First, the Deep End: Journey of Peace 2017– Day 12

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Guiding Thought

Knowing yourself as Peace fortifies your inner awareness of the unity within. Through gratitude for the Life You Are, connect with harmony. Through harmony, Be restored and strengthened, and thus be able to carry your Inner Peace to all of life’s activity surrounding you.


Sometimes I think these Guiding Thoughts were designed to piss me off and frustrate me. Here’s what I mean: this Guiding Thought begins with something that feels nearly impossible for me, where I’m at. If I Knew how to Know myself as Peace, I wouldn’t be doing this Journey, would I? I wouldn’t need it. I would Know myself as Peace. Yet. There it is, asking me to do the very thing I came here to learn to do.

OK. Breathe.

I basically skimmed past the whole first sentence every time I read the Guiding Thought today, grumbling.

I got a bit more on-board with the second sentence, mostly because I’ve been practicing this very thing for several weeks now. I’ve made it a daily practice–and as many times throughout the day as I can remember–to take a moment and say something like, “Thank you God, for the Life I am; thank you for giving me the opportunity to contribute to the love and light of the world.”

Thus, I can vouch for the second sentence: gratitude for Life does give me an understanding of the greater interconnectedness of All, which brings me a desire for harmony with All.

But then…but then!

The final sentence seemed to piss me off again. Here’s why: Why does the Guiding Thought end with telling me how to accomplish the very thing I feel like I cannot accomplish in the first sentence? Wouldn’t the Guiding Thought make a whole lot more sense if it read this way:

Through gratitude for the Life You Are, connect with harmony. Through harmony, Be restored and strengthened, and thus be able to carry your Inner Peace to all of life’s activity surrounding you. Knowing yourself as Peace fortifies your inner awareness of the unity within.

This way makes a whole lot more sense, doesn’t it? It tells you what to do right off the bat: Be grateful. Connect with Harmony. Easy, no problem! Then it tells you the benefit of connecting with Harmony–restoration and strength, and ability to carry Inner Peace to all activity. Then it ends with the Knowing, which seems to follow a lot more logically from the how to, and the benefits.

But NO. It does not lead me in a logical way. It throws me into the deep end, then tells me what I need to do once I’m in the deep end. Argh!

I am still breathing, don’t worry.

Here’s the thing: This is really very hilarious. I mean, listen to me! I haven’t ranted like this in a while, and all it took was an out-of-place sentence. All the while, I am watching myself be so bothered by the logic of the Guiding Thought, by editorial improvements for the Guiding Thought.

It’s great! You see what has come up here? All of this amorphous anger and frustration directed at a little sentence. It has nothing to do with the sentence! You know how I know? Because it’s just a sentence. Sometimes when things come up “opposed to” something so ridiculous as a little sentence, I can identify it as energy that needs to be released.

When it’s a safe place, like in front of a key board, I can have fun releasing it, by ranting. There are lots of safe ways to release energies like anger and frustration. Scream. Run. Talk it out. Dance! Hit a ball against a wall. Trampoline. Lots of things!

It’s when these small energies don’t get released that they build…and build…and build…and become unrecognizable and out of control…and turn into violence.

I am sad about the violence, all the unnecessary violence. Please. Rant about the small things, then laugh because you are ranting at such a small thing. Get your family and friends to rant and laugh with you. Let it go while it’s small. Release the energy before it has a chance to get so big it turns to violence.

Love each other. Love yourself. Be well.


Sorry, No Answers Today: Journey of Peace 2017– Day 07

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Guiding Thought

The Peace of God is stronger than my self-constructed obstacles to it. I open my mind to holy communion with the Divine. Brought to union with God, obstacles crumble. Peace stands victorious. I am that Peace.


I felt like I had a lot of self-constructed obstacles to Peace just reading the Guiding Thought today.

The more I contemplated, and tried to commune with the Divine and offer up my obstacles, the more I created obstacles. My obstacles were creating more obstacles, then those obstacles created obstacles. What a loop! Instead of “crumbling” and dissolving, each crumble became a head of a hydra and grew back 9 more obstacles.

Here are some examples:

I need to just relax. How do I relax? Open my mind How do I open my mindI am that Peace. How can I be Peace, when I haven’t figured out how to open my mind? The Peace of God is stronger than…If it’s stronger than these obstacles why do I have these obstacles? What is my mind doing? I know the answer is right here, right in front of my face. Why is it no working?

While all this was going on, there was a part of me that knew that I know, but that I was just not accessing it–very similar to a couple days ago.

In my conscious brain, I simply could not get further than the words. I had trouble feeling, and I had trouble understanding. But I also knew that I can understand, that I do understand.

The mind wants to make it difficult. the mind needs to be valued. So it does what it knows to do to be valuable.

It reminds me of those employees who create problems so they can “fix” them (so they have value), or the ones who nit pick about schedules (they have to have oversight, so they are “doing” something!), or the ones who make mountains out of molehills, to seem important, and “show” that they have really big ideas!

Funny how my mind’s antics can be seen in the “real” work-a-day world.

Maybe this is what my mind was showing me? maybe I need to recognize that the behavior I see outside of me, is the behavior inside of me.

While I was contemplating the Guiding Thought, I was also thinking: this is not difficult, I know how to do this. I’ve done this hundreds of times before.

What I was referring to was surrender. Letting go of self-created obstacles feels a lot like surrendering them at the alter of God, letting them go, asking for purification. I have worked a lot on surrender. Why did this day feel so difficult, so full of obstacles?

No answers today. Just more to contemplate. Oh, and don’t worry. I doabsolutely believe the Peace of God is stronger than this…even if I don’t understand it today.


Kismet? or Love?: Journey of Freedom 2017–Day 28

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Guiding Thought

Our connection with the Infinite Source of Love is and always has been enough. Love loves us always, everywhere. Assured in love, we are perfectly lovable and perfectly loving with all people in all situations.


Before even getting to the Journey today I was practicing this! I like it when that happens.

Today, before work, I thought to myself, “I have a responsibility to my co-workers to be bright and loving. It’s up to me to bring a level of lightness to the office.”

That’s what I was doing today. First, I made sure that my overall feeling today was very even-keeled with a feeling of peace and harmony. Then, when I would see people or meet with them, or just pass them in the hall, I would remember to bring my attention to my heart and think, “I love this person… I just love this person.”

I also randomly think, “She is just sooo sweet” or “He has a really good heart.” These thoughts are usually random about people I pass on the street or in a store, or even just a picture of someone whose bio or article I have read. I have been aware of doing this with strangers more and more.

I don’t know if there is a correlation between how I was thinking about loving people in all situations today, but out of nowhere, I was invited to another company’s office for a birthday party. How fun! (Fortunately, the project for a deadline I needed to accomplish was almost done.)

Here’s the quick story: a local baker mis-delivered a cake to our office, leaving it at the unattended front desk, rather than finding someone to leave it with. The cake was supposed to go next door (no receptionist, locked door). I walked past the front desk and saw the cake, looked at the delivery slip, and noticed that it was supposed to have gone next door. With no contact information, I called the baker, told them what was up, and they said they would put someone in contact with me to get the cake. Then I walked out of the office….at the almost exact same time someone walked out of the office next door. It just so happened that she was the person who the cake was for. I was able to deliver it without a mediator, and got myself (and several colleagues)  invited to the party. Kismet? or the activity of Love?

I Get It Now (and more): Journey of Freedom 2017–Day 20

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Guiding Thought

Focus your mind and thoughts on your Inner Divine Self, your Self of Peace, your Self of Joy, Your Self of Infinite Being and Intelligence. When you are aware of your Inner Divine Self, you radiate these qualities, expressing the freedom of Being in Life!


What an amazing day this has been! I love life! I love this life! I love my life!

So much has been clearing for me and in me. Old habits, old thought-forms, stupid shit I used to think and do is “evaporating like mist in the sun as I devote myself to the Oneness of Love” (that’s part of one of the Guiding thoughts from Journey of Courage—see how these work together?  I now Know, really Know, what that means!).

I don’t know if it had anything to do with the eclipse today or not, but with everything that has been clearing, in addition to what just cleared today, I feel freer. The feeling is hard to describe, even hard to grasp. There are phrases and clichés that seem to describe it, like “a weight has been lifted” or “that’s a load off my shoulders”, but I have felt things where I have said these phrases, and what I feel now is different.

First, those phrases use physical terms, so any analogy that you might imagine has to do with physical weight. What I feel now is emotional weight, but even more than that, it’s a spiritual weight that has been lifted. Imagine “taking a load off” from your soul, and I should add…from your soul which is millions upon billions of years old, and some of this weight is that old too.)

Second, with the image of a weight being lifted, there is a sense of a memory of what the weight was. Even if you apply the image to an emotional burden, there is some shadow of the weight that was lifted, some memory. With what I feel today, it’s as though even the memory-shadow is gone. There’s nothing.

Finally, this is the first time ever that I can say I was able to observe the “thing” evaporating. Literally, I watched it evaporate; I saw it leave my body and my energy field—and it was gone, as though it had never been here in the first place.

All of this is context for my state of mind/being as I began today’s Journey.

The really meaningful words in the Guiding Thought today were, “…the freedom of Being”. I feel so free, just Being. I feel what these words mean. I feel how Being feels. I feel what it feels like to have nothing in the way of Being. I feel what it feels like to be free from my past, free from my ignorance (and stupidity [I have forgiven myself my stupidity]), free from emotional habits from the past, free from material and psychological things that have bogged me down for years (and years!).

Then, I applied this new understanding to the words, “in Life” “…the freedom of Being in Life”.

This is from where my opening sentences derived. As I was able to feel free in Being, Life became amazing and wonderful and beautiful. I can Be in Life! I can Be in this Life! I can Be me in this Life!

The Guiding Thought “worked” out of sequence today. Usually, the first sentences (in this case: “Focus your mind and thoughts on your Inner Divine Self, your Self of Peace, your Self of Joy, Your Self of Infinite Being and Intelligence”) lead me to greater understanding of my Divine Self. The first sentences encourage me to Be that Self in the world. Instead today, I was already Being that Self! I got to feel how natural and easy it is to accomplish Peace, Joy, Infinite Being and Intelligence…by just Being it.

One final thing: In previous Journeys, I have quoted Rumi saying, “Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.” I get it now. Really, really get it now.

Laser Glide to Freedom: Journey of Freedom 2017–Day 12

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Guiding Thought

Freely release patterns, habits, and thoughts that inhibit Freedom! Allow your thoughts and feelings to transform through remembrance of Freedom through Love! You were born with everything you need to be free in Love. Allow Love to lead you. Trust Love and surrender to its wisdom.


Three “big” things happened today while contemplating the Guiding Thought. Though I’ve had similar things happen none of them have ever happened quite like this before.

First, I started the Guiding Thought, as usual, reading the words, going along, clear and connected for about two minutes; everything felt “right”. But then, I realized (it was as though someone literally pointed this out to me), that “just reading the words” was not the same as directing the words to a subject, “you”. The difference felt like either lying on my back, on a raft floating down a lazy river, versus sculling a fine boat. The first is a lazy drift, going where the river and wind take you; the second is speedy, effortless glide toward a laser-guided destination.

I stopped immediately and re-comported myself. I wanted the laser-guided destination, not the lazy drift.

I said a little prayer, asking my Christ-presence to mediate my visualization for all humanity, for the highest, divine benefit of all, in their own unique way. And I started my contemplation over.

The prayer and re-comportment shifted my experience of the Guiding Thought completely. It became just like that laser, connected with everyone, in a way I’ve never felt before.

Second, I felt the patterns, habits, and thoughts that inhibit Freedom releasing, really releasing.

There were three images that came to mind: evaporation, heat off the pavement, and thermal equilibrium—and the release felt like all three of these.

With the feeling of evaporation, there was a mild feeling of energy dispersion. Then the dispersion became more intense, and I could “see” the “evaporation”, like heat off the pavement–all the patterns and habits lifting slowly out of my body and mind. Then that became more intense, and it was like a pulling, or a drawing out of the patterns, habits, and thoughts. The visual for this is, for example, putting something frozen in a bowl of lukewarm water: the warm water “pulls” the cold out of the frozen item, to equalize the temperatures; or, like a draft from a crack in a door, pulling air in to a warm house. In the same way, my old energy patterns were being pulled up through and out of me.

What was really neat about these images is that I was not creating the image to instigate a release; the release was happening, and I was a by-stander, observing through these images.

There was emphasis in my observation that the words “freely release” from the Guiding Thought definitely apply. Somehow, I was not even capable of holding anything back; the process was so natural (so “free”), it was occurring as naturally as evaporation, or the law of thermal equilibrium. Pretty cool.

Finally, the third thing that “happened” was that about ¾ of the way through the (second) contemplation time, as I was directing the Guiding Thought to all of humanity, I could also feel the the Guiding Thought being spoken to my mind. “Being spoken”–because “I” was not doing the speaking.

It wasn’t “me”, and my mind was different.

I know this sounds weird, but that’s because it was, and I am not really sure how to explain it.

The best way I can describe it is that my Christ-Self was talking to my Higher Mind.

Let me explain that: I have a Christ-Self; you have a Christ-Self; we all have a Christ-Self. All of our Christ-Selves are united as One, and They all communicate with each other as One. While they are all “up there” communicating with each other as One, each of them is also communicating with me, with you, with everyone individually “down here”. They do this through our Higher Mind, which is unique to each of us as individuals; the Higher Mind is the interpreter of the Christ-Self for each of us, and It communicates with us in a way that we each can best understand It, and thereby understand the Christ-Self.

What I experienced was the communication between The Christ-Self and my own Higher Mind. As with the evaporation and thermal equilibrium, I experienced it as an observation. It was like “they” were working together to release my patterns, habits, and thoughts that inhibit Freedom. I was just watching.

The reason I think it was this is because my mind (my “Higher Mind”) was perfectly agreeable and cooperative (which “my mind” isn’t usually). This is also why I said above that my mind was “different”. It was my mind, but not the one that associates itself with my body. It was my mind, associating itself with the Christ-Self.

With this, I felt a shift in my (lower) mind. I felt like it was being reassured to Allow Love to lead you. Trust Love and surrender to its wisdom. I felt like it was being reassured to let go, and let the Higher Mind be in charge. There was no resistance from my lower mind.

My mind, during this time was (in addition to all of humanity) the subject being spoken to, the “you” of the Guiding Thought. I had an awareness of The Christ Self communicating to all the Higher Minds in Oneness, of which my mind is part, and I was simultaneously experiencing the “part” that is “my mind”, while experiencing the Oneness of all the Christ Selves.

All in all, a fun day. And, then again, judge nothing! 

Let It Be OK: Journey of Freedom 2017–Day 11

Happy Round 2! Thank you for being here. I wish for you waterfalls of Divine Flow, beautiful insights, and Joy on the Journey! With this round, the pronouns change to “you” (see this page for detailed explanation).

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 Guiding Thought

Love is your natural state; In Love you remember who you truly are. Remember your holiness, your innocence, and your infinity.  Love enlightens your mind and lifts your heart. Be buoyant and expansive! Be aware of your Self as Infinite Love, unbounded and free, thoroughly loving and lovable.


I always tell myself things like, “If you were not very focused today, let it be OK. Sometimes not being focused is a way of integrating the material. Just be aware, focus as best you can, and continue!”

Today—when I really need to take my own advice—I feel like telling myself to shove it. I was not very focused today. Let me rephrase that:  was not at all focused today.

Trying to be fair to myself, I reminded myself that my mind has not been able to focus all day; my meditation was affected this morning, and my general state today has been very ungrounded. This was not, however, very helpful.

I am an air sign, so maybe that’s what’s going on today? Mercury is going retrograde today, maybe that’s what’s going on? Maybe the stress of this past week is catching up to me, now that I am home, and in a relaxed state?

Whatever it was, I feel very frustrated about my inability to be present in the here and now with the Journey today.

It was weird. I know where I was—I was in the future, with thoughts about 2018’s Journey’s floating around in my head…why???

I was aware of where I was, aware that I was not present, but I felt completely unmotivated to reign in my mind. I was enjoying being not present. What’s that about?

Let me be clear: I did contemplate the Guiding Thought for 6 whole minutes. I stuck with it. But it was similar to when you are reading and you’re either really tired or really bored and you have to re-read a sentence several times before you know what you’re reading. There was just nothing that stuck, nothing that I recognized. In fact, it was only after 5 minutes that I thought to myself, “You! OMG, we are in round 2…”

There was no part of my mind that soaked up any part of the Guiding Thought that I am aware of.

And this makes me sad.

I have been really really happy and excited about doing this Journey. It has felt so right, even with (or, maybe, especially with) the “chaos” of stress going on.

I feel like I want to criticize myself, be upset at myself, be disappointed in myself, since I did such a “bad” job today.

But, you know what. Judge nothing.

Thank God again and again that judge nothing is the motto for this Journey.

Since I brought that up, let me just mention: I’ve been thinking about what words I can use instead of “judge nothing”. You see, despite the intention of eliminating judgement, the words “judge nothing” none the less have judgement as the focal point: in order to think “judge nothing”, I first must think, “judge”.

There are several options behind idea “judge nothing”. First, it can mean “I don’t know what this means, so I don’t know the context or all the myriad factors involved in it, so I will remain neutral about the implications of what I think this means.” Second, it can mean, “There is nothing good or bad, but thinking makes it so.” Or it can mean, “Everything impermanent dissolves eventually into Love; this is transient; Love knows only Itself.” Or (even more metaphysically): “All is Equal in Love; Love is All; All is Love; this is equal to that, which is equal to Love.”

I have not found the right words to replace “judge nothing”. But I do, now, consider these other meanings as I remind myself to “judge nothing”.

…As i went to post this, I found:

One of my friends-on-the path, a woman who shares really nifty insights about some of how the cosmic-astrological movements and energies affect us here on earth, just posted this. Here is just the first paragraph (Yay, Synchronicity! Yay, reassurance! Yay, it’s not just me!):

A quick note for any who, like myself, have had a harder time of it since this specific phase activated on August 3, 2017. It’s okay if this hurts, if you feel like you’re not doing such a “great job” of it all, if you feel alone in what you and only you are currently experiencing. We all are in our own unique ways and I want everyone to realize that it’s okay to not look, feel, sound and occasionally act like a golden movie star super model rock god whose got it all together at the moment. That’s old lower frequency distorted BS consciousness so shake it off and keep evolving and Embodying.

Full article here.

No thinking! Just being!: Journey of Freedom 2017–Day 09

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Guiding Thought

Trusting life allows the flow of Divine energy to come in and through me to bless All. I step gracefully into expansive, unlimited, harmonious, Divine being. I praise and thank Life for supporting me, and I relax in its process.


What’s really great about today is that I feel as though I have been in the state of mind of the Guiding Thought all day, without having read the Guiding Thought until now.

I woke up feeling relaxed, peaceful, and generally happy (contrasted to the past few days of stress-response!).  All morning, I felt simply peaceful and happy, for “no good reason”.

On my way to work, all I wanted to do was look around, at the trees, at the cars, at the birds, and give thanks for everything.

I even thought, “I should do one of my practices (chant, mantra, etc.)”, but then I thought, “but isn’t the point of the practices to get into the very state that I am in? …And if I am in it, then the state itself is the expression of everything the practices strive for.”

Being in a state of Peace, Joy, and thankfulness is exactly why to do the practices, which take you there.

You’ve heard that the goal of any good teacher is to become obsolete, right? Today I really felt this, regarding practices: the goal of the practice is to no longer need them, to just be in the state that the practices cultivate within you.

Another thing that I thought earlier today, was that I am given everything I need to do the work that God wants me to do. At any given moment, I have exactly what I need to do what S/He needs done.

This was the feeling (and I really felt it) of Trusting life allows the flow of Divine energy to come in and through me to bless All. I could feel the flow of energy in and out, and could feel that wherever I am is exactly where I need to be, and I have everything that I need, to be the conduit for Divine energy.

I felt very re-assured, a lot was lifted. The assurance was for both physical needs as well as emotional or spiritual needs. God provides. God provides everything. When I am in that flow of cooperating with God, everything really is exactly is as it should be.

No thinking! Just being!

I am not so cocky to think that this is a lasting thing. I am not so cocky to think that I can reduce my practicing. Even though the Peaceful, Joyful state of mind has remained for most of the day, I have to remember that it is the practices that maintain and increase my awareness and understanding.

I am thankful this has been my experience today.


Laughing at Myself: Journey of Creation – Day 37

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Guiding Thought

I use my free will joyfully to create the good, the beautiful, the Holy, and the Perfect. This is appropriate use of my mind and will, and directly in-line with Perfect Love. As I experience my Holy creations in my life, I strengthen my conviction to Truth, and to my ability to co-create with my Divine Self.


“Someday we’ll look back on this and it will all seem funny” – Bruce Springsteen

“Every five years or so, I look back on my life, and I have a good laugh” – Indigo Girls

“I need only look back 30 days to laugh at myself” – susanwithpearls

30 days ago, I was pining and worrying about whether “I’m doing it or not”. I said:

Do I?
Do I use my free will joyfully to create the good, the beautiful, the Holy, and the Perfect?

I would like to think I do, but as soon as I read that line, I did not know if the statement was a fact or an ideal, a hope, or an optimistic goal that I am moving toward but have not yet achieved.

It was as though I had no confidence whatsoever that I was doing it. It was as though I still (after 3 years and 15 Journeys) do not understand the concept of the Journeys: Everything is the Journey. If you are here, you are doing it. If you are doing it, you are never not doing it while you’re doing it. I gotta just laugh.

I really had forgotten this, and definitely for much of this Journey.

Now, I look back over the past 36 days, the last 88 days, the last 6.5 months, and I can see very clearly that I am doing it. Everything is the Journey. 

I have done some amazing things in those time frames; relating to the Journeys this year:

My Gratitude has increased exponentially.  Yesterday after mowing the lawn I found a praying mantis and told him how beautiful he was, how blessed I was by my interaction with him, and how thankful I was that he came into my life. I realized in that moment, that I have been doing such things (thanking the birds, thanking the water, thanking people, thanking God, etc.) a lot over the past few months.

Part of my brain, is now more attuned to the beauty in my life, and the things that I can do to make beauty in my life. (And I have been ever so grateful for this new dimension of my awareness!)

…and particularly, relating to Journey of Creation:

I have been working on my books, my business, and my house and yard, building, fixing, creating stuff. I’ve been so productive!

Here are some lessons I’ve now learned pertaining to this new awareness–most of which are lessons I have repeated throughout the Journeys (but am now understanding at a deeper level):

  1. Awareness matters. It’s the absolute foundation for increasing how I perceive the Fullness of Life. Thirty days ago, I questioned whether or not I was, or had been creating. Now, it’s crystal clear to me that everything I do is creating. Energy expresses itself. I am energy. I express myself. Expression creates. My energy expressing itself creates. My mind and my intention focus that energy. When my mind and intention are focused on the Good, the Beautiful, and the Holy, then it is not just what I create, it is what I experience, when I am aware of It. Through that awareness of my Holy creations in my life, I strengthen my conviction to Truth, and to my ability to co-create with my Divine Self.
  2. I and my life really do change naturally and easily. I say this throughout all the Journeys, but I have to admit…it is still sinking in–changing into your best self is natural and easy. The idea is if we really are the expression of Perfect Love, and if Perfect Love is all there is, then when we direct our energy toward It (see #1) and are aware of ourselves as that Perfection, then our lives embody and reflect that Perfection. I can now see how I have implemented the concepts of the previous Journeys; the ideas are not foreign, I accept and believe them with only minor resistance these days (it’s only taken 3 years and 15 Journeys…). I do not have to think about being grateful, or looking for beauty. Those things are occurring spontaneously from within.
  3. Creation happens all the time. Here’s the catch: there’s a whole lot that happens behind the scenes; I do not see the results of what I am creating in some big, bombastic flare (until I do). When I come across what someone else has created, I see the final product. I do not see the process, the time, the work, the effort, the struggle, the hurdles. Everything I see (what writers, business people, etc., have produced) appears polished…because it is. When I feel angry or guilty or inadequate because I don’t have something that is polished, I am undermining my own process. I have to remember: I am doing it. This is the process, the time, the work, the effort, the struggle, and these are the hurdles. The Journey does not stop, that is why it is in my best interest to be as aware as I possibly can, every step of the way (refer to #1).

Thank you for being here. I appreciate you so much, as you traverse your own life, on your own journey.


The Journey Home: Journey of Creation – Day 35

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Guiding Thought

Perfect Love, the Source and Truth of my Self, imbues me with the will to create with Love. I am able to create through my own free will, extending Perfect Love.  Loving creation was given freely to me; I give freely my own loving creation. I Joyfully create through Perfect Love, with Perfect Love, as Perfect Love.


Today’s Guiding Thought brings up a paradox: if there is only Oneness, that means there is only One Will; how, then, do I have a (free) will that (sounds like it) is different from the One Will, and which allows me to extend Perfect Love?

This has been an ongoing question or lack of understanding for me for quite a while. What is the relationship between “my” will and Thy Will (the One Will)?

If Perfect Love is the Source and Truth of my Self, and if I create with, through, and as that Self, then I am–necessarily–creating with the One Will. But if I do that, then what does “free will” even mean? Doesn’t “One Will” negate “free will”?

Contrariwise, if I create with free will (i.e. whatever “I” want to create), does it mean I am not operating within the One Will? I’ve been stuck at this for long periods in my life–not knowing what the One Will “wants me to do”, I have done nothing, because how can I act, if I might not be in accord with what God (One Will) wants me to do.

Here is what I think/believe: There is only One Will. Somewhere within each of us there is awareness and connection to One Will. But, when we each incarnated in a physical body, we lost touch with that awareness and connection (just as we lost our awareness of and connection to Perfect Love).

This is why we “have” free will. We’re here to play, to explore, to experiment, to have fun! We had to forget who we are, and do things on our own, so we can try new stuff.

During our antics here on earth, our True Self remains tethered to Perfect Love. We test our limits, as far as we can go, because we know we have a safety net. Perfect Love always holds on to the tether, no matter how far, or forgetful we become…just as our True Self always remembers our Oneness with Perfect Love, that glorious existence in Perfection.

Every once in awhile, while we are carousing here on earth, Perfect Love gives a slight tug on the line, just enough to get our attention, to remind us of who we are, where we came from, and to where we will return one day. Sometimes the tug can be a flash of realization, accompanied by overwhelming peace and comfort; sometimes the tug can cause us to drop so hard, so far, all we can do is look to Love, or it can be anywhere in between these two experiences.

Our earthly journey is this journey back to Perfect Love. Because we all have free will while we’re here, and we are all beautifully unique individuals, Perfect Love has made many paths home, to accommodate each of us. When you start walking on the path back to Love, you begin to remember what It’s like–and how much you like it! How wonderful and beautiful being with and in Perfect Love really is.

We are all at varying stages in our journey home. But if you’re here…you’re not home, which means there is still a level of ignorance preventing you from fully Knowing who you are. Even the highest spiritual masters, the greatest gurus, are not completely free of all ignorance (the only ones that are exceptions are those who can come to earth and leave again at will–they remember, and they choose to come back).

Many so-called spiritual people have reached a state of peace and bliss; they have ecstatic joy, and see the world as a playground. Things you would take very seriously, they see as a big joke. But they are still here; they are not home. They think they have “arrived” because they cannot conceive of a state higher than the joy and bliss they have achieved here. They have decided the journey has ended, but in truth, they are just stuck. And I can’t blame them, who wouldn’t want to live in ecstatic joy, peace, and bliss here on earth?

There is one more step. It is really a tiny step, but it feels like a scary leap into the unknown. That’s why people stay stuck in spiritual bliss on earth.

The final step is to Oneness, where there is not the experience of Joy, Peace, Bliss, and Love–there is only the Beingness of Joy, Peace, Bliss, and Love. It is in this state, where there aren’t even thoughts about “my will” or “Thy Will”. There is only the One Will, which is Perfect Love.

Incremental steps from ignorance to Knowledge is the Journey while we’re here; the final step is the attainment of Knowledge–and the only thing to Know is Perfect Love.



Journey of Beauty–Day 38


What memories do you have of beauty? How are beauty and freedom related? What am I learning passively, simply by showing up to think about beauty every day?


It’s a day for humor. You know why? ‘Cause humor is beautiful! Haaaaaaaaa. Laughter is beautiful. Joy is beautiful. Funny is beautiful.

I’ve noticed recently that my laughter has increased. I can find humor and playfulness in so many things these days.

In the Tina Fey quote, at first when I saw it, I read it to mean something like, “Who cares how people look?”, implying that beauty is not in the appearance, or that face/body beauty is not an indicator of “real” beauty.

When I looked more closely, and thought about my own laughter-as-associated-with-beauty, I understood it to mean something more like this: “Stop worrying, stop caring so much about what other people think, then everything will be beautiful and you can laugh and sing and dance with life”.

I know that might seem like a leap, but it’s how I feel, based on my experience of laughter, and of beauty. As I have been letting go of attachments, letting go of situations and people where I have no control, I have found that I can laugh at more things, and that laughter is a lightness, which is beautiful. I’ve been able to take very serious situations and feel the humor in them. Then, when I say something out loud, then laugh, it’s like a bubble bursts, and the whole room feels lighter (or more uncomfortable, I suppose to those people who are so very serious).

But seriously. Why be so serious all the time…who cares? Our lives are a flicker in the expanse of eternity. Live. Love. Be. Laugh. Find the beauty in everything…everything, even in seriousness. Bring Joy. Bring Laughter. Who cares?  Be the beauty you are. Let go of others’ expectations. Let go of ideas of “how you should be”. Be Free. Be You. Be the best You you can be. Love yourself. Love Life. Love ALL of Life. Love every minuscule minute which is only a flicker of a flicker.

Laugh out loud. Really, not just “lol”. Really do it. and mean it. Have you noticed that people who really laugh are both scorned and envied? People don’t know how to laugh, so they scorn those who do. Show them how to laugh. Bring them into your light, the lightness of your joy and playfulness. Play with people. Have fun. Just enjoy them. Love them. Look for their beauty. Show them their beauty. Be beautiful with them through your laughter.

Because who cares if you are scorned? Who cares if you are envied? Laughter is so much more fun.