Compliment? Or Offense? –Journey of Courage 02.09.12

Guiding Thought

When you attune your mind to the Oneness that is All of Life, you understand your place in Wholeness. You are the very Presence of Life, and this Presence of Life is you! You are blessed through this understanding. In return you bless all you encounter.

Contemplation / Reflection

I do my best to stay tuned to my place in Wholeness. Every once in a while, I get knocked upside the head when my ego sneaks out in ways I don’t even see.  Recently I thought I was paying a friend a compliment, a blessed comparison with my mother who is no longer on the planet.  Imagine my surprise when, shortly after, I received a message from this friend letting me know she was offended by what I’d said.  What she heard was very different than the message I thought I was communicating. When I “bless all I encounter”, I need to be certain I’m actually fully understanding my role in and as “the Presence of Life”. Fortunately, I am blessed with friends who will communicate their feelings of hurt or offense, so that we can clarify intent and retain the deeply loving and trusting relationships we share.  But, what about those others with whom I don’t share this same level of intimacy and clear communication? How many times in this life have I unwittingly said the wrong thing, or failed to say the right thing? How many times have I, without my knowledge, failed to acknowledge a kind act done toward me, or a kind word said?  I’ll never know the answer to that. The very best I can do is stay present and “stay tuned”.


Guest Contributor Mary Wallace






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Umbrella Motivation -Fulfillment (1.6.28)

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Guiding Thought

Motivation is a choice. Intention is a choice. Direction of will is a choice. In Peace, we listen for guidance so that all our actions are motivated by Joy, all our intentions are Love, and the direction of our will is simply to share Joy and Love.

This day, first Journey of Fulfillment, 2014
This day, second Journey of Fulfillment, 2016
One year ago–
Choosing is Easy, When You’re not Stuck in a Pattern: Journey of Peace 2017


What motivates you to follow a spiritual path–to meditate, to do yoga, to pray, to read inspired writings? Why do you do it?

This is my new favorite question. I want to hear how people answer this. It’s so interesting, and everyone is different.

Here are two responses I have received recently:

  1. “I have had experiences of and with the divine. It’s mostly been with people around the time of death, a confirmation that there is something bigger than me, bigger than us, and bigger than this life that we live. These experiences from the past confirm the Divine to me, and motivate me to seek more experiences with the Divine.”
  2. “I can’t imagine any other way of being. I sort of fought it for years, not embracing that ‘spiritual’ side of myself. But now, I’ve given in to it. I seek the Divine to live with the Divine, because anything else no longer makes sense to me”.

How would you respond?

In a way, this question is an umbrella question for all these Journeys, much like the Why at the beginning of each Journey, but encompassing an overarching Why, looking at the big picture, rather than individualized answers to specific Journeys. Such motivation encompasses everything, bringing perspective to all of your actions, all of your seeking, not just the why for one Journey.

There’s no wrong answer; there is only awareness. My answer has changed over the years. My idea of what “enlightenment” is has changed over the years. My motivation has changed…At no point did I ever feel that what motivated me, or what directed my actions was wrong. In fact, at every point, I felt pretty confident in my reasons for being motivated in the way I was.

This, to me, is how I have moved along the path, and how I have evolved. I have to embrace where I’m at in order to move past that point.

Yeah, sure I can work at being motivated through Peace, and listen for guidance so that all my actions are motivated by Joy, all my intentions are Love, and the direction of my will is simply to share Joy and Love. 

But if that does not work for me today, that’s ok. I can tap into my overarching reason of motivation, and evolve myself from where I am. It just takes me to be willing to do it.


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Doing Without Doing -Fulfillment (1.6.3)

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Guiding Thought

What is fulfillment but knowing my Self as an expression of Divine Love? My Self wills to create! My Self wills to share! My Self wills to extend itself! My fulfillment is creation; my joy is sharing; my peace is extension.


Again…today I feel in perfect alignment with my initial approach to the Journey. This has never happened before: I have never begun a Journey feeling like I’m in sync with mySelf. All other Journeys, it was like mySelf wrote the Why–with very high expectations and standards–and I then had to pedal really fast to catch up to it.

When I said a few days ago in the Why, “I must do nothing. In order for Divine Perfection to work in Its time, I need not interfere: I must do nothing, and in doing nothing All is well”, the subtext of that was that I must not do something with the intention that it has specific results.

Let me give a very simple example. If I read an article that says kale is a superfood, and that in order to rid my body of every possible known toxin, I must eat kale…and then I go out and buy a bunch of kale, and eat it every day in order to rid my body of toxins….  What I have done is given my actions a meaning. All my actions (including my thoughts) which are associated with kale have the intention that I rid my body of toxins. My actions take on a meaning that I have ascribed to them, with results that I have decided I want. This is doing something.

The alternative (doing nothing) is to remove decisions about what something means or does not mean, to remove doing things in order to achieve a result, and to not prejudge how I desire an action to turn out.

This is the actionless action, the doing without doing. I still take actions. I still work, eat, watch TV, play with my cat (who happens to be very unhappy right now, since I gave him a crushed up pill in his food, and he made it very clear how it smelled, when he covered it up, refused to eat it, and has been complaining for the past 10 minutes.) But I do not try to determine what the actions mean, or the result they will bring in advance.

I’ve been “practicing” this for about two weeks. It’s not easy. First I have to notice when I have a motivation. Then I have to either a) get clear to remove the motivation or b) decide not to take the action, that has a specific motivation behind it. So far, usually, it’s been easier to go with b). I am not yet good enough at this to know when I have cleared my motivation enough to take action without having it.

But I’ve also had new awareness and action. There are now more times when I am acting without thinking. I skip the mental option of motivation or intention altogether, and simply do something. What is interesting to me is that many of the actions I have done in this “state” have been things that are “of mySelf”. They have been things that are creative, expressive, and embodying my Divine Presence.

They have also been things that will increase my awareness and expression of my Inner Divine Presence, which will be experienced as peace, love, joy, gratitude.

I am suddenly reminded of these two Guiding Thoughts, from previous Journeys:

Increasing my thoughts of Love and my attitude of service dispels all fear of lack and limitation. As I serve more people with Love, money and wealth flow abundantly to me. I use money and wealth with love and wisdom to create a life I love through my highest vision. (Journey of Abundance days that end in 6)

I awaken to my Inner Divine Mind and invite It to express itself as every person and event that will increase my awareness of It. (Journey of Purpose, days that end in 5)

You see, I have been working on creating, sharing, and expanding (as in today’s Guiding Thought). I find it very fascinating how a Journey of fulfillment is bringing Abundance and Purpose together for me…without me doing anything!

Love to you, dear ones. Walk your path! Love yourSelf. Be your Self.


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No Rest for the Weary -Healing (1.4.27)

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Guiding Thought

Love is Wholeness. The essence of Love is Peace. The essence of Wholeness is Unity. Our essence is Love, therefore, our essence is Peace; our essence is Unity. Since our essence is Unity, we share Love and Peace wholly. Knowing the Unity of Whole Love and Peace with All is the essence of holiness. We choose to be aware, to understand and to Know our Whole and Holy Self, which is Love.


Do you feel like giving up? Do you feel like throwing your hands in the air and saying, “nope. I’m done. This is not mine anymore. finis”? 

I don’t mean just about the Journey. I mean about anything in your life.

Are you tired of the stress? Tired of the responsibility? Tired of trying to figure out what the next step is? Tired of doing the work? Tired of being the one who always steps up? Tired of being the one who speaks out?

We all get to that point at some time, don’t we? Me too.

A line from the Bhavanyastakam just came to me:

I do not know how to be righteous or find your abode.
I do not know how to achieve freedom by dissolving my ego.
I am devoid of the will to fight; I surrender.
I am not strong enough to make any vow.
O Mother of the universe – You are my saviour, my eternal refuge.

There is something relieving about acknowledging limitations, or surrendering, or admitting, “I can’t do this…(alone)”.

I have felt like I have reached my limits, and I don’t know what to do. (I mean this mostly energetically/emotionally–you can’t do this kind of [spiritual] work without having more and more come up for release). But this type of energetic/emotional stress of “too much” is not unique to me–there is so much going on, so many ways we (all) are feeling an energetic onslaught of attack to our highest and most human values.

But there is no stopping. There is no going back. There is only moving forward. I know this; I bet you do too.

Because this is who we are: we can handle whatever comes at us, and we know it.

And because we know it, we know we are responsible. No one else has the responsibility that we have, because most people keep themselves ignorant–and if they don’t know or understand, they don’t have to do anything.

We do not have that luxury. We do not need to judge “them” (…even they are beginning to wake up), or be too hard on ourselves. Just do your work, as you always do. You are so important to all of us, and more powerful than you know.

Keep doing it. Giving up is never an option. You are not alone. 

This is for you:




Yours in the Work -Healing (1.4.26)

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Guiding Thought

As we unite in consciousness with our own Loving Presence, we unite with Divine Mind. Divine Mind is Infinite Being—it is now, here, always. We exist in Divine Mind, as It does in us, united forever—One. It leads us to Itself through our consciousness of our Self: our consciousness of Self, as Infinite Being, is Oneness with Divine Mind, is our Peace, is our wholeness, is our Unity with All.


I feel like something is wrong with me.

Even just acknowledging that is difficult.

It’s just one area of my life. It has to do with accomplishment: what I thinkshould be doing vs. what I am doing.

There are several projects that I am working on. I think that I should be giving priority to (let’s just call it) project A, but I spend a whole lot of time on project C (or B or D…), which means I don’t “get around to” working on project A.

It’s not that I am lazy, or unproductive. I’m just being productive on something other than project A, that is less meaningful (or so I think).

Project A has been on my plate a long time and has lots of components and things to work on, things to work out. It’s both a bit complicated and time consuming…neither of which is generally prohibitive for me. I like working out complex ideas, and I don’t mind taking the time to do so. In fact, project B is also complicated and time consuming…So, why now, are these factors a point of resistance for project A?

I just can’t seem to get my sh** together to  work on project A. I have no motivation. I have no investment. I can’t see the purpose, the long-term. I wonder, “if I do project A, is that not just feeding and rewarding my lower-self, my ego?” Then that becomes prohibitive.

Yet on the other hand…project A is incredibly important in a big picture kind of way. So I wonder, “am I afraid of the impact? am I afraid of how big this is? am I afraid of success? of failure?”

I honestly don’t know.

The other day, I wrote about alignment. Project A was on my mind during that writing. Something is out of alignment. Or so I think. Maybe I just think something is out of alignment, and in reality everything is exactly as it should be.

That describes my entire mental conflict: “I think something is going on, and I feel wrong“….”but maybe it’s not what I think”. And I don’t know which it is. 

If something is going on and there is a reason that I feel wrong…then all I need to do is take the steps in the direction of feeling right, which means (pretty simply) working on project A.

And if things are exactly as they should be, then I should just relax. I’ve let this get too far. My mind spins. …and now I feel like something is wrong.

OK. All of this is context for the point I really want to make. There are two big ideas at play and these ideas are relevant to the project A situation and to this Journey. They are:

  1. Thought is creative
  2. What you seek you find

(1) Thought is creative both in imaginative (future) content (what informs your mind to work out as “reality”) and in attitude (how you approach content as it comes to you). This is why the daily Guiding Thoughts matter. They give imaginative content that your mind can then align with (create) in your experience, and they offer a framework through which to interpret experiences you are already having. The ultimate goal is to have congruence between the vision and the reality, so that the content you imagine is the content you experience.

Thus, it has concerned me that I have a new thought popping up recently that says, “something is wrong with me”. That is not content I want to either imagine or experience.

(2) What we seek on the Journeys, generally speaking, is Unity, Oneness, Peace through seeking the Truth of our Selves. We can find it precisely because Unity, Oneness, and Peace are the Truth of who we are. Again, this is a role of the Guiding Thoughts–they point you toward the direction that the You of you already knows exists, and It knows you are looking for It, so once you give five minutes a day to looking for It, It can help you find It so much faster and easier. The Journeys guide you to the only real direction there is, and in doing so make it easier for you to both seek and find the Truth of You.

But when someone has thoughts like, “what is wrong with me?” Guess what? A part of that creative mind takes that literally, and starts looking for what is wrong. And make no mistake…if you look for something –whether you mean to or not– you will find it.

And this is why I’ve shared this with you. This project A situation directly opposes the goal of the Journeys on these two points…and I need to change. I need to figure this out. I need get aligned, become congruent, root out the “wrongs”, do whatever it takes to free myself of these thought patterns, the inconsistency, the whatever this is.

Thanks for being here,

Thanks for your support,

Yours in the work,




Do Unto Others– Worth (1.3.30)

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Guiding Thought

If we are to be our Self in the world, we must be for others as well as ourselves. There is no other. We are willing to be receptive to the Infinite Love of All. We are willing to understand how we must rise above the struggles and pains of the world. We are willing to rise again and again with each call for help, each outstretched hand. We are willing to be the ones to choose to change. We offer our pain, suffering, guilt, and blame up for transformation, into the light of Love that we may see and give only the light of Love always.


I had an incredibly emotionally uneventful day. Such a welcome after the past four weeks! Maybe it’s the japa I’ve been doing; I can–by now–feel my mind sort of tighten, like it’s flexing after a session of strength-training, when I do a lot of japa. I am very thankful for japa. It’s one of those things that whenever I leave it alone for a period of time (as I have for the past 2 months or so, even though I’ve been doing other mantra practices), and then come back to it, I always wonder how I stopped, because it just feels so good.

My practices, my “little devotions” as I now like to call them, are often in flux. There are several that are my backbone practices– bathing, breathing, japa or mantra. Then, there are others that come and go and come again like the spiral dance, yoga, Sacred Geometry, Om meditation, Violet Flame meditation, sitting with fire, orthodox prayers, etc. I am hoping that the fire ceremonies become a backbone practice, but I have not been doing them long enough to know.

Sometimes I wonder why I don’t or can’t just stick to one practice, like all those folks who have been meditating for 20+ years. I used to worry about it. I used to have this definition about spiritual practices that said “you must choose practice; you must do that practice.”

But I decided that my practice–my devotion— is God. Seeking God. Living a life worthy of God. Doing what is pleasing to God. With this, everything can become a practice, or a devotion. Life is the devotion.

I felt good about this insight when I read this in A Course in Miracles:

Use all the little names and symbols which delineate the world of darkness. Yet accept them not as your reality. The Holy Spirit uses all of them, but He does not forget creation has one Name, one meaning, and a single Source which unifies all things within Itself. Use all the names the world bestows on them but for convenience, yet do not forget they share the Name of God along with you.

We live in this world together. Despite our different bodies, we are unified, sharing the name of God.

If we are to be our Self in the world, we must be for others as well as ourselves.There is no other.

We are willing to be receptive to the Infinite Love of All.

Our struggles and pain divide us; these things take our attention away from the Infinite Love of All, and “demand” that we focus on ourselves. This is why we must rise above the struggles and pains of the world.

This is why we must understand our worthiness, understand our unity, and offer our pain, suffering, guilt, and blame up for transformation (healing!).

Only then can we rise to aid those with outstretched hands. Only then can we love our brothers and sisters as ourselves. Only then can we truly do unto others as we would have them do unto us.

And life itself becomes devoted to seeing and giving only the light of Love always.


Practical Application– Worth (1.3.14)

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Guiding Thought

Your worth is inestimable, beyond compare!

Always know: you have everything to give—as such, you may always give freely! Know your worth! Give it! Give it freely! Know in the giving!

As you give, you learn; allow Joy and Peace to lead and to guide you. Follow willingly because you know: Where there is Joy and Peace, there is Love; where there is Love, you are; where you are, you are giving your inestimable worth.


When I started this Journey, I stated my intention as opening to the Holy Spirit (and also the Divine Mother). The two themes that have come up so far have been change and connection. I just realized there is another very practical reason for doing this Journey…I realized this when I read the first line, “Your worth is inestimable, beyond compare!”

You see, my self-esteem has taken a beating in the past few years, regarding a particular situation in my life. I’ve known it more or less, that my esteem has been slowly degraded; I’ve been aware of it. I’ve protected myself against it, not yet being able to “just walk away” from the situation. Doing this Journey is helping me stay afloat, above the barrage taking its toll on my esteem.

At different times in this particular situation I have felt like there is no way out, that I am helpless, that I’ve lost all hope, that there is no other way, that I am completely at the mercy of being in this situation.

I am a reasonably “positive” person; I have had amazing people in my life; I have had support, love, and encouragement in my life. If it weren’t for the momentum of these things from my past, I would be navigating this “negative” situation a whole lot differently. But I’ve lived and experienced such love, encouragement, and support, that its >perceived< -opposite won’t/can’t envelope me and drag me down.

I’ve been learning something through this situation: I can now better understand how people get stuck in abusive relationships, in ongoing “negative” situations, and repeat them; translate this more generally to being stuck in the illusion or appearance of the phenomenal world (maya), and I can see how people get stuck in believing in this particular reality, not able to reach up to our Divine Self.

I was given a gift. I experienced a glimpse of something outside (and “opposite”) my current situation. I was literally breathing a sigh of relief and gratitude when I encountered this alternative. I knew this alternative exists (one that is loving, supportive, encouraging), but it’s been so long since I’ve seen it, or experienced it. I was so incredibly grateful. It was like I was thinking, “I am not crazy…the situation I am in is crazy…but there are sane people who exist outside my situation… there is a different reality available to me…”

I wonder how people will be when we collective experience love, support, and encouragement. What are our possibilities? Where can we go, when we are not beaten down? What can we accomplish when our hearts and minds are free? When we know how beautifully worthy we are of Joy and Peace and Love?