Journey of Gratitude– Why? (2.8.0)

Greetings in Love and Light! Welcome to a new year.

Today begins Journey of Gratitude. Let’s go! I’m glad you’re here. I’m glad I’m here. I am already so thankful to be here, with you now, doing this work.

Think and write about why you would like to spend 40 days thinking about, contemplating, and practicing gratitute. Feel free to share with me privately by email, or publicly below.


Back in December, during Journey of Rest, I was having intense waves of gratitude almost daily. I would think about my life, about the support and love that I have, about my relationship with the Great Mystery; I thought about Jesus and what He brought into the world; I thought about being a drop in an infinite ocean, aware of itself, of the ocean, and of its relationship with all the other drops; I would think about how beautiful this life is, the inter-connectivity of everything, and how amazing and wondrous it all is,  and I would (sometimes) just weep with love and joy at how thankful I felt.

At that time, I recognized how gratitude was a doorway for Love. If I didn’t feel Love, I could focus on feeling thankful, and then Love was a breath away.

I thought, “I got this. Journey of Gratitude is going to be so easy. Do I even need a Journey of Gratitude? I just need to stay in this space forever!”

But you know, “this too shall pass”. I usually say that when something is a struggle, but really, it’s true otherwise, as all things are impermanent and changing (until we realize and live our True, eternal selves, anyway).

For the life of me, I have not been able to re-capture that intense feeling of gratitude since around December 23 (right before Christmas). I’m not saying that I haven’t felt thankful. But there’s a difference in mental-practices of gratitude and recognizing things to be thankful for, and the kind of gratitude that overwhelms with emotions of love and joy so much that tears flow.

I think my experiences in December (pre-December 23) were the teaser. “You see? This is what is possible. Are you there yet? No? Keep going.”

So here I am, an ideal in mind as a carrot on a stick, slogging toward it.

I knew I was going to have to write Why today, and I’ve been thinking and thinking about where I’m at with this, juxtaposing my recent loving/joyful gratitude experiences with how I actually feel right here right now.

It would be a cop out to say simply, “I want to work toward that (the ideal, mindlessly following a carrot on a stick). Yeah. It is that, but it’s also more than that.

I want to open my heart to expand in giving and receiving more love.
And gratitude does that.

I want to be of True Service–recognizing and living in the space of knowing what an honor (and responsibility!) it is to serve All in Love.
And gratitude does that.

I want to serve joyfully, inexhaustibly, according to my True, Highest Purpose.
And gratitude does that.

I want to remember my commitment–remember what I really want–which is to continue reaching every day, every hour, every minute with 100% of my being toward Infinite Love and Light.
And…I’m not sure if gratitude does that, but I’m going to treat this like an experiment to find out.


Tomorrow is the commitment and dedication! Then we start the 40-days of contemplation. Remember with this Journey  to get out your crayons, markers, pencils, and get ready to draw/create. Gratitude is especially pre-disposed toward the right/creative/aesthetic brain.




Hangry Hangry Ego -Fulfillment (1.6.27)

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Guiding Thought

Our Joy unifies! Accepting our Joy—acknowledging it, sharing it, and expressing it—heals us and All. To be wholly Joyful means to be wholly Love…means to be wholly our Self.

This day, first Journey of Fulfillment, 2014
This day, second Journey of Fulfillment, 2016
One year ago–
The Hum of Harmony Journey of Peace 2017– Day 24


I’ve had a very enlightening breakthrough, unlike any other I’ve experienced in 5 years of Journeying. This breakthrough is threefold.

  1. The content of the breakthrough
  2. My awareness of the content
  3. My understanding of how I have been lead to this point

All three of these go together, so here’s the story:

This begins all the way back on Day 1 of this Journey, when I was working out why this Journey is important to me. I wrote, “I must do nothing, and in doing nothing All is well. Everything is fulfilled. This, then, is Why a Journey of Fulfillment: Because All is fulfilled. All is filled full. I must do nothing. I have no goal, no sense for accomplishment, no want, no desire, beyond recognizing what is.”

This has been very difficult to maintain. Try doing nothing. Try taking no action to accomplish anything, taking no action to change a situation, doing nothing because “it’s good for you”. Try not doing anything spontaneously, impulsively, or habitually. Try to have no intention, other than living in the moment and recognizing Truth in that moment.

This is how I’ve been (not) acting. I have removed intention; I’ve removed having a goal; I’ve stopped wanting something, anything. I desire no particular outcome. Just over 3 weeks I’ve been doing this.

I feel the tug to do something. I stop myself from doing it. I feel like “this would be so cool”, and I stop myself from doing it. I think, “OH, but wouldn’t it be nice if >this happened< as a result of me >doing this<” and I don’t do it.

I can’t say it’s been hard, so much as it has taken great vigilance to recognize all the times that I want to do something in order to get something, then stopping myself. This speaks to #2 above: my awareness of  the content. I have had to really stay on top of myself, on top of my impulses, my reasons for wanting to do something, so that I could make an informed decision in the moment. 3 weeks of this, day in, day out.

Then, (this is the being lead part), I was listening to A Course in Miracles, and I heard this (I will distill this for you below…):

Everything the ego tells you that you need will hurt you. For although the ego urges you again and again to get, it leaves you nothing, for what you get it will demand of you. And even from the very hands that grasped it, it will be wrenched and hurled into the dust. For where the ego sees salvation it sees separation, and so you lose whatever you have gotten in its name. Therefore ask not of yourself what you need, for you do not know, and your advice to yourself will hurt you. For what you think you need will merely serve to tighten up your world against the light, and render you unwilling to question the value that this world can really hold for you. (Text is here.)

Often, ACIM is pretty dense, and I can only process bits and pieces of it at a time. Here are the bits and pieces that sunk in, deeply:

Everything the ego tells you that you need will hurt you…Therefore ask not of yourself what you need, for you do not know, and your advice to yourself will hurt you.

This happened maybe 3 days ago. These words have been playing over and over in my head since then.

And then I realized. This is why I must do nothing. Anything I choose will hurt me, because my wants and needs are still dominated by ego. Or, in terms of ACIM, my mind still contains conflict, and while the conflict persists I cannot choose clearly, wholly (Holy), and purely. [FYI, the solution to this, according to ACIM, is to turn decisions over to the Holy Spirit, saying something like (for example): “The Holy Spirit leads me unto Christ, and where else would I go? What need have I but to awake in Him?”]

Then, over the past 24 hours, my impulse to do something shifted. Doing, as I’d been thinking of/experiencing it, meant taking an action, something physical. Over the past 24 hours, I began recognizing mental and emotional habits that were arising in order to get me to feel or think something.

It was not immediate, but after a relatively short time, I realized these thoughts/feelings were very similar to the physical impulses I’d been aware of these past three weeks. They have the same energy signature, so to say.

They were trying to convince me that my feelings were right (righteous), and that I needed to hold a grudge, feel used/abused/confused, feel put upon, angry, betrayed, and isolated. And do you see how those feelings are pretty obviously of the lower self? And yet, there was a part of me trying to convince me that I should claim (as in act upon) those feelings. That if I just let myself feel (and feel self-righteous in those feelings), I will gain, I will get something, I will win.

Thank goodness for my vigilance of the past 3 weeks; I called bullshit, and halted the “action” associated with those feelings.

Then, just today I had another amazing realization. By doing nothing, I am starving my ego. It has no control, it has no power, I am taking away what it feeds upon. I would not have understood this, if I hadn’t just spent 3 weeks denying it food. By diligently halting all actions associated with my lower self (including thoughts/feelings), I have loosened its power in ways that I don’t think I can even understand right now. I can just feel it. My lower self is pissed off, and hungry. Hangry. And it is doing everything it can in a last-ditch effort to try to get me to feed it, to strengthen it.

Thank God for awareness, understanding, and vigilance.

I don’t know where this now will lead. There are 12 days left to this Journey. A lot can happen. I look forward to finding out, and sharing with you!

I’ll leave you with this quote, in gratitude to you, from the same page of ACIM:

Healing in time is needed, for joy cannot establish its eternal reign where sorrow dwells. You dwell not here, but in eternity… Give thanks to every part of you that you have taught how to remember you. Thus does the Son of God give thanks unto his Father for his purity.



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Easier -Fulfillment (1.6.12)

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Guiding Thought

Invite, welcome, and receive the effects of Divine Love now… and be truly grateful. Experience Divine Mind as you experience these effects; allow Divine Presence to confirm itself in your life, activities, and affairs.


Here’s the sequence:

You invite and welcome Divine Love to enter your life, and be willing to let it operate in your life.

The final sentence of a prayer of Saint John Damascene says this, “But on me a sinner, show the wonder of Thy mercy; in this reveal Thy love for mankind, lest my wickedness prevail over Thine ineffable goodness and merciful kindness; and order my life as Thou wilt”. (emphasis mine).

When you sincerely invite Divine Love to enter your life, be prepared for your life to change. Anything that is not of, in, by, and through Love in your life will be turned upside down, emptied, burned away so that Love may enter purely.

I often say, “I have to remember that I asked for this”. If you are asking for Love, it will come. It may not (at first) feel warm and fuzzy. It may feel chaotic, tumultuous, confusing. Hang in there–that’s Love clearing you out. I recommend breathing a lot, and having some affirmation, prayer, or meditation that you can turn to in an instant to remind you to let go of everything. When you consciously participate in letting go in the moment, every moment, that makes Love’s work faster, and you can get through it (to the warm and fuzzy….) faster.

You: be truly grateful.

This is especially important to remember as/if you experience what I mention above. Be grateful for everything.

YouExperience Divine Mind as you experience these effects.

As often as you can, acknowledge Divine Mind working in your life. Especially after you have asked Divine Love to enter.

Look for instances of Love, acts of kindness, grace, beauty. Set your mind to seeing Love operating in your life. If you can, see everything as Love operating in your life.

Do your best. Find your gratitude, even if it’s by wrote, or by repetition, or totally in your head, or rehearsed. Say small “thanks” throughout the day. Do it for everything. Acknowledge. Acknowledge. Acknowledge.

This brings you more to be grateful for.

All of these add up to: allow Divine Presence to confirm itself in your life, activities, and affairs.

You lay the groundwork.

You set the stage.

You keep the channel clear for Divine Love to work in you and through you.

Divine Presence cannot confirm itself in your life, activities, and affairs unless you have done the work so that It wants to express itself in you and through you.

The good news is, once you have some repetition with this:

invite and welcome — be truly grateful — Acknowledge. Acknowledge. Acknowledge — invite and welcome — be truly grateful — Acknowledge. Acknowledge. Acknowledge — invite and welcome — be truly grateful — Acknowledge. Acknowledge. Acknowledge.

You create this pattern in your consciousness, which gives momentum to the energy behind the Presence of Love, which makes it easier (yes, it gets easier) to be in Love, allow Love, and experience Love’s confirmation of your hard work.


Happy -Fulfillment (1.6.7)

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Guiding Thought

My joy unifies! Accepting my own joy—acknowledging it, sharing it, and expressing it—heals myself and others. To be wholly joyful means to be wholly love…means to be wholly my Self.



“Be a dynamo of irrepressible Joy!” ~Haidakhan Babaji

I’ve been pretty dang close to living in the reality of this Guiding Thought! I have been oddly happy lately. Oddly both in the quality of the happiness, and in how uncharacteristic it feels (I’m a very serious person, dontcha know).

The quality of the happiness has been what feels like a combination of energy, peace, and good will. Energy: have you ever watched a horse playing in a meadow on a cool morning, after eating breakfast?

Or watched a cat tearing it up, running and jumping all over the house?

Yeah, the energy feels like that, but totally infused with Peace, which adds a subdued, low-key overtone to the Energy. With all the messes in the world (hurricane and its aftermath, political mess, people so hateful and cruel…you know what I’m talking about), I’ve wondered how I can be so peaceful and happy. I should be covered up in worry, and uncertainty, and distrust, and doubt…but I’m not. I see it. I see the destruction. I feel for the people and the animals who were so affected by Florence, by the West Coast fires, by the Volcano…but I am also somehow peaceful about it…the kind of feeling like “all is well; all is as it should be”. If/when you really live from that space and believe that all is well and all is as it should be, there’s no reason to be disturbed or affected by what is going on around you.

Good Will I am loving people lately. Love as in just enjoying every person’s uniqueness; I see so much value in difference, and in everyone…because everyone is different. And because I have this feeling of loving a person just for being who they are, I also feel like I want that love to support and encourage them, just for being.

What I have been finding is that expressing and sharing this Joy, this happiness comes naturally when I really live in that space authentically. I don’t have to do anything to “make it happen”. I just have to continue doing what I am doing to keep the path clear for it to come out.

It is also seems to be naturally healing. People seem drawn to me more lately (I’ve had more lunch “dates” in the past couple months than I have in the previous year!), and I can tell that people gain something unspokenly positive, or uplifting when we interact. Again, it’s not like I am trying to do something, but people seem naturally more at ease (or peace), they smile quickly and easily, we talk, and really connect (not that superficial conversation stuff)… and I feel like all of this has become possible simply because I have been happy.


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How It’s Done -Abundance (1.5.29)

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Guiding Thought

Divine abundance expresses infinitely through our own Divine Presence. When we identify with our Divine Presence, we open the floodgates and Divine Abundance flows naturally, easily, and effortlessly through us, materializing all good in our lives and affairs.


This is an article written by Patricia Cota-Robles. I can’t stop reading it, and it has everything to do with abundance. She explains  what abundance is, what is needed, and why. The Journeys and the Guiding Thoughts are steps in the process she outlines below; they are ways to saturate your consciousness–all your thoughts–with powerful abundance ideas to replace old, worn-out poverty ideas. I hope you enjoy this article as much as I do:

I first became aware of how critically important it is to be fully present in the moment when I began to remember my purpose and reason for being on Earth. There was a moment in time when I knew through every fiber of my Being, that I AM a Child of God. In that same instant of Enlightenment, I also knew that was the Truth for every other Human Being. With that realization came the Inner Knowing that as a Child of God, there is a reason for my existence in this physical plane of Earth. As I focused on that Truth I asked my Father-Mother God for guidance, and the answer became abundantly clear.

As Children of God we have all been gifted with the creative faculties of thought and feeling. We have also been given the gift of Free Will. The original Divine Intent of those gifts, as well as our presence in the time and space constraints of a physical reality, is for us to learn how to use our Free Will and our creative faculties of thought and feeling to co-create with our Father-Mother God. The purpose and reason for our being is for us to learn to explore all of the patterns of perfection in the all-encompassing Causal Body of God. Then we are to use our Free Will to experiment with various aspects and combinations of those perfection patterns and create new, previously unknown, expressions of Divinity. That knowledge and skill of co-creation will allow us to expand the Body of God and the borders of Divinity for all Eternity.

Even though we lost our way for a while and fell into the abyss of separation and ignorance, our purpose and reason for being remains the same. Practically and tangibly in our everyday lives we are creating our own realities with every single thought, word, action or feeling we express. Being in the Eternal Moment of NOW, means that we perpetually monitor what we are energizing with the power of our attention. There is an expression that states, “The price for freedom is Eternal Vigilance.”

Daily and hourly, moment by moment, we must ask ourselves “What am I empowering with my thoughts, words, actions and feelings now? …and how about now?…and how about now?”

If what we are putting our power and attention into is not what we want to be creating in our lives, we need to ask ourselves, “What do I want instead?” Then, we need to put our attention on the vision of what we want, instead of what we do not want.

Everything is energy, vibration and consciousness. Whatever we put our attention on and whatever it is that we focus our thoughts, words, actions and feelings on, we bring into form. With this knowledge it is obvious that in order for us to change the things we do not like about our lives, we must change the way we are thinking, speaking, feeling and acting about those very things. In order to do that, we must be present in the moment.

At any given moment our lives are reflecting the sum total of every experience we have ever had since we were first breathed forth from the Heart of our Father-Mother God. For a particular situation to exist in our lives, such as poverty, disease, dysfunctional relationships or an unfulfilling job, it simply means that the Critical Mass (51% or more) of our energy, vibration and consciousness is sustaining that particular distorted pattern. In order to change the situation, we have to change the Critical Mass from poverty to abundance, from disease to vibrant health, from dysfunctional to loving relationships, and from unfulfilling to creatively rewarding jobs.

The first step to shift the Critical Mass is that we must create the vision of what we want in the way of abundance, health, love and fulfillment. Then we must energize that vision daily and hourly with our thoughts, words, actions and feelings.

Next we must Invoke the Divine Law of God’s Forgiveness and Transmutation, the Violet Transmuting Flame. As that Sacred Fire flows through the Divinity in our Hearts we must project It into every thought, word, action or feeling we have ever expressed in any time frame or dimension that conflicts with our vision. This process dissipates the distorted patterns and reduces the percentage of negativity as it increases the percentage of the positive energy patterns in our vision. The instant the vision is being empowered with the Critical Mass (51% or more) of our energy, vibration and consciousness, it will become a physical, tangible reality.

For all we know, that could take place with our very next breath!

Enriching Life -Abundance (1.5.28)

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Guiding Thought

We focus our minds and hearts entirely on the Divine Presence within. We think, we speak, and we act in accordance with Divine Will, releasing Divine Substance into all our activity, ordering all our financial affairs.


I ran into an old boss today at the supermarket. She was my supervisor from 2003-2008, and the best boss I have ever had. She valued people; she understood how to bring out the best in people; she believed in encouraging people to become better colleagues to each, and better human beings in the world.

Right around 2008, leadership in the organization changed, and her boss (who valued her and supported her vision) was replaced by someone who did not have the same values and principles, someone who valued money and personal advancement over people and cooperative effort. Needless to say, work became very stressful for my former boss, and since then she has been up and down, and down and up,  trying to find a place where her strength and leadership style could be valued again.

As we were taking leave of each other today in the supermarket, she said, in her resilient and tenacious spirit, “We just rise…again and again…”

I have known several people–myself included–who have been bullied and beaten down by bosses who cannot seem to fathom the value of employees, the value of people, the value of relationships. I feel sad for this state of the world (but I feel like it is beginning to sigh its final breath); I feel angry that people don’t know how to treat other people; I feel sad for all of the really good people I know who have experienced this.

But I cannot, I refuse to, believe that this is our future.

There are way too many people out there making changes, doing the work, being kind, building relationships. Just today, I found these folks, who look absolutely amazing:

I know that over the past week or so, I’ve diverged from the topic of abundance in my writings. At first, I thought I was totally off base, and that I should try harder to stay on topic.

But that’s not how the Journeys work. The writing (this) is about what is inspired within, what wants to come out and be expressed, regardless of whether it is on topic or not.

Because it’s always on topic. These things come out for a reason. You may not know it when you’re writing, you may not understand today, but everything is connected, and there’s a reason that your mind/brain prompts you in certain directions.

Here’s what I currently think about my so-called off-topic musings: The world is changing…big time. There are a lot of beliefs, behavior patterns, systems, structures, etc., that are passing; they are dying, and they are fighting against their inevitable death knell. What we are experiencing is this final fight before their end.

This has to do with abundance because so many of those dying patterns have to do with greed, corruption, selfishness, pettiness, domination, and abuse…and it’s those patterns that are dying, to be replaced with new patterns of cooperation and community, appreciation for diversity, love of life and all that entails, sharing, helping, caring, and building sustainable systems that support and encourage these values.

Abundance is so much more than money or wealth, and I think that is what I’ve been getting at over the past few days. Everything that enriches life is abundance. And that’s where we are headed.


And the Wind Dances -Abundance (1.5.24)

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Guiding Thought

Divine Love is infinite. Therefore, our Source and Supply are infinite. As we increase our consciousness of our Inner Divine-Love Presence as our Source and Supply, money, wealth, and prosperity increase in our life-experiences—and we use that money, wealth, and prosperity to fully express our Inner Divine-Love Presence.


Wind blows through an open door.

Open, there is no-thing.

Closed, there is some-thing.

Wind cannot blow through some-thing, only through no-thing.

Open, there is space and movement.

Closed there is barrier and halting.

Wind dances freely in space,

 condenses and tightens against barriers, resisting restraint.

I am an open door for the wind of Infinite Love.

Wider and wider no-thing expands, as Infinite Love dances in space.