, or connection, or letting go. These small stops and detours do not detract from the overall journey, they are part of it, and each new experience enhances the overall trip.

It’s become common for me now to expect the detours, surprises, and adventures while on a Journey. But these things make it very difficult to evaluate a Journey, or assess it, or explain what I’ve learned, how I’ve changed, or how I “got” here.

What did my panic and anxiety teach me about worth? Do I now have a better relationship with the Holy Spirit? Do I have a deeper understanding of Shakti, the Divine Mother? What do I know now about Worth, because of what I’ve learned about Unity and Oneness? Have I changed?

Contemplating answers to these questions does not bring me solid answers. But I can tell you what I feel might be the right direction for the answers:

  1. What did my panic and anxiety teach me about worth? My panic and anxiety were a way of letting go of things that are worthless. On day 23, I said this: “You see, there’s this “thing” that I want. And I never want things. I always, always want God and spiritual right-mindedness more than I want things. I cannot even think of a time when I wanted something like this. It’s not like desire, or envy, or possession, or clinging to some-thing. It’s like there’s so much at stake, so much that hinges on this thing; I have so much invested in this thing.” My panic and anxiety were because I was invested in wanting things my way. I did not get it–and that was part of the learning and the letting go. Letting go of things that are worthless makes room for things that are invaluable. Also, in this lesson, I have had to reinvigorate faith.
  2. Do I now have a better relationship with the Holy Spirit? I think so. I believe so. If the Holy Spirit is the power or force behind all things manifest, then I have always had a relationship  with the Holy Spirit–we all have, because we interact with the manifest all the time. The difference is having a conscious relationship with the Holy Spirit: recognizing the Divine Power in, through, and around everything. This is what’s new. I am at the very beginning, but I have been praying and seeking this conscious recognition and understanding more and more…and I want to continue.
  3. Do I have a deeper understanding of Shakti, the Divine Mother? Yes. I have been very intentionally acknowledging and learning about the Divine Mother. But also see the answer to #2, as it is very much the same here.
  4. What do I know now about Worth, because of what I’ve learned about Unity and Oneness? On day 16, I wrote this:

There is no living thing (even the little self) that does not share the universal Will that it be whole. Here’s how I currently understand this:

Oneness is “that place” (that is not a physical place, but more like a mental place) that is beyond the senses, beyond the body, beyond all material reality.

Oneness is (simply, ha) a shift into non-perception, into Knowing, also known as salvation or moksha or freedom.

This place can be called (and even has been called) Pure Consciousness, Pure Love.

It is “Oneness” because in that place of no-perception, Everything is simply Known as Everything.

But here on planet earth, we live with senses, in a material reality, with brains that like to categorize and think, and discern, and judge.

So we have to teach our brains to go beyond, to let go of perception, discernment, judgement, and all of its divisions.

This is (one of the) the role(s) of healing and forgiveness. In a moment of healing, we “perceive” ourselves as whole. In a moment of forgiveness, we unite with another person.

We can do this again and again and again, with every moment, with every perception: heal and forgive, heal and forgive, heal and forgive.

The more we do this, the more our little brains expand into broader perceptions of wholeness and unity. But it takes time, because our brains like to work how they work (separating, categorizing, etc), and we do not really insist on shaping our brains in a new way. The more we practice heal and forgive, heal and forgive, heal and forgive, the more our brains evolve, the faster we get beyond perception.

In other words: Oneness is the only thing that is worth anything. In Oneness is Knowing; in Oneness is Freedom; in Oneness is Pure Consciousness.

5. Have I changed? Yes. It’s a bit intangible, but I have changed. Here’s how I know: I am not thinking as much. Literally. My mind is quieter, I am not thinking about what needs to be done, I am doing…what seems right to do…and everything is getting done. I am differently motivated. In doing without thinking, I want (am motivated) to do. Doing now feels like an expression of something that is coming through me, not that I am initiating. How do I know? Because I have no clue, nor do I want to have a clue, about the results. I am not “doing something to get something”; I am just doing, and the results will be what they will be. I’m not invested in “how things will turn out”–I think this this is another effect of “having” to work through and release things associated with the anxiety and panic. I have a different relationship to Faith. When I went through all that panic and anxiety, then did not “get” the thing that all the fuss was about, it was as though something in me gave up and surrendered. The panic and anxiety began (now that I think about it) when I told God I could not do it on my own, that He had to help me because I did not know what to do, much less how to do it; I had tried everything I knew, and I did not have any clue what else I could do. All that panic and anxiety: it was God giving me what I asked for, releasing me from the last holds I had on “doing it my way”, clearing the path for Him to make things right. Now it’s up to me to keep that recognition, keep my mind right, and allow (hold on to Faith) Him to do it.

What’s really cool is that all of this leads right into Journey of Healing–which begins later today! Check in later to see those insights…

Peace and Love to you on your journey.




Under the Surface– Worth (1.3.31)

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Welcome to Round 4!

Congratulations! There are only 10 days left! We’ve done so much these past 30 days; do you realize how far you’ve come? Can you feel it!? After all, it’s not everyone who can think in terms of Oneness and expansion for 30 days in a row (and by the time we’re finished…40!).

In the first round, you affirmed your Self using “me”, “my”, “mine”. In the second round, you affirmed someone else using “you” and “your”. In the third round we all came together in unity (as we). Now in round 4, we come full circle and return to the Self as the subject, and repeat the Guiding Thought with “I”, “me”, and “mine”. Now that you have reached out to others to support their attainment in the second round, and united with others in the third round, the words “I”, “me” and “mine” will take on a new tint. With the infusion of the all perspectives—“I”, “you”, and “we”—you will now no longer see yourself as separate or apart from others. Now, in claiming your Self for yourself, your consciousness is attuned to claiming it for others as well. You will “see” others attaining their fulfillment with you. (See this page for more information on the rounds.)

Guiding Thought

I have forgotten my Self. I have forgotten who I am. I have forgotten that I was established in Love and by Love, which is infinite and eternal; therefore, my worth is infinite and eternal.

I seek to remember my Self. I choose to remember my Self.

I choose to remember who I am and my infinite worth in Love.

I choose to be aware, to understand, and to Know myself (my Self) as the Love I am.

I choose to share who I am with the world, giving my infinite worth, measured in infinite Love.


Thirty days ago, I balked at this Guiding Thought. I didn’t want “forgetting” to be part of my reality; I didn’t want to “affirm” the forgetting. Today I embrace it. In fact, I want to go after all that I have forgotten, and bring it to the surface.

There are (IMHO) two primary aspects to the Big Journey of Enlightenment. They are 1) releasing the ego, (also known as the lower-self, the selfish-self, etc.) 2) embracing (striving for, seeking) God (or Love, or light, or the Higher, Divine Self). These two things underpin every Journey, every day. The seeking/striving/embracing of Love and Light through the ideas in the Guiding Thoughts expose the areas of the mind that resist the Love and the Light–and it is these areas the require transformation/release.

I now understand forgetting and remembering in this same way. Seeking to remember shows me how much I have forgotten, and the places of forgetting are where I need to remember.

On day 25 I realized that despite all of my work, all of my remembering, I still forget things that I know I should remember (for example seeking the Kingdom of God–an idea that I have remembered and worked with for over 20 years, and yet… I still forget it sometimes, and am still learning it more deeply every time I remember it). With all my forgetting, I asked…what is there within me that I have not yet even begun to remember?

So now, as with digging and dredging up all of the aspects of my lower, selfish self to release them, I now am happily, readily digging and dredging all of the aspects of my Self that I have forgotten. Bring it.

Simplicity– Worth (1.3.26)

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Guiding Thought

We are ALL One. We are not alone. Alone becomes All One in Unity and Healing. We are that which I am, which you are, which we become, together. There is no separation— through healing and forgiveness, we unite: At One there are no limits, at One there are no boundaries. At One we are free—together.


What are your spiritual goals? What do you want to attain? Why do you seek? Why do you pray and do practices? What do you think “spirituality” is all about? What do you think life is all about?

When I was a kid…

  • I wanted to be an apostle. I wanted to be “chosen”. I wanted the holy spirit to descend upon me.
  • I wanted to heal–both myself and others. This was inspired as much by Jesus’ healings as well as the phrase, “physician, heal thy self”.
  • I wanted to be good–as in “pleasing to God”.
  • I wanted to know the Truth–the Truth of God and the truth of myself (Know Thyself!).
  • I wanted to be light, to transfigure literally from physical matter to light energy.

Of these things, I did really strive to “be good”–this was one of my earliest goals that translated my spiritual beliefs into material actions. I was a good kid, and I worked at being a good kid.

I also have always been a good thinker, so knowing myself, and thinking about what the truth is, came easily to me, also.

The other things on that list were a bit harder to figure out. I would pray, and “meditate” and do breathing practices without knowing what I was doing. When I got hurt, I would naturally calm my breath, and think about bringing light to my injury. But it wasn’t like I was practicing, because I didn’t know what I was doing. It was more like I was playing–I was a kid, after all, but I also knew that I was figuring something out, somehow.

It seems like it got more complicated as I became a young adult, and was exposed to things like Reiki, Gurumayi, the Hare Krishna faith, and Reverend Sun Myung Moon when I was in college. I had to begin to discern what resonated with what I had established in my mind as the path I wanted to be on, and what was discordant with that path. There were a lot more choices, and I had to trust myself to make the right ones.

It hasn’t gotten simpler for me. A Course in Miracles, Buddhism, Hinduism, Quakerism, Sanatan Dharma, Jharra, Mantra, Orthodox Christianity, to name just a few of the writings and belief systems that have contributed to my total understanding of myself and why I’m here.

What are my spiritual goals? What do I want to attain? Why do I seek? Why do I pray and do practices? What do I think “spirituality” is all about? What do I think life is all about?

Part of me wants to be a kid again so I can stop thinking about all this. What does Oneness mean, anyway? and even if I understand it, how do I do it? What do I do for Unity, and Healing? …Freedom feels like such an important concept–but is there more to it than breaking the birth-death cycle? What is True Freedom–and how do we achieve it together? 

I want simplicity. How do I do that?


I Can Change– Worth (1.3.20)

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Guiding Thought

If you are to be your Self in the world, you must be for others as well as yourself. There is no other. Be willing to receive the Infinite Love of All. Be willing to understand how to rise above the struggles and pains of the world. Be willing to rise again and again with each call for help, each outstretched hand. Be willing to be the one to choose to change. Offer your pain, suffering, guilt, and blame up for transformation, into the light of Love that you may see and give only the light of Love always.


What’s the difference between change and transformation?

“Be willing to be the one to choose to change. Offer your pain, suffering, guilt, and blame up for transformation

There’s a lot that can be said about this, a lot of things to consider, but for current discussion, this phrase gives a clue to what I currently find significant: choose to change.

Here’s the difference: Most of the time it feels like change happens. It feels like change is happening “out there” or “to me”. Change just happens. I have to “go with it”, deal with it, but I can’t direct it or control it. …Unless I choose to change. Then it’s different; then I have a say; I have some semblance of control (or so I think).

Transformation first of all feels intrinsically bigger than change. Transformation is magical, mystical, alchemical; it’s something that happens deeply, thoroughly, completely. Transformation feels intentional (which corresponds to choosing to change).

Change has been a big part of the Journey so far, and it continues!

On day 8, I described how I recognized some thoughts that were creating a situation that I found unhealthy for me, and which I was interested in changing; I listed those thoughts, then I listed the thoughts that I was going to change those thoughts to, whenever I noticed the first thoughts coming up.

I’ve still been doing that. Recently, however, I’ve noticed that more, different, “destructive” (non-life-affirming) thoughts were coming up. These thoughts feel like they are at a new layer or level of release and healing.

At first, I still felt some resistance and denial when the new stuff came up. The work is so constant; there’s always more to heal, release…transform. Sometimes I get tired of it…but not for long, because I know that staying in a destructive mind frame will only make it worse. And besides, it has gotten easier and easier to shift my mind into love, light, healing, transformation (thank God).

I believe in Light. I believe in Light as Healing, as Love, as transformative, as a connection to the Divine.

I don’t know what Light does or how It does it. I just know that when I think Light, my mind changes; my situations change; my emotions about the situations change, and I have more peace, calm, trust overall.

In my recent-new level of stuff bubbling to the surface for healing, I’ve been using this thought as the replacement to the non-life-affirming thoughts:

Transmute, transmute by Violet Fire, all causes and cores not of God’s desire. I am a being of Cause alone; that Cause is Love, the sacred tone.

I am choosing to change. I am offering my pain, suffering, guilt, and blame up for transformation, into the light of Love.

I’m not a victim of change. I am not at the mercy of my thoughts. I am not a victim to suffering. I can change. I choose to change.

And it is so.



Remedy for (not) Spinning (out of control)– Worth (1.3.18)

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Guiding Thought

You are worth the effort it requires to move your mind into Love. You are worth the time of waiting, in patience, for Knowing to arrive. Every moment, every second that you open to simply being willing to allow Love to enter is a moment offered to Eternity; a moment offered to healing, a moment offered to Unity.

Love simply settles slowly, quietly, gently, beyond sense-perception. So, wait in patience and take the effort to move your mind to join the quiet stillness of Love. Rest. Be at Peace. Here is all you want and need.


Is it really already day 18? Wow. how are you doing with the Journey?

Awareness of the approach to the Journey is part of the Journey too. I admit: I’ve been a bit aloof this Journey. I don’t know if you can tell or not, but I can. I’ve felt this spinning-panic-detached cycle for, yeah, since the Journey began. First my mind spins–while I’m watching it, so I don’t let it get too out of control, Then, maybe because I reign it in, it goes into a panic. Then, I pray or do a fire ceremony, and I seem to calm down a bit…but the spinning has lingered in the wings almost constantly. I’ve gone through this cycle about 4 full times in the past 3 weeks.

It’s a bit exhausting.

I’ve found a new chant. Normally, Om Namah Shivaya is my go-to mantra. I’ve still been doing it, but this new chant has kind of taken over. It’s like all my mind wants is this new chant. Here it is:

Om Sat Chit Ananda Parabrahma
Purushothama Paramatma
Sri Bhagavathi Sametha
Sri Bhagavathe Namaha

Om – We are calling on the highest energy, of all there is
Sat – The formless
Chit – Consciousness of the universe
Ananda- Pure love, bliss and joy
Para brahma –The supreme creator
Purushothama -Who has incarnated in human form to help guide mankind
Paramatma -Who comes to me in my heart, and becomes my inner voice whenever I ask
Sri Bhagavati – The divine mother, the power aspect of creation
Same tha- Together within
Sri Bhagavate -The Father of creation which is unchangeable and permanent
Namaha- I thank you and acknowledge this presence in my life. I ask for your guidance at all times See this page for more details

There is a big-deal situation going on in my life, regarding my worth. I feel like this mantra is guiding me, keeping me focused, pulling me out of the spinning. When I feel myself start spinning, I start chanting this mantra in my head, then my brain gets obsessed with the chant, rather than what it was obsessing over.

I don’t mind feeling addicted to this chant. I sleep with it on, I have it on in my car. There’s an app that has it, and I’ve been listening to it almost non-stop.

Then there’s today’s Guiding Thought as encouragement. You are worth the effort it requires to move your mind into Love. YAY! That’s what I’ve been doing with this chant!

You are worth the time of waiting, in patience, for Knowing to arrive. UGH. This has been hard. But I am worth it. I know I need to be patient. I know that I need to wait…but there’s this spinning, and this panic… >sigh< Just today, I had a moment of insight, though. My thought was, “Let it unfold. It’s happening. Let it unfold.” That gave me assurance and calm.

Every moment, every second that you open to simply being willing to allow Love to enter is a moment offered to Eternity; a moment offered to healing, a moment offered to Unity. This is another benefit of the chant. Every second I have the chant going on in my head, even when there is spinning and panic– I am offering up to the Divine and affirming the presence and guidance of the Divine.

Love simply settles slowly, quietly, gently, beyond sense-perception. So, wait in patience and take the effort to move your mind to join the quiet stillness of Love. Rest. Be at Peace. Here is all you want and need. This is definitely easier said than done these days, but I do have moments of calm.

Listen yourself. Be Peace. Know Peace. Go with God.